Kids Crafts

Super-cute craft ideas for kids - make a Baby Yarn Owl. Try white yarn to make a Snowy Owl Baby.

Baby Yarn Owl

Ball of Yarn Ornament

Ball of Yarn Ornament

Summer fun greeting card uses a 1/2 ball of STYROFOAM for dimension.

Beach Ball Birthday Card

Blue button topiary tree.

Blue Button Topiary

Easy-to-follow tutorial for making robots with kids.

Blue Robot

Bunny Baby

Bunny Baby

Butterfly Egg

Butterfly Egg

Butterfly Topiary

Butterfly Topiary

I love the colors on these Button Acorns. Easy tutorial over on

Button Acorns

Button Egg

Button Egg

how to make a button bouquet

Button Flower Bouquet

DIY a pencil cube using recycled candy wrappers and a Styrofoam cube

Candy Wrapper Pencil Cube

These are so creative! Kids would have a blast making these puppets.

Capering Critter Hand Puppet

Recycle a CD to make a Father's Day Photo Clip craft for kids.

CD Photo Clip

A fun Christmas tree craft for kids.

Chenille Swirl Christmas Tree

turkey crafts for kids

Chalkboard Turkey

Cute Chenille Turkey. This is a great family craft -- kids love working with chenille stems.

Chenille Turkey

Fun project to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Dragon Puppet is made with girl's or ladie's tights.

Chinese Dragon Puppet

Choir of Christmas Carolers

Choir of Christmas Carolers

Christmas Memories Photo Cube

Christmas Memories Photo Cube

Quick & colorful -- a Christmas Marshmallow PEEPS Wreath.

Christmas PEEPS Holiday Wreath

Christmas Sock Ornament

Christmas Sock Ornament

Such a cute idea for a kid's craft!

Circus Seal

It's creepy, crawlie and a wreath kids will love. I love that most of the supplies are from the dollar store.

Creepy Crawly Halloween Wreath

Cute Halloween craft for kids -- Crepe Paper Mummies.

Crepe Paper Mummies

Make a daddy long leg spider craft

Daddy Long-Leg Spider

make dandy candy hearts

Dandy Candy Heart

A decoden craft for girls! This will be so fun to DIY this summer.

Decoden-Style Pencil Cube

DIY Denim bulletin board

Denim Bulletin Board

denim pencil holder

Denim Pencil Cube

how to make scrapbook paper wall art

DIY Girl’s Room Wall Art Ideas

how to make cheap wall art for kids' rooms

DIY Sports Theme Wall Art Ideas

Pin this for science class projects and science fairs. Step-by-step tutorial to DIY a double-helix DNA Model.

DNA Model

Drinking Straw Christmas Tree

Drinking Straw Christmas Tree

Duct Tape Candy Corn Cutie

Duct Tape Candy Corn Cutie

Duct Tape Flag

Duct Tape Flag

Summer bright, summer fun Duct Tape Flower Wreath. Wallflower Duck Tape wraps around the wreath and the flowers are cut from Duck Tape Sheets using a Sizzix machine (worked great!).

Duct Tape Flower Wreath

Duct Tape Mummy

Duct Tape Mummy

Summer Craft Boredom Busters: Win one dozen Ruffled Felt Cupcake kits!

Easy Felt Cupcake

Easy, Amigurumi Bunny

Easy, Amigurumi Bunny

This is a fun wreath, and even kids can easily make it.

Easy, Red, White & Blue Bandana Wreath

Really -- no pounding, no smashed fingers! Easy way to make string art on

Easy, String-Art Heart

Everlasting Ice Cream Parfait Kids' craft

Everlasting Ice Cream Parfait

Make an ice cream craft

Everlasting Ice Cream Sundae

Here's a fun craft for kids or for a school project. Tutorial explains how to build your own, everlasting sand castle. So cute!

Everlasting Sand Castle

Kids can make Wiggle Eye Aliens

Eyeball Cluster Alien

Faux Gingerbread Houses

Faux Gingerbread Houses

Felt & Ribbon Ornament

Felt & Ribbon Ornament

Felted, Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Felted, Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Five Ornaments in Five Minutes

Five Ornaments in Five Minutes

Forest of Paper Christmas Trees

Forest of Paper Christmas Trees

Super-cute kid's craft: the Funky Feathered Chicken. Tutorial on Crafts 'n Coffee. #KidsCrafts

Funky Feathered Chicken

Cute, fun fur ghosts. You can even style the fur so it's flat or fluffy.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Ghosts

Three itty bitty Cheesecloth Ghosts decorate this Halloween Cloche. Adorable! And, the cloche is made from a repurposed plastic soda bottle.

