The Summertime Snowman Series finale: A DIY, Sweater Pumpkin Snowman!

I’m wrapping up the Summertime Snowman Series today with a Sweater Pumpkin Snowman – the perfect decoration for fall! Honestly, I’m glad this too hot and too dry summer is almost over, and I’m looking forward to celebrating fall with cooler weather, favorite sweaters and colorful pumpkins. Just like this Pumpkin Man dressed in beautiful orange sweaters with lots of gorgeous texture. Who said snowmen are just for wintertime?

Cute! DIY a Sweater Pumpkin Snowman on

Sweater Pumpkin Snowman by Patty Schaffer

When Patty Schaffer designed this Sweater Pumpkin Snowman, she was inspired by the Sweater Pumpkins she made a while back.

Here's a use for an old sweater: Make a sweater pumpkin. Love the real pumpkin stems.

Sweater Pumpkins by Patty Schaffer

After making her pumpkins, she had enough scraps leftover to make a Pumpkin Orange Sweater Wreath.

Such a cozy wreath! The Styrofoam wreath is covered in sleeves from a repurposed sweater! Check out those fabric & burlap roses, too.

Pumpkin Orange Sweater Wreath by Patty Schaffer

With still more scraps on hand, Patty picked up a few more orange sweaters at her local Goodwill store, and went to town. She made one, and then an army of Sweater Pumpkin Snowmen to give as gifts. Don’t you wish you were on her gift list?


Patty made eight Sweater Pumpkin Snowmen to give as gifts!

DIY Sweater Pumpkin Snowmen. Cute idea on

Patty found all of her orange sweaters at a local Goodwill store – score!

Fortunately, Patty shared her tutorial to make these Sweater Pumpkin Snowmen, and here you go.

To make a Sweater Pumpkin Snowman, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: On each 6”, 5” and 4” balls
  • Old sweaters (Patty used three in different shades of orange, and she found them at her local Goodwill store)
  • Pumpkin stems
  • Buttons:
    • Two black for eyes
    • Five assorted for the snowman’s front
  • Wire, 20-gauge
  • Tree branches, two (arms)
  • Linen fabric, 2” x 24” strip (scarf)
  • Small faux birds, two
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife & bar of soap or old candle; straight pins; butter knife; bamboo skewer
Perfect for my snowman collection -- a Sweater Pumpkin Snowman!

Snowmen don’t have to be snowy white, right?

To make a Sweater Pumpkin Snowman:

1. Cut apart an orange knit sweater along the seams.

2. Wax the serrated knife with an old candle or a bar of soap. Cut a small slice from the top and bottom of each foam ball. Using your fingers, shape the top of each ball to curve it like a real pumpkin.

3. Use the bamboo skewer to draw the pumpkin sections on each foam ball. Make the sections uneven widths, just like on a real pumpkin.

4. Cut out sections of the sweater fabric to fit each pumpkin section. Cut the sections just slightly larger so you have a small seam allowance all around. Note: If your sweater is ribbed or has cables, cut your fabric pieces accordingly.

5. Cover each section with sweater fabric, working one section at a time:

  • Center the fabric over the corresponding grooved section.
  • Using the butter knife, insert the sweater fabric down into the grooves, tucking in one side, and then the other.
  • If needed, use pins to help hold the fabric in the grooves. Push pins deep into the groove so they’re hidden.
  • Carefully trim away excess fabric.
  • Repeat till all sections are covered.
  • Repeat to cover the other two balls.

6. Test fit the pumpkins to be sure they stack neatly. If needed, press a top or bottom to help them fit together snugly. When you are satisfied with how they stack together, insert and glue 3” lengths of bamboo skewers between the pumpkins. Add hot glue to the top of the bottom and middle pumpkins before pressing them together. Let set up and dry.

7. Shape a 2” length of wire into a “U”, and insert the wire through the holes in an eye button. Pin the button to the pumpkin face. Repeat for the second eye.

This is the cutest! DIY a Sweater Pumpkin Snowman on

Make small “U” pins from wire to attach the button eyes and wire mouth.

8. Shape a mouth from the wire, and secure to the pumpkin’s head using several “U” shaped pieces of wire.

9. Tie the strip of linen around the neck to make a scarf. If you like, fray the edges for a primitive look.

10. Glue five accent buttons down the front of the pumpkin man.

How to embellish a DIY Pumpkin Sweater Snowman.

The mismatched buttons add a lot of charm.

11. Gently insert a branch arm on either side of the middle ball.

12. Glue a pumpkin stem to the top.

13. Glue black birds to one arm and the head.

Perfect for my snowman collection -- a Sweater Pumpkin Snowman!

If you’d rather, dress him in white or off-white sweaters for a wintertime snowman.

If you or someone you know has a snowman collection, you’ll want to add this one, for sure! Of course, if you’re looking to DIY a more traditional snowman, here are the other snowmen featured in the Summertime Snowman Series. has the best Snowman Crafts!

Sweet, Sock Snowman

Snow Angel

JOYful Snowman

Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

Glittering Snowman Ornament

Ski Bum Snowman

Frosty Snowman Family

Soft & Pearly Snowman

Rustic, Twine Snowman 

Do you have a favorite snowman from the Summertime Snowman Series? Did you make one of these cuties?

Who else is ready for fall? I am gearing up for more pumpkin fun here on Crafts ‘n Coffee!

Happy crafting!


