Easy, Farmhouse Holiday Style: DIY Plaid & Batting Rag Balls

After I made my Farmhouse-Style Plaid Wreath and Plaid Flannel Cones, I had a lot of plaid fabric leftover. I asked readers what I should do with the remaining fabric, and you suggested pillow covers, scarves or quilts – all snuggly ideas for a cold, winter’s day. I also thought about making a series of plaid wreaths to hang together in the window. But so many ideas, so little time, right?  I went for the quick & easy and whipped up these Plaid & Batting Rag Balls. They fit right into the farmhouse-style vignette I created. I still have more fabric leftover, so I guess there’s always next year, right . . . ?

DIY farmhouse-style Rag Balls

These rag balls are an easy way to use up leftover fabric. Thread a ribbon through the strips and hang these on the Christmas tree, too.

DIY easy Farmhouse-Style Decor

Here’s the ensemble.

To make Plaid & Batting Rag Balls, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 3” balls
  • Plaid flannel
  • Natural quilt batting (I used Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting, which is carried at JoAnns)
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; straight pins; optional: rotary cutter and cutting mat

To make Plaid & Batting Rag Balls:

  1. Cut the fabric and the quilt batting into 1” wide strips.
  2. Pin and glue one end onto a 3” foam ball. Wrap the strip around the ball and pin and glue the other end in place. Continue to wrap the ball in fabric strips till it’s covered.
  3. Display!
DIY Plaid & Batting Rag Balls

You could also add hangers to make ornaments, or glue these onto a pine wreath.

You can make the entire ensemble – the Farmhouse-Style Plaid Wreath, Plaid Flannel Cones and Plaid & Batting Rag Balls – in an evening or two. These are all quick and easy projects, and they don’t require a lot of supplies, either. Go for it!

DIY Plaid Farmhouse Wreath

Doesn’t this wreath make you want to sit by the fire and drink cocoa?

DIY Plaid Flannel Farmhouse Style Decor

Easy enough you can make a forest of Plaid Cones!

DIY farmhouse decor easy

You can make this ensemble in an evening or two. It’s an easy way to refresh your holiday decor!

This meme from U-Create Crafts pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

My creative life meme

How’s your holiday crafting going? Are you keeping up? Is everything finished? Or, do you already have a “next year” list?

Happy crafting!


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14 Responses to Easy, Farmhouse Holiday Style: DIY Plaid & Batting Rag Balls

  1. Candace Lecher says:

    Love these ideas.

  2. Aren’t these fun! Even the kids could help with the cutting and creating. This is a craft for all ages to participate. These are pretty enough to display the entire winter season! Thank you for sharing, Sharon!

    • Sharon says:

      ☺️ Thanks, Angie. Everyone can make these, for sure. You could even make Rag Balls with students or Scouts, especially because there’s a history lesson in there, too. Long ago, people made rag balls to save every little scrap of fabric. It was so precious. Happy crafting! Sharon

  3. The wreath, balls and trees would make a beautiful tablescape! It also makes a beautiful trio for the Mantle! Plaid always makes me feel comforted and warm. TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Barb, so glad you like them. It’s fun to see that plaid is back in style, and I’m seeing a lot of it in the Christmas displays in stores this year. These ideas are all easy enough for your little helper, too! 🙂 Happy crafting! Sharon

  4. annehaun says:

    Love your plaid balls – now you are all set for holiday decorating!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! I love how quick and easy these are, and versatile, too. It would be easy enough to turn these into ornaments. Happy Christmas crafting! Sharon

  5. I love Plaid and Chistmas.. Very pretty decorations!!!! =)

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