Ghost Cloche

puppet craft tutorial: make a Fantasy Stick Puppet

Giant Fantasy Stick Puppets

Glittered Gumdrop Ornaments

Glittered Gumdrop Ornaments

Super cute! Easy to make with a white stretch glove and two balls of Styrofoam brand foam.

Glove Ghostie

Glove Santa

Glove Santa

Great patterns for making glow-in-the-dark Halloween eyeballs.

Glow-in-the-Dark Eyeballs

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Wreath

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Wreath

Easy -- no pouding & smashed fingers! Pretty, too.

Gold & Glittering String Art Heart

Golden Noodle Christmas Topiary Tree

Golden Noodle Christmas Topiary Tree

DIY a cute Robo-Dog for a Robot Family.

Green Robo-Dog

Cute idea for kids! Make your own sheep planter.

Hair-Raising Sheep

How cute is this Halloween ghost made with Deco Mesh? Tutorial on

Halloween Deco Mesh Ghost

Halloween Duct Tape Wreath

Halloween Duct Tape Wreath

easy Halloween decorating ideas using eyeballs and STYROFOAM balls

Halloween Eyeball Bouquet

how to make a Halloween cloche from a soda bottle

Halloween Eyeball Cloche

More adorable eyeball crafts from These Eyeball Topiaries are easy and most of the supplies are purchased at a dollar store.

Halloween Eyeball Topiaries

Cute DIY Halloween card. I'd make extra ghosts to decorate the house, too. #DIY #Halloween #Ghosts

Halloween Ghost Greeting Card

A fun tutorial to make a Halloween Lollipop Tree.

Halloween Lollipop Tree

Making these Marshmallow Peeps Halloween cones is super easy. This is a Halloween craft for all ages!

Halloween Marshmallow Peeps Topiary

Repurpose an orange glove to make these cute little pumpkins. Handful of Pumpkins tutorial on Crafts 'n Coffee.

Handful of Pumpkins

Super-sweet snowmen made with an old glove. Tutorial on

Handful of Snowmen

These are fun -- Halloween bats made from old socks & Styrofoam shapes.

Halloween Sock Bat

How to make an ice cream cone ornament

Ice Cream Cone Ornament

A Kwanzaa craft that families can make together. Tradition calls of one ear of corn for each child in the family. Tutorial on

Kwanzaa Corn Craft

Kid's Craft: make a lamb wiith Crayola Model Magic for an easy kids' craft. Crafts 'n Coffee

Little Lamb

Fun for Valentine's Day -- a Lollipop Cupcake!

Lollipop Cupcake

Cute Thanksgiving Turkey craft & centerpiece. The kids will love this.

Lollipop Turkey

Magazine Collage Ornament

Magazine Collage Ornament

A fun craft for the kids -- making fish with Crayola Model Magic and eggs of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. #KidsCraft

Magic Clay Fish

Cute Minecraft craft! It's on the summer to-do list with the kiddos.

Minecraft Pencil Cube

These are so cute! Make a Minion from air-dry clay and Styrofoam brand foam.


Mitten & Snowball Ornament

Mitten & Snowball Ornament

DIY back-to-school organizer

Mod Memo Cube

Monster craft for kids

Monster Mash Video

If you're a fan of Monsters Univeristy, don't miss this tutorial for making your own Monster Mike.

Monster Mike

easy Mr. Popper's penguin craft for kids

Mr. Popper’s Penguin Family

easy monster craft for kids made using mud, found items and a ball of STYROFOAM

Mud Monster

Mummy craft for kids

Mummy Mania Family

Cuteness overload: This is the cutest Panda Bear craft ever! @KidsCrafts

Painted Panda

Pasta Christmas Tree Cone

Pasta Christmas Tree Cone

Easy, Patriotic Lollipop Tree Tutorial on

Patriotic Lollipop Tree

Make rag balls for July 4th decorating

Patriotic Rag Balls

Topiary craft made from marshmallow PEEPS.

PEEPS Bunny Topiary

Summer fun craft for kids: Marshmallow PEEPS Summer Beach Wreath. Super easy! And, all kids love candy crafts!

Peeps Summer Beach Party Wreath

Penguin Ornament

Penguin Ornament

Peppermint Stripe Fabric Ornament

Peppermint Stripe Fabric Ornament

Kid's Craft: Make a Perfect Pet Photo Cube

Perfect Pet Photo Cube

Totally creepy but a lot of fun -- Pickled Eyeballs. Tutorial on

Pickled Eyeballs

Super-easy Carnation Toiary and Carnation Pomander for home decor, weddings and Mother's Day.

Pink & Green Carnation Cone

Super-easy Carnation Toiary and Carnation Pomander for home decor, weddings and Mother's Day.

