Tinsel Tuesdays: How to make a Santa with paper prairie points

Debi Schmitz is back today with a Prairie Point Santa. (Don’t miss the Prairie Point Pumpkin she shared last week.) This favorite, folding technique works with paper and fabric, and there is a lot you can do with these folded, paper prairie points. As you’re making the Santa, if you need a little help making the points, check out the video 5 Ornaments in 5 Minutes to see just how to fold the paper strips.

DIY Prairie Point Santa

Prairie Point Santa by Debi Schmitz.

To make a Prairie Point Santa, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, one each 5” and 2-1/2” balls
  • Acrylic craft paint in skin tone
  • Wood dowel, 1/8” x 4”
  • Scrapbook paper, three 12” x 12” sheets in red
  • Flat head pins, 7/8”
  • Buttons:
    • Snowflakes, three 1” and one ¾”
    • Black, two ½” (eyes)
    • Wood, ½” (nose)
  • Pompom, 1” in white
  • Felt: 2” square in tan; 4” square in black
  • Powdered blush
  • Chunky yarn in white
  • Mod Podge
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; Xacto® knife; cutting mat; burnisher, ruler or other flat edge tool for pressing folds; acrylic ruler; paintbrush, ½”; pencil; cardboard, 6” scrap; optional: thimble

To make a Prairie Point Santa:

1. Insert and glue the 4” dowel halfway into the bottom of the 2-1/2” foam ball. Brush on a thick coat of Mod Podge and let dry.

2. Paint the 2-1/2” ball and the wood button and let dry. Glue the button nose to the face.

3. Cut one sheet of the scrapbook paper into 1” x 2” strips. On each strip, mark the center along the 2” side with a pencil. Fold in the end of each strip to the center, forming a point. Burnish the folds with a burnisher, ruler or other tool. (Watch the video 5 Ornaments in 5 Minutes if you’d like to see a demonstration on folding the points.)

How to DIY prairie points

How to make paper prairie points.

4. Pin four points on the bottom center of the 5” ball, with the points meeting in the middle. Place a pin on each side and the point. Add another row, offsetting the points with the first row, and overlapping the row slightly. Pin the sides in place, but do not pin the points.

How to DIY Prairie Points

Start by pinning four points on the bottom of the ball. These are the only points that will have the points pinned down.

5. Continue to add rows, keeping them as even as possible, and overlapping the row below it by about 3/8”. Make more prairie points as needed. At the top of the ball, leave the center 1” – 1-1/2” uncovered.

6. Glue a 1” snowflake button to the bottom center of the ball so the Santa will stand.

DIY Prairie Point Santa

Glue a 1″ snowflake button on the bottom to help Santa stand.

7. Glue black buttons to face for eyes. Cut eyelids from tan felt and glue to face, over eyes. Blush cheeks.

DIY Prairie Point Santa

I think he’d look cute with hair and beard made from a fuzzy yarn, too.

8. Santa’s beard: Wrap about 120” of white yarn around your four fingers. Slip loops off your hand and tie off with another piece of yarn. Glue tied end to Santa’s face, just under his nose.

9. Insert and glue the other end of the dowel into Santa’s body. Be sure the two balls fit together snugly.

10. Accordion fold a 1” x 12” strip of red paper. Make the pleats about ½” wide. Glue the pleated strip around Santa’s neck.

11. Sleeves:

  • Cut two, 3-1/2” x 4” strips of red scrapbook paper.
  • Fold in half to measure 3-1/2” x 2”, and then in half again to measure 3-1/2” x 1”.
  • Cut four mittens from black felt.
  • Glue mittens together in pairs.
  • Insert one mitten pair in the end of each sleeve, and glue the sleeve closed.
  • Glue sleeves in place under collar; if needed, pin in place till glue dries.

12. Santa’s hair: Wrap about 120” of white yarn around a 6” wide piece of cardboard. Slip loops off cardboard and tie off with another piece of yarn. Glue tied center to top of Santa’s head. Trim yarn, if needed.