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DIY a Repurposed Soda Can Owl

What can you make with old soda cans? Just ask Kathleen George! You won’t believe what she made from two soda cans, old scissors, a ball of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, and a few other supplies. Using her crafty magic, Kathleen whipped up this very clever (and cute) Repurposed Soda Can Owl. This is a craft teens might like, too, but be sure to follow Kathleen’s warning and wear old gloves while working with the soda cans. Those edges are sharp! (If you love owls, don’t miss these DIY Sock Owls, too.)

What a great idea! Repurpose old soda cans and make a Soda Can Owl!

To make a Soda Can Owl, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 3” ball
  • Soda cans, two (empty and clean)
  • Googly eyes, 7mm, two
  • Acrylic craft paint in silver
  • Permanent marker with a thin tip
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors (old pair); serrated knife; old candle or bar of soap; stiff bristle paintbrush; Xacto® knife or utility knife; old washcloth; straight pins; metal skewer or other pointed tool; old newspaper or cutting matt; protective gloves, like gardening gloves
Love this owl made from soda cans!

Wear gloves when working with the soda can pieces!

To make a Soda Can Owl:

1. Wax the serrated knife blade with a bar of soap or an old candle. Cut a small slice from the bottom of the 3” foam ball so that it sits flat and doesn’t roll.

2. Paint the ball silver and let dry.

3. Carefully slice off the top and bottom of two soda cans using an Exacto® knife or other utility knife.

4. Make a cut from the top of the can to the bottom with scissors, and lay the can flat. Run the old washcloth over the metal piece until it is thoroughly flattened. (Note: The can is easy to cut, but the edges are very sharp. Kathleen recommends wearing gloves while cutting!)

5. Trace the patterns onto the patterned side of the metal sheet. Cut out the pieces with old scissors.

6. Place the metal pieces on a pad of newspapers or a cutting mat. Punch holes in the metal pieces with the skewer or other pointed tool.

Repurpose soda cans to make the cutest Soda Can Owl!

The feather “scallops” are cut from soda cans.

7. You’ll attach the pieces to the foam ball using glue and craft pins. To start, glue on three rows of eight – nine feathers around the bottom of the ball. Add pins to help hold the feathers in place while the glue dries. Overlap each feather with the one next to it by about 1/8”. Overlap each row about 3/8”.

8. For row four, add three feathers centered across the front.

9. Finish row four by pinning and gluing on the side wings and tail.

10. Glue on the beak and two eyes.

Super cute -- an owl made with old soda cans. Teens will love this one!

Whooose looking at you?

11. Insert the eyebrow feathers into the foam ball right behind the beak.

12. If there are holes, add additional feathers, and if needed, trim the feathers to fit the openings.

13. Glue wiggly eyes onto the eyes.

Love this craft! How to make an owl from soda cans.

The finished owl is not very big, and you can nestle him in your palms.

This isn’t the first time Kathleen has created something beautiful from old soda cans. For example, check out her brilliant and beautiful Soda Can Christmas Wreath.

Soda Can Christmas Wreath

Soda Can Christmas Wreath

When Kathleen discovered that she could cut soda cans with her die-cutting machine, she made the flowers for this Repurposed Soda Can Flower Wreath. After cutting out the flowers, she fed them through the die-cutting machine a second time using an embossing plate, creating textured petals.

DIY a spring wreath with recycled soda can flowers

Kathleen is so clever! Who knew you could create such beautiful crafts from old soda cans? What have you crafted with old cans?

Happy crafting.


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Summertime Snowman: Wrap up a rustic, Twine Snowman

Today’s Summertime Snowman is as charming as the others, but his ruggedly handsome good looks make him a real standout! He’s a one-of-a-kind, rustic snowman all wrapped up in twine. Real stick arms and a pine garland complete his woodland wardrobe. If you like the outdoorsy-type, then this Rustic, Twine Snowman is for you!

Cute! Rustic Jute Snowman on

Rustic Jute Snowman by Debi Schmitz

To make a Rustic, Jute Snowman, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: One each 2-½”, 3”, and 4” balls
  • Jute, 2-ply, #20, 6 oz.
  • Birch round, ½” x 4”
  • Wood dowel, 1/8” x 12”
  • Men’s socks, one pair, in a heavy knit (for hat & scarf)
  • Acrylic craft pain in orange, black & white
  • Buttons:
    • Two 7/16” with a shank back, in black
    • Three ½”, to match hat
  • Half-round beads, 5mm in black, 5 pieces
  • Cork, ½”
  • Felt or fabric, 4” square in tan
  • Tree branches, two that are 3” to 4” long
  • Straight pins
  • Evergreen garland, ¾” x 12”
  • Craft wire
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; permanent marker; small paintbrush; plastic knife or craft stick; wire cutter; straight pins
Cute! Rustic Jute Snowman on

He is ruggedly handsome, and definitely the outdoorsy type!

To make a Rustic, Jute Snowman:

1. Wrap the balls with jute:

  • Draw a line around the center of the 4” ball. You’ll wrap the ball from the top to the center.
  • Pin one end of the jute to the top of the ball.
  • Spread glue on a small section of the ball, and begin to wrap the jute round & round.
  • Wrap the jute tightly, making sure to cover the ball completely.
  • Wrap to the center line drawn on the ball.
  • Repeat, working from the other end to cover the other half of the ball.
  • Use pins as needed to hold the jute in place while the glue dries.
  • Use the same technique to cover the 2-½” and 3”balls.
How to wrap a Styrofoam ball with jute. So many ways to use these cute twine balls!

