Road Trip Recap: A few favorite photos from Creativation

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m celebrating a love of crafts today with a few glimpses from the Creativation trade show, held last month in Phoenix. This annual trade show is all about crafting and creating, and it is packed with pretty. I didn’t have time to see it all, and every time I see someone else’s recap, I can’t believe what I missed! So, this is by no means a comprehensive recap, but from the color navy blue to smiling emojis, here are a few of the fun things I saw. (I’m announcing the Valentine’s Day giveaway winners today, too.)

First, the venue, and I’ll start with the weather. Believe it or not, the weekend I was in Phoenix, the weather was nicer in Cleveland. We saw a little blue sky, but a lot of gray and rain, too.


It was cool and rainy part of the time we were in Phoenix, and snow fell in the higher elevations.

There were lots of cool cacti, of course.

Creativation 2017.


The coolest cactus was on Creativation show floor. The ginormous cactus in the FloraCraft booth greeted visitors near the entrance to the exhibit hall.


Photo opp!

Creativation has lots of opportunities for hands-on experimentation, and in the FloraCraft booth, you could participate in a Make & Take to make a mini cactus.

floracraft-booth at Creativation

Designer Dondi helped attendees make mini cacti.

Paper crafts are still immensely popular, and there were endless tools and products for die cutting, embossing, coloring, stamping, and more. The show was packed with gorgeous paper flowers. Super-sized flowers decorated many of the displays, and there were smaller scale blooms on projects galore.


Amy Tangerine debuted her new line in a flower-filled display.


More pretty flowers on display.


Love these black & white flowers.


A bouquet of pretty, paper flowers.

No surprise that paper succulents were on display, too, right?


Sizzix had an amazing display of paper succulents!


Sizzix introduced a new Succulent Wreath kit.

Fabric Editions had this pretty flower display in its booth.


Fabric Editions had this pretty flower display in its booth.

I mentioned navy blue, and I saw it paired with coral, red, gold, and shades of green and blue. It’s going to be big this year!


Navy blue & coral.


Navy blue paired with red in a nautical theme.


A navy blue, turquoise, and green paper star garland.

Creativation had an area devoted to edible crafts. These sweet treats are almost too pretty to eat!


It all looks so real, doesn’t it?


An elegant wedding cake with gold leaf accents.


These cookies are so cute, and too pretty to eat.

Fairy gardens and fairy themes are always popular.


Magical fairy gardens filled with gnomes were at the show.

Vintage style is still strong. This display wall packs a vintage wallop, from tin and distressed wood to chippy paint.



It’s all here in this HOME sign — distressed wood, chippy paint, tin, and vintage accents.

I missed getting photos of some of the other sizzling categories, including mixed media, coloring books, calligraphy, and weaving. Products for organizing were everywhere, whether it was planners to help keep your daily life on track, or boxes, bins and other storage units to organize “stuff”.

In the Innovations Center, companies competed for a chance to win $10,000 to take their new product idea to the next level. Let’s Hang won for it’s innovative picture hanging system.

Innovations Center at Creativation 2017.

The Innovations Center.

Pinspiration, DecoArt and 3M combined forces to sponsor the paint booth where you could splatter paint your own wall art.

Painting in the Pinspiration booth at Creativation 2017.


Wall art made at Creativation.

Drying wall art. Look at the variety — what creativity!

Eileen Hull and her traveling studio, Scotty, the vintage camper, made the trip to Phoenix.

Paper Trail at Creativation 2017.

Eileen Hull and her camper on the show floor.

To wrap up my recap with a smile 🙂 there were emojis on display everywhere!

Emojis were everywhere at Creativation.


After hours, we saw this heart-shaped geode at a local rock & mineral studio. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it.

Wow! A heart-shaped geode.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Two lucky readers won today’s Valentine’s Day giveaway — Janet and Angie Dyer! Congratulations, ladies! Please contact me to arrange for your prize package.

I wish everyone a sweet day! XO and happy crafting!


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A cozy, needle-felted bear, because even bears get cold!

This needle felted bear looks right out of a children’s book, and I think he’s begging for his story to be told. Why is he awake in the middle of winter, and dressed up in a cozy coat and scarf? Hmm . . . Designer Debra Quartermain, who shared the sweetest Snow Bunny with us, is the mastermind behind this Cozy, Needle-Felted Bear. Debra’s step-by-step tutorial will help you reach a happy ending! (Don’t miss this week’s Valentine’s Day giveaway, too.)