13. Santa’s hat: Roll into a cone a 4”x 4” square of red paper, and glue ends. Glue to Santa’s head. Fold over the point, and glue in place. Glue 1” pom pom to point of hat. Glue large and small snowflake buttons to hat.

14. Glue large snowflake button to Santa’s body.

 DIY Prairie Point Santa

Add a hanger and he’s an ornament!

He’s so cute! If you have extra prairie points left over, go watch the video 5 Ornaments in 5 Minutes and Candie Cooper will show you how to make this ornament.

DIY Paper Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

Paper Pineapple or Pine Cone Ornament by Patty Schaffer.

Go nontraditional and change it up with different papers like Rebekah Meier did when she make these Pink Paper Pineapple Ornaments.

DIY Paper Pine Cone Ornaments

Kathleen George made her Folded Paper Pine Cone Ornaments to look like mini trees, and she used nontraditional colors, too.

DIY Paper Pinecone Tree Ornament

Have you tried making prairie points? What did you make?

Happy crafting!


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17 Responses to Tinsel Tuesdays: How to make a Santa with paper prairie points

  1. Katiria says:

    This looks nice but I don’t have time, it’s too intricate for me 😦

    • Sharon says:

      This is the perfect craft for a night of HGTV, and you could fold and pin while watching Chip and Joanna or the Property Brothers. How is the Belle costume coming along? Thanks for stopping in! xo, Sharon

  2. Santa Claus – what a merry hold soul is he! Isn’t this just the cutest Santa yet. Thank you for sharing, Sharon!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Angie! I’m so happy Debi shared him with us, as I often think I don’t have enough Santa crafts. We could use a little more Santa spirit in the world! happy crafting! Sharon

  3. LisaM6 says:

    What a great Santa! This is on the list of must trys. He is so cute!

    • Sharon says:

      Aww, I’m glad you like him! Debi did a beautiful job and I’m so glad she shared this Santa with us. Are you crafting for Christmas, or upcoming shows? What’s on your craft table? Sharon

  4. OMG! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Santa, the ornaments and the trees! Totally awesome and fun! Definitely adding these to my to do list! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Barb. Have you made prairie point crafts, and did you use fabric or paper? How many Christmas crafts are on your list? Craft on, girl! Sharon

      • I haven’t made any prairie point crafts but I am looking forward to giving it a try! I will definitely be using paper to do it. I have WAY too many projects on my list and I have to get over the pneumonia that has been dogging me for the last 2 months and find out what exactly is going on with my heart.
        At this point I am so exhausted that typing wears me out to the point of needing a nap after a half hour or so. If I don’t start getting answers soon I am going to go to one of the teaching hospitals to be treated.
        Poor Jenna doesn’t understand why I am not able to do as much with her but is such a trooper! She will come in and feel my forehead and tell me I feel hot so I need to take my fever medicine and drink a lot. She covers me up and tucks the blankets around me and then sings me to sleep. I love her so much that at times I feel like my heart is going to burst!
        Enough of this novel! Sorry to take up so much space! Have a great weekend and CRAFT ON!

      • Sharon says:

        It sounds like you’re getting excellent care from a very loving helper! I am so sorry that your recovery is taking so long, and I hope you find answers soon and are back at your craft table! Hugs to you, Barb. xo, Sharon

  5. Deb Kaste says:

    How cute are these! I love the pine cone trees. Will have to try this. Looks like a perfect project while watching tv with my hubby. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      You have the right idea — this is an excellent TV craft! I’m so glad you’re going to try it — please let me know how it goes and share a photo. I’d love to see your prairie point craft, whether it’s Santa or the ornaments. Happy crafting! Sharon

  6. annehaun says:

    i have never made prairie points but want to try them – love the look of the finished product. It is a great scrap buster project!

    • Sharon says:

      So glad you’re going to give this a try! And yes, whether your stash is paper or fabric (or both!), this is a great stash buster. Please let me know what you make with your prairie points! Happy crafting! Sharon

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