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Birthday Bash: DIY special occasion décor with Crepe Paper Flower Cones

I cannot imagine a more beautiful way to make a party special than with a pair (or more) of these gorgeous, Crepe Paper Flower Cones. The creamy, flower topiary with the glistening, golden button accents would be lovely for DIY … Continue reading

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Birthday Bash: Fancy Food Cones dress up the buffet

Yesterday, the Birthday Balloon Wreath welcomed you to the 75th birthday bash for STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. Today’s two-in-one Edible Centerpieces are both an impressive, festive decoration, and a key part of the party menu. I have collected favorite tips and … Continue reading

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An easy Valentine’s Day craft: DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Topiaries

I have a fun and easy Valentine’s Day craft today – DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Topiaries. These Fringed, Tissue Paper Trees are a fast and inexpensive way to dress up your Valentine’s Day décor (the sequin tissue paper was less … Continue reading

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DIY easy holiday trees with gold accents (and don’t forget the giveaway!)

I’m wrapping up this week’s Festival of Trees with a sparkling trio of Golden, Mesh Ribbon Trees. If you’re on board with trendy touches of gold, you might like these golden, tabletop Christmas trees as much as I do. Ever … Continue reading

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DIY a trio of rustic, Shabby Chic Christmas Tree Cones

Are you a fan of burlap, twine, buttons, and other rustic or vintage accents? If you’re wondering how to add rustic touches to your Christmas decorating, then take a peek at these DIY, Shabby Chic Christmas Trees. Burlap? Check! Twine? Yep. Buttons? Of … Continue reading

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Craft a fabric Christmas tree with a zippy garland

I fell in love with Kathleen George’s Fabric & Zipper Christmas Tree, and decided to make one, too. I’m always looking for easy crafts, especially this time of year, so I took a shortcut or two when I made my … Continue reading

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Chill chaser craft idea: DIY a Cozy Sweater Cone

It snowed this past weekend – twice. Not a lot, but enough to make you reach for the gloves and turn on the furnace. In honor of that first snow, I’m featuring the first Christmas craft of the season – … Continue reading

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Candy Corn Crafts Week: Wrap it up with deco mesh tubing ribbon

Have you seen this colorful, flexible tubing (ribbon?) in your craft store? It’s called by different names – mesh tubing, deco mesh tubing, deco mesh tubing ribbon, flex ribbon, deco flex tubing ribbon, and probably more. I used it to … Continue reading

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Candy Corn Crafts Week: Easy, Glittered Candy Corn Cones

Today’s Halloween Candy Corn Craft is the easiest one yet. When I sat down to make these Glittered, Candy Corn Cones, I asked “how is it that I’ve never made these before?” I thought last year’s Glittered Candy Corn were … Continue reading

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A fresh look for fall mantels, made with burlap and jute rope

Here are two fast and easy fall decorating ideas that you can make tonight. The colors and textures in these Fall Topiaries are seasonally beautiful, and the burlap and jute rope are super inexpensive, too. In just an hour or … Continue reading

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