Start at one end and wrap the jute around the ball to the center line. Then, repeat, starting at the other end.

2. Glue the large ball onto the birch wood round.

3. Push the wood dowel through the large ball, and glue in place. Thread the medium ball onto the skewer, followed by the small ball. Add glue between the balls. Cut off the excess wood dowel.

How to DIY a Rustic, Twine Snowman. Super cute idea!

Glue the large ball to the wood disc, and then insert the wood dowel down into the center of the ball. Thread the other two balls onto the wood dowel.

4. Measure 5” down from the top of a sock, and cut off a 5” length. Place the cuff around the snowman’s head and glue in place. Cut fringe around the top of the hat, and then tie off the hat with craft wire.

How to make a sock hat for a snowman.

The hat is made from a 5″ length of sock.

5. Cut a 12” x 4” piece from a sock. Overlap and glue together the long edges, forming a 12” tube. After glue dries, turn right side out. Tie around the snowman’s neck and fringe the ends.

How to build a rustic snowman from jute twine.

Here he is, in his scarf and hat made from a sock.

6. Paint a white circle on the black shank buttons as shown in Diagram 1. Let dry, and then glue to the snowman’s face.

7. Cut two eyelids from tan felt using Eyelid Pattern. Glue eyelids to the face, so they slightly overlap the eyes.

8. Paint the cork orange and let dry. Glue to face for nose.

Love this Twine Snowman and his rustic style! DIY on

His “carrot” nose is made with a cork.

9. Glue the 5mm black beads in place for a smiling mouth.

10. Poke a small hole on each side of the snowman’s middle ball, and insert and glue the branches in place for arms.

11. Glue a ½” x 3-½” strip of sock fabric down the front of the center ball. Top with three buttons.

12. Stretch the evergreen garland between the snowman’s arms, and glue in place. Wrap a 12” length of jute around the garland.

Cute! Rustic Jute Snowman on

You could hang small felt stockings, or mini ornaments from his garland, too.

A while back, designer Kathleen George shared a Cord Wrapped Snowman that could be the Rustic Jute Snowman’s city cousin!

A fun snowman craft from Crafts 'n Coffee. He's all wrapped up in cotton cord.

Cord-Wrapped Snowman

I cannot believe that summer is just about over, and so is the Summertime Snowman Series. I’ll have one more snowman craft next week, and he is a lot of fun, and definitely not your traditional snowman! If you’ve missed any of the other cuties in the Summertime Snowman Series, I’m sharing the links below. So many snowman, so many styles!

Sweet, Sock Snowman

Adorable! Easy snowman made with a tube sock on

Sweet, Sock Snowman by Debra Quartermain

Snow Angel

Beautiful mixed media Snow Angel by Rebekah Meier. Tutorial on

Snow Angel by Rebekah Meier

JOYful Snowman

JOYful Snowman

JOYful Snowman by Debra Quartermain

Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

 Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament by Rebekah Meier

Glittering Snowman Ornament

Glittering Snowman Ornament - fun craft for kids!

Glittering Snowman Ornament by Kathleen George

Ski Bum Snowman

Ski Bum Snowman

Ski Bum Snowman by Debi Schmitz

Frosty Snowman Family

Cute, and no-sew! Make this Snowman Family with felt, fleece and foam.

Frosty Snowman Family by Debra Quartermain

Soft & Pearly Snowman

Soft & Pearly Snowman

Soft & Pearly Snowman by Rebekah Meier

Enjoy your week and happy crafting! See you Friday!


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No-Sew Woodland Critters: DIY a dapper, Sock Fox

Today, I do not have a Fox in Socks, but I do have a fox made with socks. (Remember the Dr. Suess book Fox in Socks?) This DIY, no-sew Sock Fox sports a classic, tweed-style tail and jaunty, burlap scarf, making him quite a dapper fellow. The Sock Fox is the third and final in the no-sew Woodland Animals designer Debra Quartermain shared with us. Thank you, Debra!

DIY a Sock Fox with socks, felt and Styrofoam brand foam.

Sock Fox by Debra Quartermain

These are all no sew, and made with socks, felt & foam. Easy, and so cute.

To make a Sock Fox, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: One each 3-7/8″ and 5-7/8” eggs, and a 6” cone
  • Socks:
    • Two orange tube socks or knee socks
    • One orange and rust striped tube sock or knee sock
  • Felt: 9” x 12” in ivory; scrap of walnut brown
  • Wired burlap ribbon, ½ yd.
  • Eye beads, two 5mm in black
  • Fabric glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wood skewer; pencil; paper; ruler; plastic knife; straight pins
Cute, no-sew stuffie! A Sock Fox!

This dapper Sock Fox sports a jaunty scarf.

To make a Sock Fox:

1. Using the plastic knife, cut a slice from the wide end of the larger, 5-7/8” egg. Measure 2” up from the flat end and cut the egg in half with a plastic knife. Save the half with the narrow end for another project.

2. You’ll build the fox body with the foam cone and the wide end of the egg. Cut the wood skewer in half, squeeze glue on one end, and insert the skewer into the bottom of the foam cone. Line up the bottom of the foam cone with the wider end of the egg, and glue and press the two pieces together. If the two pieces don’t seam together smoothly, roll the body on a tabletop to smooth away the uneven seam.

