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Another Fall Topiary to DIY, and other cozy crafts

Sometimes when I look at pretty yarn, I wish I could knit or crochet (I’ve tried, but that’s another story for another day). Other times, I think of something else I could make with the yarn, like these Fall Yarn … Continue reading

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Birthday Bash: DIY special occasion décor with Crepe Paper Flower Cones

I cannot imagine a more beautiful way to make a party special than with a pair (or more) of these gorgeous, Crepe Paper Flower Cones. The creamy, flower topiary with the glistening, golden button accents would be lovely for DIY … Continue reading

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Birthday Bash: Fancy Food Cones dress up the buffet

Yesterday, the Birthday Balloon Wreath welcomed you to the 75th birthday bash for STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. Today’s two-in-one Edible Centerpieces are both an impressive, festive decoration, and a key part of the party menu. I have collected favorite tips and … Continue reading

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An easy Valentine’s Day craft: DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Topiaries

I have a fun and easy Valentine’s Day craft today – DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Topiaries. These Fringed, Tissue Paper Trees are a fast and inexpensive way to dress up your Valentine’s Day décor (the sequin tissue paper was less … Continue reading

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DIY easy holiday trees with gold accents (and don’t forget the giveaway!)

I’m wrapping up this week’s Festival of Trees with a sparkling trio of Golden, Mesh Ribbon Trees. If you’re on board with trendy touches of gold, you might like these golden, tabletop Christmas trees as much as I do. Ever … Continue reading

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DIY a trio of rustic, Shabby Chic Christmas Tree Cones

Are you a fan of burlap, twine, buttons, and other rustic or vintage accents? If you’re wondering how to add rustic touches to your Christmas decorating, then take a peek at these DIY, Shabby Chic Christmas Trees. Burlap? Check! Twine? Yep. Buttons? Of … Continue reading

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Craft a fabric Christmas tree with a zippy garland

I fell in love with Kathleen George’s Fabric & Zipper Christmas Tree, and decided to make one, too. I’m always looking for easy crafts, especially this time of year, so I took a shortcut or two when I made my … Continue reading

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Chill chaser craft idea: DIY a Cozy Sweater Cone

It snowed this past weekend – twice. Not a lot, but enough to make you reach for the gloves and turn on the furnace. In honor of that first snow, I’m featuring the first Christmas craft of the season – … Continue reading

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Candy Corn Crafts Week: Wrap it up with deco mesh tubing ribbon

Have you seen this colorful, flexible tubing (ribbon?) in your craft store? It’s called by different names – mesh tubing, deco mesh tubing, deco mesh tubing ribbon, flex ribbon, deco flex tubing ribbon, and probably more. I used it to … Continue reading

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Candy Corn Crafts Week: Easy, Glittered Candy Corn Cones

Today’s Halloween Candy Corn Craft is the easiest one yet. When I sat down to make these Glittered, Candy Corn Cones, I asked “how is it that I’ve never made these before?” I thought last year’s Glittered Candy Corn were … Continue reading

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