DIY needle-felted bear

Cozy, Needle-Felted Bear by Debra Quartermain.

To make a Cozy, Needle-Felted Bear, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • Balls: two 1-1/4”
    • Eggs: one each 5″ & 4″; two 3″
    • Scrap piece, 1” x 5″ x 5″
  • Wool roving, 2 oz. each: natural, brown, pink, and tan
  • Fabric scrap, 3″ x 18″
  • Beads, 8mm, two in dark brown or black
  • Buttons, 1/2″, three
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; bar of soap or old candle; pencil; ruler; round toothpicks; needle felting tool or felting needle*; soft cloth

*Note: Needle felting is a fast and easy craft, but the needle is extremely sharp. Always use caution and please keep the needle from children. When you select a felting needle, remember that the higher the needle number, the finer the needle, and the smaller the holes in the project.

To make a Cozy, Needle-Felted Bear:

1. Wax the serrated knife with a bar of soap or old candle. Cut one 3” egg in half lengthwise, and cut the 4” egg into thirds lengthwise. Brush away crumbs with a soft cloth, and sand away rough edges with a scrap piece of foam.

2. Here is how you’ll use the foam shapes to build your bear:

  • Head: 3” egg
  • Body: 5” egg
  • Arms: One third of a 4” egg for each arm
  • Hands: 1-1/4” ball for each hand
  • Feet: One half of 3” egg for each foot, cut side down

3. Head: The narrow end of the 3” egg is the bear’s face. Cover the narrow half of the egg with tan roving. Felt the roving to the head, using the felting needle or tool. Cover the other half of the egg with pink roving, and felt the fibers in place.

DIY needle felted bear

You’ll build his face on the narrow end of the egg.

4. Face:

  • Refer to photo and use fingers to gently make indentations for the eyes.
  • Apply a dot of glue to each indentation and push eye beads into face.
  • Arrange and felt very thin strands of brown roving around each eye to create shading.
  • Place small amount of brown roving in nose area and needle felt into a small oval.
  • Felt very thin strands of brown roving into a mouth.

5. Ears:

  • Arrange a layer of tan roving on the scrap piece of foam.
  • Place a second layer on top in the opposite direction.
  • Gently needle felt the layers together to create “fabric”.
  • Using the pattern, cut out two ears from felted fabric.
  • Felt the straight edge of each ear to the pink half of the head, positioning the ears behind the eyes.

6. Body: Felt pink roving onto 5” egg, adding enough roving so that it looks full and fluffy.

7. Arms: Cover the rounded side of each arm with pink roving, and pull 1/2″ of the roving onto the flat side. Needle felt the fibers to the arm.

8. Hands: Flatten one side of each 1-1/4” ball on a flat surface. Cover each ball with tan roving, and felt in place.

9. Feet: Cover the rounded side of each foot with brown roving, and felt in place.

10. Assemble the bear: Insert one toothpick halfway into bottom of head and apply a small amount of glue around base of toothpick. Apply glue to opposite end of toothpick and push head down into body. Repeat, using toothpicks and glue to add feet, arms and hands.

11. Felt a 2” wide strip of natural roving around the bear’s head for a hat brim.

12. Felt a 2” wide strip of natural roving down the front of the body.

13. Felt strips of natural roving around the ends of the arms and tops of feet to form cuffs.

14. Cut 1″ fringe into both ends of a 3” x 18” fabric scrap, and tie around the bear’s neck for a scarf.

15. Glue buttons down the bear’s front.

DIY Needle-Felted Bear

This cutie could be the star of a children’s book!

Here’s Debra’s Snow Bunny — could not be cuter!

DIY needle felted snow bunny tutorial

Needle-Felted Snow Bunny by Debra Quartermain

Just what is this bear’s story? Any ideas?

Happy crafting!

P.S. Because I have the best readers, ever, I have a sweet little Valentine’s Day giveaway. Be sure to enter!


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Wrap up super-easy, Valentine’s Day Yarn Cones

Today I have a super-easy, DIY Valentine’s Day decoration for you. It all started when I spied a “Sweet Roll” of yarn at Jo-Ann Stores. Have you seen Sweet Rolls, or Yarn Cakes? I can walk by a Cinnabon at the airport, but I could not walk by this pretty, pink Sweet Roll. I used it to wrap up my Valentine’s Day Yarn Cones, which also led to the Valentine’s Day Snowman I shared a while back. Here’s they are, all together. (I have a little giveaway, too, so read on . . .)

