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Road Trip Recap: A visit with designer Debra Quartermain and a stay at the Quartermain House B&B

I’m a fan of Debra Quartermain’s sweet, whimsical creations, and I bet you are, too. I first met Debra almost 20 years ago at a craft industry event. When the opportunity came up last month to travel to Fredericton, New … Continue reading

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Tinsel Tuesday: DIY a cozy, Felt Leaf Christmas Cone

Can you ever have too many tabletop Christmas trees? Sweet little cones to tuck in here and there, display in a corner, showcase on a tabletop, or wherever you need a little holiday cheer? No, I didn’t think so! So, … Continue reading

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Tinsel Tuesday: DIY an adorable Snowman and keep cool!

How hot is it where you live? I know some readers are suffering scorching heat and I hope today’s Snowman & SNOW Cubes will help you keep your cool. Is there a better time to DIY a snowman than on … Continue reading

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Saying “goodbye” to March with a little DIY, Barnyard Lamb

March roared in like a lion, and to make sure it goes out like a lamb, I’m featuring this Barnyard Lamb craft for kids. This little lamb is a craft older children can tackle on their own, and younger children may … Continue reading

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How to make the cutest, Candy Cane Snowman

What do you get when you add Christmas + a Snowman? A Candy Cane Snowman! You are going to love the DIY, snowman craft Debra Quartermain shares with us today. From the tip of his candy cane skis to the … Continue reading

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Say hello to Rudolph, everyone’s favorite reindeer wreath!

While visions of turkey and ‘taters may be dancing in your head this week, I’m going to fast forward to the reindeer games. And let’s be honest, this Rudolph the Reindeer Wreath is a lot cuter than a turkey! To … Continue reading

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DIY Christmas folk art you’ll treasure: Mixed media, Paperclay Christmas Dove (and the Crafts ‘n Cocoa winners!)

Today, I’m sharing an exquisite Christmas Dove by Rebekah Meier. I’m a fan of quick and easy crafts, but sometimes, I like to share special projects that take a little more time, and are sure to become heirlooms. Rebekah’s mixed media, Paperclay … Continue reading

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Another Fall Topiary to DIY, and other cozy crafts

Sometimes when I look at pretty yarn, I wish I could knit or crochet (I’ve tried, but that’s another story for another day). Other times, I think of something else I could make with the yarn, like these Fall Yarn … Continue reading

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Summertime Snowman: DIY A Soft & Pearly, Felted Snowman

I don’t know if you noticed the soft, smiling snowman in the blog header this past winter? When we had our photo shoot for the blog headers, I didn’t realize that I’d not yet shared Rebekah Meier’s charming, Soft & … Continue reading

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No-Sew Woodland Critters: DIY a Sleepy Hedgehog with easy supplies

You don’t need anything fancy to make this delightful Sleepy Hedgehog, and the supply list is refreshingly short. Designer Debra Quartermain starts with a sock and a foam egg, adds some felt, and eight steps later, you’re done! No sewing … Continue reading

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