3. Insert the bottom of the fox body into the orange sock and push it all the way into the toe. Cut off excess sock at the top of the cone, and pin and glue the sock ends to the top of the cone. Trim excess sock as needed.

4. Using fingers, compress the two sides of the smaller egg, creating the narrow face of the fox. Insert the smaller egg into the second orange sock, placing the narrow end in first. Push the egg down into the toe of the sock. Cut off excess sock at the wide end of the egg, and overlap the ends to cover the egg and pin and glue in place.

5. Using the patterns, cut two muzzles and the chest piece from the ivory felt. Cut a triangle nose from the brown felt. Glue the chest piece to the body, and glue the muzzle pieces and nose to face. Make small holes for eyes and glue eye beads in place, slightly pushing them into the head.

DIY this fox with socks!

A fox in socks!

6. Ears: Using patterns, cut two ears from ivory felt. Lay the striped sock flat. Draw a line from the top of the heel to the toe, and cut off this piece. From this heel piece, cut two ears slightly larger than the ivory pieces. Glue ear pieces together. Pinch ears at bottom and glue to head.

7. Roll up the remaining striped sock, making a tube for the tail. Secure with glue along the edge. Glue the widest end of the tail to the back of the fox, and then wrap the tail around the body and glue to the front.

8. Place glue on ends of a half skewer, and insert the skewer into the top of the body. Press the wide end of the head onto the skewer, angling the head forward, and then glue in place.

9. Tie burlap ribbon around the neck and trim the ends.

No-sew stuffies, and they're super easy. Made with socks, felt, and Styrofoam.

Which one is your favorite?

I hope you’ll check out the Sleepy Hedgehog and Sock Owls, too. And stop in and say “hello” to Debra — she’d love to hear from you.

So cute! Easy and no-sew, too. DIY Sleepy Hedgehog on

Sleepy Hedgehog

DIY easy Sock Owls. Really cute!

A parliament of Sock Owls.

Which of the Woodland Critters is your favorite?

Happy crafting!

P.S. It’s almost time to wrap up the Summertime Snowman Series and I’ll have one more special snowman next week.


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Summertime Snowman: DIY A Soft & Pearly, Felted Snowman

I don’t know if you noticed the soft, smiling snowman in the blog header this past winter? When we had our photo shoot for the blog headers, I didn’t realize that I’d not yet shared Rebekah Meier’s charming, Soft & Pearly, Felted Snowman with you! How did I miss that? This delightful snowman is MIA no more, and here’s the tutorial to DIY Rebekah’s Soft & Pearly Snowman.

Sweet as can be! Soft & Pearly, needle-felted snowman tutorial on

Soft & Pearly Snowman by Rebekah Meier

Here’s the photo I use for the wintertime header for Crafts ‘n Coffee. You’ll find the Soft & Pearly Snowman over on the far right. If you’re interested in the other projects in the winter photo, here are the tutorials for the Sparkling Snowman and the Snowflake & Snowball Winter Yarn Wreath.

Fun wintertime header for CraftsnCoffee, a favorite craft blog.

Here’s the photo we shot for the wintertime header at the top of the page.

Here are all of the photos we shot that day. We had so much fun!

Be sure to follow Crafts 'n Coffee! So many fabulous DIY ideas!

Here are all of the photos we shot that day.

To make a Soft & Pearly Snowman, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 4” egg; 1-1/2” ball; and a 3” disc
  • Wool roving in natural, orange and black
  • Felt, a scrap in soft blue (Rebekah prefers wool felt)
  • Cardstock in cream
  • Quilt batting, scraps
  • Fabric dye in tan
  • Pearl beads, 8 mm, three
  • Glittered holly leaves, small
  • Pearl head straight pin
  • Pearl buttons, ½”, four (I love how Rebekah used four different buttons on her snowman)
  • Mini bottle brush tree in off white*
  • Powdered blush
  • Mod Podge, matte finish
  • Fabric glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; deco edge scissors; round toothpicks; needle felting needles, 36 gauge**; needle & thread OR sewing machine & thread; flat paintbrush

*If you can’t find an off-white bottle brush tree, Rebekah suggests soaking a green, bottle brush tree in bleach for a few minutes. The bleach will remove the color from the tree.

**Felting needles are very sharp! Always use caution when needle felting!

To make a Soft & Pearly Snowman:

(Note: Don’t let the 16 steps scare you! Most of them are very easy!)

1. Build the snowman body, attaching the 1-1/2” foam ball to the narrow end of the 4” egg using toothpicks and glue.

2. Place a small amount of natural wool roving onto the snowman. Insert the needle felting needles through the roving and into the snowman; repeat, till the roving is “felted” and attached to the snowman. Continue felting small amounts of wool roving onto the snowman until his body is completely covered.

3. Arms: Roll two, 3” X ½” pieces of natural wool roving into arm shapes. Needle felt the arms onto the snowman.

4. Eyes and mouth: Roll tiny amounts of black roving into balls, and felt onto the snowman’s face for the eyes and mouth.

Cute Snowman face! DIY on

His eyes and mouth are made with tiny balls of black wool roving.

5. Nose: Roll a dime size amount of orange roving into a carrot nose shape. Insert half of a round toothpick into the center of the snowman’s face. Place the nose onto the toothpick and secure with glue.