DIY easy Valentine's Day decor with yarn and Styrofoam

Family fun! Everyone can get in on these yarn projects.

I topped off the Yarn Cones with pink glass knobs from Hobby Lobby (and used a 40% off coupon for them). Later, I saw bags of glittered hearts at the dollar store, and I think those would have been pretty, too.

DIY Valentine's Day Yarn Cones easy Valentine's Day decor

We have these on a little table, but you could display the yarn cones on a mantel, book shelf, counter or dining room table.

Here’s the Sweet Roll that started it all. Can you see why I had to bring it home?

DIY easy yarn crafts

Have you seen these Sweet Rolls or Yarn Cakes in the stores?

To make Valentine’s Day Yarn Cones, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: Cones in various sizes; I used 9” x 4”, 9” x 5”, & 12” x 4”
  • Yarn, in assorted colors and textures
  • Pink glass knobs, or other toppers, such as glittered hearts
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins
DIY easy Yarn Cones

It’s a pretty simple list of supplies. You don’t need much more than yarn & cones of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

To make Valentine’s Day Yarn Cones:

  1. Pin and glue the end of the yarn to the base of the cone. Wrap the cone till covered. Wind the yarn around the top of the cone, and glue in place. (Hint: If you’re using a Sweet Roll or Yarn Cake, you might find that the colors don’t change fast enough. After I wrapped a section, I cut off the yarn and unwound the Sweet Roll till I came to the next color, and then I started wrapping again.)
  2. If using a glass knob, carefully insert it in the top of the cone, making sure it’s straight. Remove the knob, add glue to the hole, and place the knob back in the hole.
DIY easy Valentine's Day crafts

These were so much fun to make. I hope you make them, too!

I just love how sweet & cozy these all look, not to mention how easy they are. If you’re like me and you’re looking for a stress-free craft, pick up a Sweet Roll and wrap away!

DIY Valentine's Day Snowman easy craft

The Sweet Roll led me to make this soft, chenille yarn Snowman, too.

I have a little Valentine’s Day giveaway to announce, because you are all the best! I have two Valentine’s Day prize packages to give away, and each one contains:

  1. Chocolate & coffee, of course: a jumbo Hershey’s Kiss and Starbuck’s Via packets;
  2. “I Sweat Glitter” water bottle;
  3. Crafty note pads.
Valentine's Day giveaway on

I’m giving away two Valentine’s Day prize packages.

For your chance to win, tell me below what you’re crafting for Valentine’s Day. Please leave a comment by midnight on Monday, February 13. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, February 14.

Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!


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DIY a glamorous, Valentine’s Day Ornament Wreath

I’ve always loved Christmas Ornament Wreaths, and when I saw this collection of magenta, silver and black ornaments, I decided to DIY a Valentine’s Day Ornament Wreath. It’s not weird to make an Ornament Wreath for Valentine’s Day, is it? You can still purchase ornaments at 50% – 80% off, and my local Jo-Ann Stores has a collection of red, white and silver ornaments that would make a dazzling Valentine’s Day Ornament Wreath. This glamorous wreath makes a statement, and you won’t believe how easy it is to DIY. Four steps easy, actually.DIY Ornament Wreath for Valentine's Day

To make a Valentine’s Day Ornament Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 2” wreath
  • Ornaments, 1” – 2.36” in dia, approximately:
    • Four dozen, 2.36” dia*
    • Six dozen, 1” – 1.5” dia*
  • Chenille stem
  • Low-temp glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; step stool

*These are estimates; you may need more or fewer depending on how you arrange your ornaments.

DIY Valentine's Day Ornament Wreath

I don’t think I’d chose these colors for Christmas, but they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day. A red, white and silver combo would be beautiful, too.

To make a Valentine’s Day Ornament Wreath:

1. Arrange and glue the larger ornaments around the outside and inside of the wreath. As you glue the ornament to the wreath, press the stems right into the foam. I used 18 ornaments around the outside edge, and seven ornaments around the inside.

DIY Ornament Wreath for Valentine's Day

First, arrange and glue the ornaments around the outside and inside edges.

