A fun snowman craft from Crafts 'n Coffee. He's all wrapped up in cotton cord.

Cord-Wrapped Snowman

Cute! And it looks like wood but this Faux Pallet Wood Snowman is made with foam sheets. So much easier!

Faux Pallet Wood Snowman

Super-sweet snowmen made with an old glove. Tutorial on

Handful of Snowmen

Rebekah Meier creates the most beautiful snowmen. This mixed media collage is on

Mixed Media Snowman Collage

Needle Felted Snowman Ornament

Needle Felted Snowman Ornament

He looks just like Olaf from the movie Frozen, and he's made from Styrofoam brand foam.

Olaf the Snowman

So sweet! Designed by Rebekah Meier and the tutorial is on

Pastel Paper Clay Snowman

Too cute! His little peppermint hat is a baby sock. Easy tutorial on

Peppermint Snowman

This cute snowman is made from plastic shopping bags. Genius!

Plastic Bag Snowman Picture

how to make snowman crafts from felt and foam

Scrunchy Snowmen

Adorable! And an easy snowman craft for the kids.

Skiing Snowman

Snowman Candle Pedestal

Snowman Candle Pedestal

Genius! Made with a plastic soda bottle. So cute, and not hard to make.

Snowman Cloche

Snowman Ornament. Make lots of these for gifts (and for yourself).

Snowman Ornament

how to make a sock snowman

Snowman Swag

Such a cute snowman craft! This Snowman is easy to DIY with Styrofoam balls and textured snow paint. Tutorial on

Sparkling Snowman

Springy Snowman Ornament

Springy Snowman Ornament

how to make a snowman from a sweater

Sweater Snowman

Adorable! Sweet, Felted Snowman tutorial on

Sweet, Felted Snowman

An adorable Snowman DIY by Rebekah Meier.

Sweet, Mixed Media Snowman

Rebekah Meier made these cuties with bamboo fiberfill and Styrofoam brand foam.

Vintage, Felted Snowman

Vintage, mixed media snowmen for Valentine's Day.

Vintage, Valentine’s Day Snowmen

Make this sparkling, Vintage Snowman pair over on

Winter White, Nesting Snowman Pair

Adorable! Easy snowman made with a tube sock on

Sweet, Sock Snowman

Beautiful mixed media Snow Angel by Rebekah Meier. Tutorial on

Snow Angel

JOYful Snowman

JOYful Snowman

 Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

Glittering Snowman Ornament

Glittering Snowman Ornament

Ski Bum Snowman

Ski Bum Snowman

Frosty Snowman Family

Frosty Snowman Family

Soft & Pearly Snowman

Soft & Pearly Snowman

Rustic, Jute Snowman

Rustic, Jute Snowman

Sweater Pumpkin Snowman

Sweater Pumpkin Snowman

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