Mismatched buttons are one way to add charm to a snowman.

It’s details like the mismatchted buttons that make this snowman so charming.

6. Trace the hat pattern onto the blue felt. Fold hat in half with long sides together, and hand stitch or machine stitch ¼” from raw edge. Turn right side out.

7. Immerse the quilt batting in dye, and then let dry completely. This will “age” the batting. When dry, cut two strips: one 12” X ½” (scarf); and one 1/8” X perimeter of hat (hat trim).

8. Wrap the scarf around the snowman’s neck, and trim to desired length. Fringe ends with scissors.

9. Glue hat trim around edge of hat. Roll a small ball from natural roving, and needle felt ball to the top of the hat. Glue the hat onto the snowman’s head.

10. Brush Mod Podge on the top and sides of the 3” foam disc and while wet, sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess and let dry.

11. Trace around the disc onto the cardstock. Cut out the circle with deco edge scissors. Glue the cardstock circle onto the bottom of the disc.

Another favorite snowman craft on

Rebekah’s snowmen are always packed with details and personality!

12. Using toothpicks & glue, attach the snowman to the glittered disc.

Beautiful details on a snowman's scarf. Tutorial on

Three beads, a pearl head pin, and glittered holly leaves decorate the scarf.

13. Glue small, glittered holly leaves and three pearl beads to scarf. Insert a pearl head straight pin in the middle of the cluster of peal beads.

14. Using fingertips, blush the snowman’s cheeks.

15. Tuck a bottle brush tree into snowman’s arms.

16. Glue pearl buttons down the front of snowman.

Fun wintertime header for CraftsnCoffee, a craft blog.

You can now find all of these winter crafts on Crafts ‘n Coffee.

It’s been so hot and just looking at this winter scene makes it feel cooler around here! I’ll have one more Summertime Snowman to share next week, so stay tuned.

Happy snowman crafting!


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No-Sew Woodland Critters: DIY a Sleepy Hedgehog with easy supplies

You don’t need anything fancy to make this delightful Sleepy Hedgehog, and the supply list is refreshingly short. Designer Debra Quartermain starts with a sock and a foam egg, adds some felt, and eight steps later, you’re done! No sewing required. Younger kids will want to play with this little hedgie, and older kids can DIY their own. If you missed it, be sure to check out Debra’s no-sew Sock Owl, too.

Adorable! DIY this no-sew, Sleepy Hedgehog on

Great idea for scouts -- DIY a no-sew Sock Owl!

You could also make the Sleepy Hedgehog from colorful socks and felt, like I did with the Sock Owls.

Fun! Make these easy Sock Owls from patterned socks, felt and Styrofoam eggs.

To make a Sleepy Hedgehog, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5-7/8″ x 3-7/8″ egg
  • Tube sock in beige
  • Felt: 12” x 18” in walnut brown; small piece in ivory
  • Embroidery floss, 1 yd in black
  • Pompom, ½” in brown
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Tools needed: Scissors; chalk; embroidery needle; straight pins; ruler
So cute! Easy and no-sew, too. DIY Sleepy Hedgehog on

Sleepy Hedgehog by Debra Quartermain

 To make a Sleepy Hedgehog:

  1. Press one side of the egg against the tabletop, flattening it so it will not roll. This will be the bottom of the hedgehog.
  2. Stretch the sock over the egg, inserting the narrow end of the egg first. Push the egg all the way into the toe, which will be the hedgehog’s nose.
  3. Cut off the excess sock, leaving enough to cover the wide end of the egg. Overlap the ends of the sock, and pin and glue in place, to cover the wide end of the egg.
  4. Thread needle with floss, and anchor the floss at the bottom of the egg. Push the needle through the narrow end of the egg to the side of the face. Make a 1” stitch for an eye. Repeat for the second eye.
  5. Glue the pompom nose in place.
  6. Cut four, 3” by 12” strips of brown felt. Fold felt strips in half lengthwise, and glue edges together. Cut fringe along the fold, cutting to within ¼” of the glued edge. Repeat for all four strips.
  7. Starting at the narrow end of the egg, pin a fringed strip along the bottom edge, and wrap it around the hedgehog’s body to the opposite side. Pin and glue the strip in place. Add the second felt strip, positioning it so the first strip slightly overlaps the second strip. Repeat, adding more strips till the hedgehog is covered; Debra used five fringed strips for her hedgehog.
  8. Cut a 2” square from ivory felt. Fold in half and cut a curved, 1″ oval for the ear. Unfold the ear and using it as a pattern, cut three more. For each ear, glue two together. Pinch together one end on each ear, and glue to either side of the head.

If you love hedgehog crafts like I do, here are two more you might like.

Toothpick Hedgehog

Easy kids' craft: How to make an adorable hedgehog from toothpicks, paint, and an egg of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

Toothpick Hedgehog by Kathleen George

Yarn Baby Porcupine

(We called it a porcupine, but I think it could be a hedgehog??)

Tutorial to make the sweetest Yarn Baby Porcupine. So sweet! #KidsCrafts

Yarn Baby Porcupine by Kathleen George

Debra shares one more no-sew Woodland Critter next week – the Dapper Sock Fox. I hope you’ll join me for it! And don’t miss the new Summertime Snowman on Tuesday.

These are all no sew, and made with socks, felt & foam. Easy, and so cute.

Happy crafting.