2. Arrange and glue larger ornaments on the front of the wreath. I filled in around the outer edge with 15 ornaments, and used nine ornaments to fill in around the inner edge.

DIY Ornament Wreath for Valentine's Day

Next, use the larger ornaments to fill the front of the wreath.

3. Start to fill in with the smaller ornaments, gluing them around the edges and onto the front of the wreath. When you think you have enough, keep going! I used 70 – 75 smaller ornaments on my wreath, and I think I could have used a few more. Hint: To help you as you arrange the ornaments, stand on a step stool and look down from time to time. The perspective will help you see spots that need filling in.

DIY Valentine's Day Ornament Wreath

Keep adding ornaments! I thought I was finished at one point, and I’m glad I kept going.

4. Hanger: Twist together ends of a 4” length of chenille stem. Insert and glue the hanger into the center back of the wreath. The wreath will be heavy, so be sure the glue is dried and the hanger is holding firm before hanging the wreath.

DIY Valentine's Day Ornament Wreath

If this wreath is a little too “too” for you, here are six Valentine’s Day Wreaths that are a little more low key.

DIY six favorite Valentine's Day Wreaths

I’ve been crafting a lot with yarn recently, and this Valentine’s Day Pompom Wreath by Patty Schaffer is one of my favorites!

DIY Pompom Wreath for Valentine's Day

How crazy is it to make a Valentine’s Day Ornament Wreath? Would you hang this wreath in your house?

Happy crafting!


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DIY a Chenille Swirl Valentine’s Day Wreath with the kiddos

I have a soft spot for chenille stem crafts, maybe because I remember crafting with them when I was a kid. I had a craft for the kids in mind when I made today’s Chenille Swirl Valentine’s Day Wreath, and Patty Schaffer’s Chenille Swirl Christmas Tree was my inspiration. Get the kids involved in making the chenille swirls; it’s not hard, and together, you can knock them out during an hour or two of HGTV. (Tiny houses – they are so cool, but where’s the craft room?) The kids will need some help gluing the swirls to the wreath, so read on for the details.

DIY Chenille Valentine's Day Wreath

To make a Chenille Swirl Valentine’s Day Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” half-round wreath
  • Chenille stems:
    • 25 red
    • 30 deep pink
    • 25 light pink
    • 12 white
  • Metal arrow (I found mine at Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann Stores carries them, too)
  • Ribbon
  • Low-temp glue gun*
  • Tools needed: Scissors or wire knippers

*Young children should not use a glue gun! Be sure an adult helps to adhere the swirls to the wreath.

To make a Chenille Swirl Valentine’s Day Wreath:

1. Wind the chenille stems into coils. Use a full chenille stem to make the large swirls, and ½ a chenille stem for the small swirls. For my wreath, I made:

  • Red: 21 large and six small
  • Deep pink: 24 large and eight small
  • Light pink: 20 large and four small
  • White: 10 large and three small
DIY Chenille Valentine's Day Wreath

I used a full chenille stem for the larger swirls, and filled in spaces with smaller swirls made from 1/2 a chenille stem.

DIY easy Valentine's Day Wreath.

How would you arrange the swirls? Stripes? Ombre? At randrom?

2. Glue swirls to the wreath with low-temp glue. I decided to arrange my swirls in an ombré pattern, but I think the wreath would be pretty if they were arranged randomly, too. Add the larger swirls first, and then fill in with the smaller swirls. NOTE: Young children should not use a glue gun! An adult should glue the swirls to the wreath. (I tried to use a thick, white craft glue and found that my swirls popped right off the wreath.)

DIY Chenille Swirl Valentine's Day Wreath

I found my arrow at Hobby Lobby, and I’ve recently seen quite a few at Jo-Ann Stores, too.

3. Glue an arrow across the front of the wreath. Decorate the arrow shank with small pennants cut from ribbon.

DIY a Chenille Swirl Valentine's Day Wreath

My first idea was to swag pompom trim over the arrow, but I decided it was too much! What do you think?

4. Hanger: Twist together ends of a 4” length of chenille stem. Insert and glue the hanger into the center back of the wreath.

DIY Chenille Swirl Valentine's Day Wreath

I chose to arrange my chenille swirls in an ombre pattern, but I think a random design would be pretty, too.

