Tinsel Tuesday: DIY a cozy, Felt Leaf Christmas Cone

Can you ever have too many tabletop Christmas trees? Sweet little cones to tuck in here and there, display in a corner, showcase on a tabletop, or wherever you need a little holiday cheer? No, I didn’t think so! So, here’s another one for your collection – a DIY Felt Leaf Christmas Cone. I thought I’d share this one now, because cutting out the felt leaves could seem daunting during the Christmas season. Summertime is the time to make this Felt Leaf Christmas Cone, and in a few months, you’ll love how it looks in its special little nook.

DIY rustic felt Christmas cones

DIY rustic felt Christmas cones

Where would you display these cozy little cones?

To make a Felt Leaf Christmas Cone, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 9” cone (or other size of your choice)
  • Felt, ¼ yd., in cream or other color of your choice
  • Birch round, 3” – 4” dia.
  • Twigs, eight
  • Stick, ½” dia.
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; knippers; serrated knife

To make a Felt Leaf Christmas Cone:

1. Glue a 1” x 12” felt strip around the bottom edge of the cone of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

2. Using pattern, cut out approximately 170 felt leaves.

3. Starting along the bottom edge of the cone, glue on a row of leaves, slightly overlapping each leaf by about 1/8”. Each leaf should point down, with the curved end up.

DIY rustic felt Christmas tree cones

On each new row, position the point on each leaf so it is between the two leaves below.

4. Add a second row of leaves, and position each leaf so the point is between the two leaves in the first row. Repeat, adding rows of leaves around the cone till the cone is covered.

5. Assemble the star:

  • For each star, you’ll need: Seven, 1″ twigs; a 3″ twig; and two, ½” circles of cream felt.
  • Place a generous dot of glue on one felt circle.
  • Place the ends of the twigs so that they are touching each other at the center of the circle, and position the 3” twig at the bottom.
  • Glue a second felt circle on top.
  • Let glue dry.

6. Cut a 3″ x ½” diameter stick for the tree trunk. Be sure that one end is perfectly straight across so that the tree will stand straight.

7. Glue the straight end of the stick to the center of the birch round. Double check that the trunk is straight before the glue dries.

8. Assemble the tree:

  • Using the point of a serrated knife, carve out a small, ½” x ½” hole in the bottom center of the cone.
  • Add glue to the hole in the bottom of the cone, and insert the trunk.
  • Check to be sure the tree stands straight, and adjust if needed.
  • Add a dab of glue at top of cone, and insert the 3” end of the twig star into the cone.
DIY rustic felt Christmas Cones

The twig stars and birch bark bases add a rustic touch.

If you’d like to add a few more tabletop trees to your collection, check out these Scalloped Felt Christmas Cones.

DIY Scalloped Felt Christmas Cones

Scalloped Felt Christmas Cones

For a completely different look, fashion your felt and lace trims into a trio of Vintage Felt & Lace Christmas Trees. There are so many ways to personalize these pretty cones.

DIY Vintage Style Christmas Cones

Vintage Felt & Lace Christmas Tree

What’s in your collection of tabletop trees?

Happy crafting!



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8 Responses to Tinsel Tuesday: DIY a cozy, Felt Leaf Christmas Cone

  1. All these pretty Christmas trees should make everyone cool off in this summer heatwave we are experiencing. I think that crafters of any age could make today’s project. Of course, little fingers would need some assistance from Mom, Aunt, or Grandma. Thank you for sharing, Sharon!

    • Sharon says:

      We’ll have to remember this heat when it’s Christmastime, Angie! Here’s an idea — if you’ve planned a summertime family reunion, you could put out all of these materials on a table, and have everyone make their own tree. Each tree would be different, and everyone would take home a memory from the reunion! Thanks for stopping by. Sharon

  2. LisaM6 says:

    What neat trees. So many different styles to choose from.

    • Sharon says:

      So glad you like them — do you have a favorite? I bet you’ve started your Christmas crafting already — what are you working on, Lisa? Happy crafting! Sharon

  3. These are all great but I especially love the first one! Lots of leaves to cut but I am thinking that I might finally figure out how to use my Scan n cut machine and let it do all the cutting for me! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      Oooh, excellent strategy! This would be the perfect way to trial your new machine. I don’t have an electronic cutting machine and I’d love to know how it works for you. Please share with us how it goes! Thanks, and happy crafting! Sharon

  4. Anne Haun says:

    Love all fo these cute little trees – thanks for sharing.

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