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Summertime Snowman: A fresh, frosty & fleecy Snow Family

What’s more refreshing than a snowman in frosty, creamsicle colors? How about an entire frosty family clad in pastel accessories? This Frosty Snowman Family is another creation by Debra Quartermain, and the happy group is made with fleece and Debra’s no-sew style. You’ll sew a few embellishment stitches, but it’s mostly glue & go. A summer-easy snowman craft? Yes!

Cute, and no-sew! Make this Snowman Family with felt, fleece and foam.

Frosty Snowman Family by Debra Quartermain

To make a Frosty Snowman Family, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • Balls, one each: 2-1/2″; 2″; 1-1/2″
    • Eggs, one each: 5″ and 3”
  • Polar fleece, ¼ yd. in white
  • Felt, 9″ x 12″ sheets, one white and two light pink
  • Pompoms: one 1/2″ white; one ¼” pink; and two 1/8” pink
  • Embroidery floss, 1 yd. in pink
  • Buttons, two each large, medium and small in pink
  • Beads or brads in black, two each: 8mm; 6mm; 5mm
  • Snowflake brads, three
  • Powdered blush
  • Thick white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; scallop edge scissors; serrated knife; candle stub or bar of soap; pencil; ruler; wood toothpicks; embroidery needle

To make a Frosty Snowman Family:

1. Wax the serrated knife with the candle stub or bar of soap for easier cutting. Cut the 3” foam egg into two lengthwise and **unequal** sections. The larger section should be two thirds of the egg, and the smaller section about one-third of egg.

2. Press the tops and bottoms of the 3” egg sections and the 5” egg on a tabletop to flatten them.

3. Cut out the following from felt and fleece:

White felt:

  • Mother’s cape using the pattern and scallop-edge scissors.

White fleece:

  • 8-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ (Dad)
  • 7-1/2″ x 8″ (Mom)
  • 6″ x 7″ (Baby)

Pink felt:

  • 1-1/2″ x 12″ (Dad)
  • 1″ x 10″ (Mom)
  • 1″ x 9″ (Baby)
  • Cut 1/2″ fringe into ends of each strip for scarves
As always, you can dress your snow family in any color you like.

As always, you can dress your snow family in any color you like.

3. Build the bodies, using toothpicks and glue for assembly:

  • Dad: 5” egg and 2-1/2” ball
  • Mom: larger slice of 3” egg and 2” ball
  • Baby: smaller slice of 3” egg and 1-1/2” ball

4. Place the front or rounded side of each body on the corresponding piece of fleece (Cut in Step 3.). Wrap the fleece around the head and body, overlapping and gluing fabric edges in back. Wrap the fabric around the top and bottom, too, making it as smooth as possible. Glue fleece ends to top and bottom of each snowman.

5. Tie and glue scarves around the Dad and Baby snowmen. Add a snowflake brad to Baby’s scarf.

6. Glue buttons onto each snowman.

7. Sew a gathering stitch with embroidery floss along the long edge of Mom’s cape. Pull threads and gather rightly. Tie cape around Mom’s neck, overlapping at front; clip threads. Tie and glue scarf around Mom’s neck.

8. Poke eye holes into each face, and glue the corresponding beads into the holes.

9. Lightly blush cheeks with powdered blush.

10. Glue pink, pompom noses to faces. Dad’s nose is the 1/4” pompom, and Mom and Baby have the 1/8” pompoms.

11. Add the mouths. Thread needle with three strands of embroidery floss; knot ends. Insert needle through back of one head, coming out at the center of the face, below the nose. Make a small, angled straight stitch, bringing needle out again at back of head. Repeat, stitching the other side.

DIY a super-cute Snow Family on

Dad looks stylish in his top hat.

12. Dad’s hat:

  • Cut a 2″ and a 4″ circle from white felt.
  • Cut out a 1″ circle from the center of the 4″ circle (hat brim).
  • Cut and roll up a 1-1/2″ x 5″ strip of white felt (hat crown).
  • Glue hat crown to the hat brim.
  • Glue the 2” felt circle to the top of the hat.
  • Cut 1/2″ x 6″ strip from pink felt for hat band, and add a snowflake brad.
  • Wrap and glue hat band around the hat.
  • Glue hat to head.
Sweet snowman crafts on


13. Mom’s hat:

  • Cut a 5” circle from pink felt.
  • Cut away 1/3 of the circle. You’ll use the larger, 2/3 portion for the hat.
  • Place the straight edge at the back bottom of Mom’s head.
  • Turn up the curved front edge and glue hat to head.
  • Insert a snowflake brad along the hat brim.


Sweet snowman face! DIY the Frosty Snowman Family on

The mouths and a few gathering stitches are all you need to snow for this Frosty Snowman Family.

14. Baby’s hat:

  • Cut 4″ x 6″ piece from pink felt.
  • Overlap and glue 4″ ends, forming a tube.
  • Sew gathering stitch around one end of tube using embroidery floss.
  • Pull threads tightly to gather; knot off thread.
  • Glue white pompom to top of hat.
  • Turn up brim 3/4″ and glue hat to head.


The Summertime Snowman Series isn’t over yet! I’ve loved every single Summertime Snowman, and hope you have, too. See you Friday with the next little woodland critter from Debra. (And if you’ve never visited Debra’s blog, you should stop in, say “hello”, and be inspired!)

Craft on!