Last year, my daughter shared her Origami Heart Wreath with us. This is a fun one for the kids, too. Folding the origami hearts is easy, and you can use a thick, white craft glue to attach them to the wreath.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath origami hearts

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

Sneak peek!

What do you think of the Tiny House movement? Could you live in one?

Don’t miss Friday – I’ll share another Valentine’s Day Wreath . . .

Happy crafting!


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This lovely, Button LOVE Wall Art will push your buttons!

This DIY, Button LOVE Wall Art is a Valentine’s Day craft that will push your buttons – in a good way. It’s Valentine’s décor that’s both beautiful surprisingly easy to DIY. Designer Debi Schmitz pulled together a collection of cream, white and red buttons, and went to town pinning buttons and beads onto her sheet of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. You can’t go wrong, because if you don’t like how it looks, you simply re-pin your buttons. You could make it a family craft, and get the kids to help, too.

DIY Button Love Wall Art Valentine's Day decor

DIY Button Love Wall Art Valentine's Day decor

Button LOVE Wall Art by Debi Schmitz.

 To make Button LOVE Wall Art, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1” x 12” x 36” sheet
  • Buttons:
    • White/ivory, 1/8” – ¾” dia., at least 6 oz.
    • Red, ½” – ¾” dia., at least 3 oz.
  • Seed beads, one tube each:
    • 11/0 pearl
    • 6/0 pearl
    • 6/0 red
  • Sequin pins, 7/8”, two packages
  • Fabric, ½ yd in tan
  • Braid, 2 yds in ivory
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; sharp pencil; serrated knife; bar of soap or old candle; fabric marker or chalk pencil; optional: iron; cutting mat & rotary cutter
DIY Button Heart Valentine's Day craft

Beautiful! You’ll layer white buttons and beads over the red, button heart.

To make Button LOVE Wall Art:

1. Cut in half the sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, so you have two halves measuring 12” x 18”:

  • Using ruler and sharp pencil, score a cutting line on the foam sheet.
  • Wax the serrated knife blade with a bar of soap or an old candle.
  • Cut on the scored line.
  • Save one half for a future project.

2. If needed, iron the fabric. Center the foam rectangle on the wrong side of a 22” x 16” piece of fabric and wrap the fabric to the back of the foam rectangle. Take care to neatly fold the fabric at the corners, just like wrapping a present. Pin and glue the fabric to the back of the foam rectangle. Trim away excess fabric.

3. Cover the back with a 19” x 13” fabric piece. Let glue dry and then trim away excess fabric.

4. Write the word “Love” in cursive with a fabric marker or chalk pencil on the front of the foam sheet. Draw a heart for the “o”. Use a ruler to keep keep it straight and centered.

DIY Button Heart Valentine's Day craft

Start by pinning on red buttons and beads for the heart.

5. Fill in the “o” or heart first. Thread a bead and a red button onto a sequin pin. Dip the point in glue and insert into the heart. Repeat, till the heart is filled. If you don’t like your original button placement, you can easily move them around before the glue sets.

DIY Button LOVE Wall Art Valentine's Day craft

Outline letters with a single layer of buttons first.

6. Spell out the remainder of the word “Love” using sequin pins threaded with pearl beads and white and cream buttons. Pin on a single button outline first, and then fill in with additional buttons as needed.

DIY Button LOVE Wall Art

Once you’ve added the first layer of buttons, pin on additional buttons and beads to fill out the letters.

7. Pin on a small, white and ivory button heart in the center of the red button heart.

8. Pin and glue braid around the outside edges.

9. Hanger: Dip ends of a U-pin in glue. With the pin pointing down, insert in the center back of the picture, 1-1/2” from the top. Carefully fold the pin up to create a hanger. Let glue dry. Or, use a metal picture hanger and dip nails in glue before adding the hanger to the back of the picture.

Valentine's Day decor DIY Button LOVE Wall Art

You could also make this for a Mother’s Day or wedding gift.

Patty Schaffer shared two Valentine’s Day button crafts a while back — a Sweetheart Button Wreath and Button Heart Mosaic. They’re still as beautiful today, and crafts people love to love.

DIY Button Wreath

Sweetheart Button Wreath

DIY Button Mosaic Heart Valentine's Day craft

Button Heart Mosaic

The Button LOVE Wall Art is so pretty, I would be tempted to leave it up year-round. It would also make a gorgeous Mother’s Day or wedding gift. How else would you use and display it?

DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art

Happy crafting!


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A Chinese New Year’s craft for the Year of the Rooster

The Chinese New Year on January 28 ushers in the Year of the Rooster. According to Chinese astrology, it’s a year in which loyalty, hard work, family, and looking good will matter. Today I have a Rooster craft the kids can make to explore new cultures and holiday traditions, and to celebrate the year of the Rooster. Check out his flashy, bright blue tail – I think this Rooster is already “looking good”!


To make a Rooster, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • One 3” egg
    • Two, 3” x 2” cones
  • Acrylic craft paints in gold, burnt orange, tan
  • Craft foamie scraps in red
  • Chenille stems, three in tan
  • Feathers, five large and four small in blue (or other color of your choice)
  • Wiggle eyes, two 10mm
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; paintbrush; toothpicks; plastic knife

To make a Rooster:

1. Make the head and the beak:

  • Measure down 1-1/4” from the top of one cone and cut off the tip. The tip is the beak, and the bottom is the head.
  • Round the top of the head by shaping the cut edges with your fingers.
  • Make small, ½” cuts around the bottom of the head, and round them with your fingers to form scallops.
  • Using fingers, form an indentation in the bottom of the head so that it will fit on the narrow end of the egg.
  • Break a toothpick in half, dip ends in glue, and then pick and glue the head to the narrow end of the egg.
  • Dip ends of a toothpick half in glue and pick and glue the beak to the head.
DIY rooster for the Chinese New Year.

The base of the tail is a 2″ cone, cut on the diagonal so it fits snugly against the body.

2. Tail: You’ll cut off the base of the second cone on an angle, so it fits snugly against the body. Measure down 2” from the point, and then draw a diagonal line across the cone from this point to the bottom of the cone. Cut on this line and use the larger piece for the tail. Use fingers to shape the cut side so it fits snugly on the egg. With the point up, pick and glue the cone piece to the back of the rooster.

3. Paint the rooster’s body burnt orange; the head gold; and the beak tan. Let dry completely.

4. Cut crown and wattles from red foamie and glue to head. Glue on the eyes.

5. Glue on the feathers:

  • One small feather on each side (wings)
  • One large feather to bottom of tail
  • Two large on top of the tail
  • One large on each side of tail
  • One small on each side of tail to cover the seam
  • Bend large feathers down on ends.

6. Make the feet:

  • Bend a chenille stem 2-1/2” from end. This is the leg.
  • Make four, 1” folds, forming three toes.
  • Wrap end around toes to secure.
  • Bend ends up for legs.
  • Cut a 3” piece from the second chenille stem and bend in half; twist around ankle to form the back toe.
  • Repeat for second foot.
  • Dip end of leg in glue and insert into body.

7. Arrange toes so rooster will stand.

DIY Rooster for a Chinese New Year craft

Kids will enjoy making this rooster just about any time of year!

Linda Valentino shared this Rooster with us. The Chinese Dragon Puppet Kathleen George shared a few years ago is also amazing! The kids will love it, but will definitely need an adult to help them make it.

DIY Chinese Dragon Puppet

Do you have plans to celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Happy crafting!



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How to make a Sock Penguin

It’s Penguin Awareness Day and to celebrate, Debra Quartermain is sharing an adorable, DIY Sock Penguin. This little penguin got the memo about casual Friday and instead of a fancy tux, Debra’s little penguin sports a casual, polka-dot turtleneck sweater. Too cute! Debra and others have shared oodles of penguins on Crafts ‘n Coffee, and I’ve also linked to a round up of penguin crafts.  (If you love a good sock craft, don’t miss Debra’s Sock Owls.)

DIY Sock Penguin

Sock Penguin by Debra Quartermain.

To make a Sock Penguin, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: One each 1-1/2” and 3” balls
  • Socks: one white tube sock and one polka dot sock
  • Felt, 9” x 12” sheet in white, black and orange
  • Buttons: two ¼” and two ½”, in pastel colors
  • Pompoms: 1” in white and 2” in black
  • Pearl head quilt pins in black, two
  • Floss, ½ yd. in white
  • Powdered blush or chalk in pink
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; paper; ruler; round toothpick

To make a Sock Penguin:

1. Build the body: Press one side of the 3” ball on a tabletop, flattening it so that it will stand on its own. Press one side of the 1-1/2” ball on the table. Pick and glue the two balls together by placing a dab of glue on the ends of the toothpick, and inserting it into the round top of the 3” ball and the flattened side of the 1-1/2” ball. Add glue and press the two pieces firmly together.