Pink & Green Pomander

A craft idea that teaches kids about repurposing -- the flowers are made from plastic bags! #GreenCrafts

Plastic Bag Flower Garden Picture

This cute snowman is made from plastic shopping bags. Genius!

Plastic Bag Snowman Picture

kid's Halloween pumpkin crafts


Punched Fabric Ornament

Punched Fabric Ornament

Recycle candy bar wrappers and make a picture frame

Recycled Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

Earth Day craft for kids -- DY a globe with repurposed newspapers, magazines and junk mail.

Recycled Earth Day Globe

Recycled Robot Christmas Ornaments

Recycled Robot Christmas Ornaments

Kids can make Wiggle Eye Aliens

Red Eyeball Alien

Make a robot craft

Rockin’ Robots Video Tutorial

Rustic, Muslin & Ribbon Ornaments

Rustic, Muslin & Ribbon Ornaments

Sequins & Ribbon Wreath Ornament

Sequins & Ribbon Wreath Ornament

Adorable! And an easy snowman craft for the kids.

Skiing Snowman

Genius! Made with a plastic soda bottle. So cute, and not hard to make.

Snowman Cloche

One more way to make a model of the Solar System. Always good to have on file!

Solar System Mobile

How to make a Solar System Poster using balls of STYROFOAM. This is the best tutorial. Save this one for school! At some point, every student has to make a model of the Solar System.

Solar System Poster

I could use these on my desk! Easy to make with clay and foam eggs, and not just for Easter!

Soothing Spa Eggs

make a penguin

South Pole Penguins

DIY a model of a southwest adobe house. Great for the kids at home or for school. Bookmark this!

Southwest Adobe House

Sports Ball Ornament

Sports Ball Ornaments

Springy Snowman Ornament

Springy Snowman Ornament

Really cute, DIY Stegosaurus. Tutorial on

Stegosaurus Dinosaur

Sweet, springtime eggs. DIY on

Sunny, Springtime Fabric Eggs

Creepy, but cute Halloween Spiders. The largest is more than 12" long!

Super-Sized, Halloween Spider

how to make felt ornaments

Sweet & Super-Sized Felt Candy Ornaments

Sweet wreath -- recycled candy wrappers.

Sweet Surprises Paper Loop Valentine Wreath

Kids can make Halloween ghosts

Sweet Yarn Ghosts

make a repurposed Halloween cloche

Tarantula in a Cloche

Easy kids' craft: How to make an adorable hedgehog from toothpicks, paint, and an egg of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

Toothpick Hedgehog

Kids will have tons of fun making this T-Rex. Tutorial on

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Recycle crafts: make a caterpillar

Very Cute Caterpillar

An easy way to make a Marquee Sign.

Vintage, Marquee Heart

Kid's craft: make a wiggle eye alien

Wiggle Eye Aliens

Caterpillar crafts

Wiggly Worm Marionette

Winter Welcome Sign

Winter Welcome Sign

Summer fun kid's craft: How to make a punch art picture using leftover yarn. #KidsCrafts

Yarn Art Rainbow Picture

Kids will love making their own Yarn Baby Porcupine. Tutorial on #KidsCrafts

Yarn Baby Porcupine

How cute is this? Kids can make this little Yarn Bunny, too.

Yarn Bunny

How cute would this be in an Easter basket? Tutorial on

Yarn Chick

Learn how to make these pretty, yarn-wrapped Easter eggs on #Easter #Egg #Crafts

Yarn Wrapped Eggs

Cute robot crafts for kids on Crafts 'n Coffee!

Yellow Robot

How to make a zippy, zebra stripe duct tape wreath (super easy!).

Zippy Zebra Duct Tape Wreath

A fun wreath idea for kids -- an Origami Heart Wreath for Valentine's Day.

Origami Heart Wreath

Save this tutorial -- How to DIY a 3-D Plant Cell Model on

3-D Plant Cell Model

Save this tutorial -- DIY a model of an animal cell.

3-D Animal Cell Model

Candy Bouquet

Candy Bouquet

Easy tutorial to make your favorite Angry Birds character. Perfect for the kiddos!

Angry Birds

Fun for my next party! And it's an easy DIY, too. DIY a Balloon Wreath on

Birthday Balloon Wreath

Adorable! Easy snowman made with a tube sock on

Sweet, Sock Snowman

Cute craft for Shark Week, or save for the Scout troop.

Shark Pencil Holder

Sparkling Watermelon Centerpiece

Sparkling Watermelon Centerpiece

Glittering Snowman Ornament

Glittering Snowman Ornament

Sock Owl

Sock Owl

Read & Grow Bookworm

Read & Grow Bookworm

Sleepy Hedgehog

Sleepy Hedgehog


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