Foam Trivia

Here’s a quick quiz for you:
1948 pop culture icons.

STYROFOAM Brand Foam, Frisbees, PEZ dispensers, Velcro and cake mixes all made their debut in 1948.

1.  Which products made their debut in 1948? 
a) Frisbees
b) PEZ Dispensers
c)  Scrabble
d) STYROFOAM Brand Foam
The answer is — all of the above products were introduced in 1948.  What else do they have in common?  They’re all still popular today, along with other 1948 introductions like Velcro and cake mixes.  
2. Genuine STYROFOAM* Brand Foam is:
a)     Disposable foam cups & carryout containers
b)     Egg & meat trays
c)      Packing peanuts & other packing materials
d)     None of the above
The correct answer is “d”.  Genuine STYROFOAM Brand Foam is not used to make disposable foam products. STYROFOAM is a trademark of Dow for the white and green foam found in floral designs and craft projects, and for Blue* STYROFOAM Brand Insulation. 
3.  STYROFOAM Brand Foam:
a) Is made only in the U.S.A.
b) Makes some really great craft projects.
c) Contains no VOCs.
d) Saves $10 billion in energy costs every year.
And the correct answer is — all of the above!
*Trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company

4 Responses to Foam Trivia

  1. Angie says:

    Did you double check your facts above? (I am laughing!) I can’t believe that Pez dispensers and candy have been around since 1948. They have been made many years before I was ever born. Somehow, I was thinking the 1960’s for the Pez products and the Frisbees too. Thanks for sharing. I think we all learned something!

  2. Donna LaFitte says:

    Cannot believe Frisbees have been around that long.

  3. wilma dow says:

    wow.. I learned a lot from the quiz !!

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