2. Stretch the white tube sock over the body, beginning with the head. Pull the sock all the way down so it covers the bottom ball. Cut off the excess sock, and stretch and glue the ends to the bottom of the ball. Add pins if needed to help hold the sock in place. Keep the sock as smooth as possible so the penguin will stand.

3. Sweater: Measure 5” down from the top (cuff) of the sock, and cut. With the cut edge at the top and the cuff at the bottom, pull the tube down over the penguin. Roll the top of the sock tube at the neck to make a turtleneck. Glue two ½” buttons to front.

4. Cut another 5” length of sock and turn inside out. Tie off one end with floss for top of hat. Turn right side out. Roll up open end 1” to make a cuff. Stretch the hat onto the penguin’s head. Glue two 1/4” buttons to the cuff.

5. Blush cheeks. Insert quilt pins for eyes.

6. Using the patterns, cut out the following:

  • A beak and two feet from orange felt.
  • Two feet and two wings from white felt.
  • Two wings from black felt.

7. Pinch beak in half and glue in place.

8. Glue the white feet to the orange feet, and the white wings to the black wings.

9. Glue feet to bottom of penguin. Glue wing ends to either side of penguin.

10. Glue white pompom to top of hat and black pompom in place as tail.

DIY Sock Penguin

Don’t you love his casual wardrobe?

Adorable! If you’re looking for a more formal penguin, suited up in tux, or penguins skiing, sledding, fishing, or even napping, don’t miss this Penguin Craft Round Up.

The best DIY penguin crafts! has crafty, weekend plans? I’ll be at Creativation in Phoenix, which is the new name for the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Show. It’s a new name, new venue, new adventure! I also hope to see Debra Quartermain while I’m at the show. You can stop in and say “hello” to Debra right now over on her blog.

Happy crafting!


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DIY a Rustic, Heart Memo Board pretty enough for year-round

This Rustic Heart Memo Board will add a vintage vibe to your Valentine’s Day décor. Kathleen George walks you through an amazing transformation with a faux rust finish made from nothing more than acrylic craft paint. If you’d rather use a faux finish kit, that will work, too, and you’ll find a few recommendations over on the Rustic Folk Art Angels. Whichever method you use, the results are beautiful, and you’ll want to display this Memo Board all year long.

DIY vintage, faux finish Memo Board in a heart shape

Rustic Heart Memo Board by Kathleen George.

To make a Rustic, Heart Memo Board, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1” x 12” x 18” or 1” x 12” x 36” sheet
  • Newspaper, paper bag, or other paper (for pattern)
  • Acrylic craft paint in red iron oxide, dark green, and antique gold
  • Painter’s canvas, primed or unprimed, 1/2 yd.
  • Gesso (if using unprimed canvas)
  • Pressure-sensitive copper foil tape
  • Ribbon, sheer gold metallic
  • Brass brads, four
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife and bar of soap or old candle; straight pins; pencil; black marker; paintbrushes: medium flat and stiff round; natural sponge; work gloves or gardening gloves

To make a Rustic, Heart Memo Board:

1. Sketch a heart pattern on newspaper, an old paper bag, or other sheet of paper. Pin the pattern to the foam sheet, and trace around it with a sharp pencil. Remove the pattern and if needed, draw over the score line with a black marker.

2. Wax the knife with a bar of soap or an old candle. Cut out the heart. Sand away crumbs and rough edges with a scrap piece of foam.

3. Place the pattern on the painter’s canvas, and trace around it. Cut out the heart and glue to the foam heart using thick, white craft glue.

4. Glue a 1” wide strip of canvas around the edges of the foam heart. If needed, pin canvas strip to the heart while the glue dries. Remove the pins after the glue dries.

5. If you’re using primed canvas, skip to Step 6. If you’re using unprimed canvas, follow the directions on the Gesso container and apply one or two coats of Gesso to the canvas. Let dry. If there are a few imperfections, that’s o.k. and they will add to the rustic appeal.