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Easy, no-sew stuffies: How to DIY a Sock Owl

Whooo doesn’t find today’s no-sew Sock Owl as cute as can be? This Sock Owl would be an excellent project for a Scout troop or other group, and I’d love to see a flock* of these Sock Owls in a rainbow of colors and patterns. In fact, I was inspired to make my own Sock Owls, and I made two in about an hour. So, shop the sock aisle or your mismatched socks and make your own no-sew Sock Owl. (*Do you know the name for a group of owls? I did a little research and found out that it’s not a “flock”.)

Great idea for scouts -- DIY a no-sew Sock Owl!

Cute! Easy DIY Sock Owls on Make one in minutes!

Here are the two Sock Owls I made.

The Sock Owl is just one of the cutest, no-sew Woodland Stuffies Debra Quartermain will be sharing with Crafts ‘n Coffee readers. Debra knows how to make melt-your-heart characters, and she also challenged herself to make these woodland animals as easy as possible to DIY. The material lists are short, and require nothing out of the ordinary. I think you’ll find these Woodland Animals easy enough to make all three!

These are all no sew, and made with socks, felt & foam. Easy, and so cute.

So, here’s how to make a Sock Owl.

To make a Sock Owl, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5-7/8″ x 3-7/8″ egg
  • Knee sock or tube sock
  • Felt in ivory, yellow, orange and a coordinating color for the wings & feet
  • Buttons, ½”, two in black
  • Fabric glue
  • Low-temp glue gun*
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; paper; ruler; straight pins

*Note: If you’re working with kids, use fabric glue, or a thick, white craft glue. Children should never operate a glue gun! 

Cute, and no-sew! DIY this Sock Owl Stuffie on

Debra designed her Sock Owl using a sock, felt, and an egg of STYROFOAM Brand Foam — the supply list could not be easier!

To make a Sock Owl:

1. Press the wide end of the foam egg on the tabletop to flatten it. The egg should stand on its own.

2. Lay the sock flat. Measure 9” down from the cuff and make a mark in the center of the sock. Measure 7” down on each side, and cut in at the 7″ mark on each side to the 9” mark in the center, forming a point.

How to mark and measure the sock.

Measure down from the cuff 7″ on each side, and 9″ in the center.


Cut a point in the sock, starting at the 7″ mark on each side and cutting to the 9″ mark in the center.

3. Stretch the sock over the foam egg, with the cuff at the wide end of the egg and the point toward the narrow end. Glue the cuff to the bottom of the egg. Hints:

  • If there is a thick, elastic band around the cuff, cut that off first, so the bottom of the egg will be smooth and flat.
  • If using a thick, white craft glue or fabric glue, pin the sock in place while waiting for the glue to dry.

4. At the narrow end of the egg, be sure the point is centered. Fold the point over and glue to the front of the egg, creating ear tufts on either side.

Cute & easy Sock Owl. Fun for everyone, from Scouts and campers to adults.

Insert the egg into the sock, with the wide end at the cuff. Fold over the point at the top to make the owl’s tufts.

5. Cut the following from the felt:

  • Beak from orange felt, measuring about 1-3/8″ inches long from point to point and 3/4″ wide in the center
  • Two, 1-1/2″ circles from ivory felt
  • Two, 1″ circles from yellow felt
  • Two feet from tan felt or other color of our choice (foot pattern)
  • Two, 3” circles from tan felt or other color of your choice (wings)
An easy Owl craft on

Glue together the felt circles and add a button, and then glue the eyes to the owl.

6. Eyes: Glue yellow circles to the ivory circles, and glue a button to the center of each eye. Glue eyes onto the owl.

7. Glue beak on top of eyes.

8. Glue feet to bottom of owl.

9. Fold wings in half and glue shut. Glue wing ends to either side of owl.

DIY easy Sock Owls. Really cute!

A parliament of owls.

Here are all three Sock Owls, side-by side. With Debra’s tutorial, you can easily make your own parliament* of Sock Owls. (*A group of owls is known as a “parliament” – whooo knew!)

Fun! Make these easy Sock Owls from patterned socks, felt and Styrofoam eggs.

Next week, Debra will share with us her tutorial for the sweet, Sleepy Hedgie.

No-sew stuffies, and they're super easy. Made with socks, felt, and Styrofoam.

Sleepy Hedgie on the left will join us next week.

Happy crafting!


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Summertime Snowman Series: Chillin’ with a Ski Bum Snowman

This is my kind of skiing – shussing through a flurry of craft supplies! I don’t ski, and I can’t appreciate a fine powder, but I do appreciate craft supplies – and a cute, DIY Ski Bum Snowman. Debi Schmitz designed this sporty, Ski Bum Snowman, complete with cool dude sunglasses and a super-easy stocking cap. Here’s her tutorial.

Cute, Ski Bum Snowman on

Ski Bum Snowman by Debi Schmitz.

To make a Ski Bum Snowman, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” and 4” balls; 4” egg
  • Wire framed glasses, 3″ wide*
  • Acrylic craft paint in black, red, orange
  • Textured snow paint
  • Wood heart, 1” x 2”
  • Socks, one each purple & green
  • Jumbo craft sticks, three
  • Twigs, two 6” long
  • Half-round beads, five 8mm in black (mouth)
  • Buttons, ¾” gold stars, three
  • Powdered blush in pink
  • Thick white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; old candle or bar of soap; wire knippers; fine line permanent marker; #4 flat paintbrush

*Check the doll making aisle in your craft store for the glasses. The lenses will be clear, and you’ll paint them black.

