Christmas in July: DIY Felt & Pom Pom Tabletop Christmas Trees

Today wraps up Christmas in July, and designer Beth Watson shares her colorful, tabletop Christmas trees made with felt and pom pom trim. These trees are classics, and I love that the supplies are readily available. Why not pair these DIY tabletop trees with the Holiday Pom Pom Wreath? Both are easy enough, and the kids can help out, too. Here’s Beth and her tutorial for these colorful trees.

DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

Funky Christmas Trees by Beth Watson

Good Morning Crafts ‘n Coffee fans and MERRY CHRISTMAS in July!

Beth here on the blog today to share some fun and Funky Christmas Trees created with STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Cones and Expo International Trims, which are both easy to find at your local craft store.  Pick up some felt and wooden candlesticks and you are ready to make these quick and easy trees in just an afternoon or evening.   

To make Funky Christmas Trees, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand foam: One 7” and two 9” cones
  • Expo International trims:
  • Felt, 9” x 12” sheets, one each Kelly green, green pirate green and apple green (Beth used Kunin Eco-fi® Classicfelt™)
  • Wooden candlesticks and finials
  • Spray paint or acrylic craft paints (Beth used a wood tone spray paint)
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors
DIY tabletop Christmas Trees

It’s easy, one-stop shopping for these supplies!

To make Funky Christmas Trees:

1. Following instructions on the can and working in a well ventilated area, apply several light coats of wood tone spray paint to wooden candlesticks and finials.  Set aside to dry. (NOTE: Acrylic craft paint would work as well.)

DIY tabletop Christmas trees

Use your choice of spray paint or a brush-on acrylic craft paint.

2. Cover the cones in felt:

  • Apply a bead of low temp glue along the long edge of the 7” cone and attach to the short edge of the apple green felt.
  • Roll the cone to wrap with felt, gluing as you go.
  • Trim felt along the original straight edge and secure edge with glue.
  • Trim along the top edge, then along the bottom edge.
  • From the scraps, cut a circle to cover the bottom of the cone. Glue in place and trim. Repeat for the top of the cone.
  • Repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4 and cover one 9” cone with pirate green felt and the other with Kelly green felt.

DIY tabletop Christmas trees

Wrap & roll the cone in felt, gluing as you go.

DIY tabletop Christmas trees

Cover the top and bottom of each cone with felt.

3. Wrap the cones in pom pom trim:

  • Note: Don’t cut the trim with each row; you’re going to wrap the cone in a continuous piece.
  • Starting at the back seam, glue a row of pom pom trim around the bottom of the cone; position the trim so the pom poms dangle off the cone.
  • As you complete the row at the back of the cone, slightly curve the bead of low temp glue upwards to start a new row, and then wrap the trim around the cone again.
  • Continue to add rows in this manner till you reach the top.
  • Glue a final row around the very top edge. Cut off at the back seam, and adhere the end to the cone with a dot of low-temp glue.
  • Repeat, wrapping each cone in pom pom trim. Vary the width of the rows to create different looks.
DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

Wrap the cones in a continuous strand of pom pom trim.

(You can mix and match your trims and felt colors. Beth used the smaller pom pom trim on the 7” cone; and wrapped the Kelly green cone with the neon green, pom pom trim and the 9” pirate green cone with the white, pom pom trim.)

4. Assemble your trees and glue a finial to the top of each cone, and glue each cone to a candlestick.

DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

Assemble your cones, adding a finial top and candlestick base.

I hope you will use my Trio of Funky Christmas Trees as a jumping off point to showcase your creativity to make Christmas in July inspired home décor pieces using shapes of STYROFOAM brand foam as a base!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

Go traditional, like Beth did, or change it up.

Thank you, Beth! Be sure to say “hello” to Beth over on her blog. I know that a lot of readers love making snowmen, so you might want to check out Beth’s Vintage Valentine’s Day Snowmen, too.

DIY vintage snowman craft

Vintage, Valentine’s Day Snowmen by Beth Watson

This wraps up Christmas in July with the Expo International design team. I hope you’ve enjoyed the week! Please remember to enter the Christmas in July giveaway, too. Check out the goodies we’re giving away!

I’ll see you next week on Tinsel Tuesday.

Happy crafting!


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18 Responses to Christmas in July: DIY Felt & Pom Pom Tabletop Christmas Trees

  1. CraftyB says:

    Fuzzy and festive!! Nice holiday color!

  2. sllvncookie says:

    I love love this blog you can all way”s find something to do ……………Thank’s so much …

    • Sharon says:

      Awww, you are so sweet, thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Crafts ‘n Coffee and the crafty inspiration! What are you working on now? Anything fun on your craft table? Happy crafting! Sharon

  3. LisaM6 says:

    Love the look of those funky trees. Fun table scape with some of the snowmen shown.

    • Sharon says:

      Absolutely — snowmen and pom poms go with everything! You could make a cute little scene by adding snowmen, and keep it up all winter long. Thanks so much for the idea! Happy crafting, Lisa. so, Sharon

  4. I adore Christmas Trees. These go right along with the pom poms Christmas Wreath we saw yesterday. Pom poms are definitely a retro look, only Sharon gives us an update style! How fun!

  5. So retro, your trees made me smile!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 All thanks go to designer Beth Watson, who is a designer for Expo International and shared these fun trees with us today. I am so glad you like them! Happy crafting! Shaorn

  6. So cute -makes me think of Christmas past when we made all our decorations

    • Sharon says:

      Handmade Christmas decorations are so special and treasured from year to year. I bet you have beautiful memories of your special decorations. Maybe you can add a few more handmade treasures this year. 🙂 Happy crafting! Sharon

  7. Oh boy! I think Miss Jenna likes these! She was sitting on my lap and when she saw these trees she bounded off and is spinning in circles singing about Pom Pom trees! I don’t know how it is possible to love one little being so much without my heart bursting but she is the
    Light of my life! I honestly don’t think I would have made it through this last bout without her in my life and heart!
    Hope your weekend weather report is as amazing as ours is supposed to be! It looks like it should be all sunshine and roses here! I plan to take a good book, cold drink and sit in my hammock in the shade and just be!
    See you next week for Tinsel Tuesday! (((HUGS))) from Jenna and me! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Awww, what a delightful sweetie she is! I hope the two of you get to make these trees — I wonder what colors Jenna would choose? It’s a gorgeous day here, too, and I hope you’re swinging in the hammock today! Enjoy, and happy crafting to both of you. Sharon

  8. annehaun says:

    Cute trees – love all the pom poms.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Aren’t these fun? It’s like pom pom mania with Beth’s Topiaries and Debra’s Wreath! Glad you like them! Happy crafting! Sharon

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