6. Create the “rusty” faux finish:

  • Paint the front and sides of the heart red iron oxide.
  • Using a slightly damp sponge, add patches of dark green.
  • Using the sponge, add patches of antique gold.
  • Rinse sponge well, and then use the sponge to soften the hard edges where the colors overlap.
  • Add more red iron oxide where the finish is uneven, and use the sponge to blend.
  • Continue to add paint until you like the finish. (Remember, this is a rustic finish and it doesn’t have to be perfect!)
  • Let dry.

7. Put on gloves. Press copper foil tape onto the heart, so that half of the tape is on the front, and fold the other half down onto the sides.

8. Add brads in a vertical row down the front of the heart.

9. Tie a 14” length of ribbon in a bow, with a big loop for a hanger. Pin and glue the hanger to the top of the heart.

DIY vintage, faux finish Memo Board in a heart shape

Kathleen pins vintage photos on her memo board. How would you use your Rustic Heart Memo Board?

Have you had success with faux finishes? Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share?

Happy crafting!

P.S. We’re celebrating Penguin Awareness Day on Friday! You don’t want to miss it!



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It’s darling! Here’s how to DIY a Valentine’s Day Snowman

How about a Valentine’s Day Snowman that will melt the coldest of hearts? Making this DIY, Valentine’s Day Snowman is as easy as wrapping soft, chenille yarn around balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam – no boots, no mittens and no snow needed. I made him in just an hour or two, so if you start winding your balls now, you’ll have him wrapped up well before dinnertime. And that gives you plenty of time to sit back and sip a cup of cocoa. (If you’re a fan of chenille yarn, don’t miss this easy, Winter Yarn Wreath.)

DIY easy Valentine's Day Snowman tutorial

This soft, chenille yarn snowman is easy enough that the kids can make one, too.

To make a Valentine’s Day Snowman, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 2-1/2”, 3” and 4” balls
  • Chenille yarn in white & pink (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Sock (hat)
  • Felt or fleece, 14” x 5/8” strip (scarf)
  • Wired twine (arms)
  • Glittered heart ornament
  • Buttons, three
  • Black beads
  • Acrylic craft paint in orange
  • Wood skewer
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins; permanent marker in black; wire cutters

To make a Valentine’s Day Snowman:

1. Flatten one side of the 4” ball on a tabletop, so that the ball will stand and not roll. Pin and glue one end of the yarn to the ball, and wrap the ball till it’s completely covered. Pin and glue the other end in place. Repeat, wrapping the 2-1/2” and 3” balls in yarn.

2. Dip both ends of two toothpicks in glue, and pick and glue together the 4” and 3” balls. Repeat, adding the 2-1/2” ball to the snowman.

Easy DIY Snowman craft with yarn and styrofoam

Paint a wood skewer for his nose, and add beads for the eyes and mouth.

3. Paint the pointed end of the wooden skewer orange, and let dry. Clip off the end, and insert it into the snowman’s face for his nose.

4. Press two beads into the snowman’s head for eyes, and then remove each bead and glue in place.

5. Pin on beads for the snowman’s mouth. Color the heads of the pins with a black, permanent marker.

6. Tie a 14” x 5/8” strip of felt or fleece around the snowman’s neck. Cut fringe in the ends.

7. From the top of the sock, measure and mark a 9” long triangle with a rounded tip. Cut out the triangle, but DO NOT CUT through the cuff! The sock cuff also serves as the cuff on the hat, so it needs to be intact. Turn the triangle inside out and glue the seam. Let glue dry and then turn the hat right side out. Place hat on the snowman’s head.

how to DIY a snowman hat from a sock

Measure down about 9″ from the top of the sock, and cut an elongated triangle with a curved tip. Do NOT cut the cuff!

DIY Snowman hat from a sock

Turn inside out and glue the cut edges together.

DIY Snowman hat from a sock.

Turn right side out and you have a hat!

8. Glue three buttons to the middle ball.

9. Fold in half a length of wired twine, and twist together, forming hands and arms. Using a wood skewer, poke holes in each side of the middle ball for the arms. Insert and glue the arms into the holes.

10. Position hands to the front, and glue a glittered heart into the snowman’s hands.

DIY easy Snowman craft with Styrofoam and yarn

His heart is a leftover Christmas ornament. I saw bags of glittered hearts at a dollar store, too.

I hope you’ll build this sweet, Valentine’s Day Snowman. I really had fun making him, and I think you will, too. Have you pulled out your Valentine ’s Day decorations?

Happy crafting!


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