To make a Ski Bum Snowman:

1. Build your snowman:

  • Wax the knife blade with an old candle or a bar of soap. Slice ½” from the bottom of each foam ball, and ½” from the wide end of the foam egg.
  • Twist together the top of the 5” ball with the flat bottom of the 4” ball, till the two balls fit together snugly.
  • Place glue on the ends of two toothpicks and insert the picks into the cut side of the 4” ball.
  • Glue and pick together the 4” and 5” balls.
  • Repeat with the egg, joining the flat, wide end of the egg with the top of the 4” ball.
Cool dude snowman! DIY a Ski Bum Snowman on

The “sunglasses” are a sporty touch.

2. Snowman face:

  1. Paint the wood heart orange, and let dry. Insert it into the center front of the snowman’s face, with the point facing out.
  2. Blush cheeks with powdered blush.
  3. Glue beads in a semi circle under the nose.
  4. Paint the glasses lenses black, and let dry. Trim the side pieces to 2”. Insert and glue the side pieces into the snowman’s head, and rest the bridge rests on his nose.

3. Hat: Roll up the cuff of the purple sock 1”, forming a hat brim. Pull the sock over the snowman’s head. Glue the toe of the sock to the left side of the snowman’s body.

4. Scarf: Cut a 2” wide strip from the green sock. Tie it around the neck. If needed, glue the ends to the body.

5. Arms: Insert and glue one twig into each side of the snowman.

6. Mittens: Cut four small mittens from the green sock. Glue two mittens together over the end of each twig.

7. Glue star buttons down the front of the snowman.

Cute, Ski Bum Snowman on

Would you rather craft or ski?

8. Skis:

  • Cut a craft stick in half, and glue one half to the end of each remaining craft stick, overlapping the pieces by ½”.
  • Paint the skis red, and let dry.
  • Using a fine line, permanent marker, write “SKI BUM” on each ski, and add stripes.
  • Cross tips, and glue the skis together.
  • Glue skis to snowman’s left mitten.

9. Brush textured snow paint onto the snowman, his hat, mittens and skis.

For more sporting fun, here’s a cute Skiing Snowman that kids can easily make.

Adorable! And an easy snowman craft for the kids.

Skiing Snowman by Kathleen George

I’d much rather craft than ski, how about you? Are you a downhill skier? Or water skier? Or maybe you’ll hang out with me back at the lodge, sipping cocoa!

Happy crafting.


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Kid’s craft idea: Make a Read & Grow Bookworm

I remember reading for hours & hours during the summer when I was a kid (that is, when I wasn’t making something). My daughter spent her summer hours the same way, and visits to the library were a highlight of summer days. These memories are one reason why I adore Kathleen George’s Read & Grow Bookworm. Not only will kids have a blast making this colorful bookworm, but every time they read a book, they add another ball. By summer’s end, who knows how long the Read & Grow Bookworm will be! It’s a fun way to encourage reading, and give the kids a head start for the new school year.

A cute kid's craft that encourages reading, too. Every time a child finishes a book, he or she adds another ball to the Bookworm.

Read & Grow Bookworm by Kathleen George

To make a Read & Grow Bookworm, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • 3” ball (head)
    • 2-1/2” balls, one for each book read
    • ¾”, two for antennae
    • Scrap piece
  • Acrylic craft paints in assorted colors
  • Chenille stems, at least three and more for additional books
  • Wiggle eyes, ¾”, two
  • Pompom, ½” in pink
  • Felt scraps
  • Top hat, 2” (you’ll find one in the doll making aisle)
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wood skewers; medium flat paintbrush; ruler; wire knippers

To make a Read & Grow Bookworm:

1. Insert a wood skewer into each foam ball and use this as a handle while painting. Paint balls in your favorite colors, and then insert the wood skewers into a scrap of STYROFOAM Brand Foam while the paint dries.

How to build a Read & Grow Bookworm. Tutorial on

Use chenille stems to form a “coupling system” to connect the balls.

2. You’ll build your bookworm using links made from chenille stems:

  • Cut chenille stems into 1-1/2” lengths
  • Bend each piece to form a “U”
  • Dip the ends of one U into the glue
  • Insert into the back of the head, leaving a small loop

3. To add more balls:

  • Thread a second U through the loop behind the head
  • Dip ends into glue, and insert the U into a 2-1/2” ball
  • Repeat to add more balls.

4. Glue wiggle eyes and pompom nose onto face. Cut a mouth from a scrap of felt, and glue to face.

Here's a kid's craft that encourages reading, too -- a Read & Grow Bookworm!

Let the kids customize their bookworm with different colors of paint and other embellishments — glitter, sequins, etc.

5. Glue hat to top of head.

6. Cut two, 4″ chenille stem lengths. Insert and glue one end of each stem in a 3/4″ ball. Insert stems into head on either side of the hat for antennae.

7. See how long you can make your bookworm by adding a new ball every time you read a book!

A cute kid's craft that encourages reading, too. Every time a child finishes a book, he or she adds another ball to the Bookworm.

Reading + Crafting = Total Win!

Our library always has a summer reading program, and that’s a lot of fun, too. Does your library have a summer reading program? Are you participating in it?

Happy crafting (and summer reading)!


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