Southern Living Inspired Moss & Flowers Wreath

Patty Schaffer returns today to share another beautiful, DIY wreath (Patty recently shared with us her Spring Magnolia Wreath and Easter Egg & Spring Blossoms Wreath). The March issue of Southern Living features an elegant Moss Wreath made with moss and real azaleas. Lovely, but alas, the azaleas won’t last long. Patty took matters in hand and recreated her own everlasting Moss & Flowers Wreath, made with an appealing mix of mosses and springtime silk flowers. Patty’s Moss & Flowers Wreath is stunning, and you can enjoy it for a long, long time.

DIY Moss & Flowers Wreath

Moss & Flowers Wreath by Patty Schaffer.

DIY Spring Moss & Flowers Wreath

The different varieties and colors of moss add a lot of interest to the wreath.

To make a Moss & Flowers Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath
  • Moss rolls, two
  • Mixed moss, 1 bag
  • Reindeer moss in light green, two bags
  • Silk flowers & berries, assorted
  • Ribbon
  • Wire, 22-gauge, in green
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Heavy-duty scissors; wire cutters

To make a Moss & Flowers Wreath:

1. Cut 3” lengths of wire and bend in half to make u-pins.

2. Using heavy-duty scissors, cut the moss roll to the lengths needed to cover the inside, outside and front face of the wreath. Attach the moss to the wreath with the wire u-pins. This doesn’t need to be perfect and it’s o.k. if there are gaps – you’ll cover the wreath later with moss and flowers.

How to DIY a Moss Wreath

Cover the outside edge, inside edge, and front with the roll of moss. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

3. Glue reindeer moss onto the wreath. Mix in moss from the variety pack to add different textures and colors. Completely cover about 2/3 of the wreath with the moss, and leave the lower 1/3 uncovered.

How to DIY a Moss Wreath

Glue the moss to the wreath, adding in the different types for contrast. You can see that any gaps in the moss roll are o.k., as you will cover these now.

4. In the lower, uncovered portion of the wreath, determine how you’d like to arrange the flowers, berries and leaves. Trim stems as needed. Anchor the stems in place by inserting them into the wreath, and by using u-pins and glue.

DIY Moss & Spring Flowers Wreath

Arrange and add flowers to the lower 1/3 of the wreath.

5. Glue a few lengths of ribbon among the flowers.

6. Knot together ends of a 12” length of ribbon. Pin and glue the ribbon to the back of the wreath for a hanger.

DIY a Moss & Spring Flowers Wreath

These are everlasting flowers, and the blooms will never fade or wilt!

DIY Moss & Flowers Wreath

If you like, you can change out the flowers for different seasons and holidays.

Here’s Patty’s original inspiration from Southern Living. I couldn’t find this exact wreath on the Southern Living web site, however, there is a Christmas Moss Wreath. You could do the same thing with Patty’s Moss Wreath, and change out the flowers for different seasons.

Moss & Azaleas Wreath from Southern Living magazine.

You’ll find this Moss & Azalea Wreath in the March issue of Southern Living. (Photo courtesy of Southern Living)

It seems like everyone likes moss crafts, and if you do, too, don’t miss this round up.

DIY Moss Crafts

I’m sure Patty would love to hear from you, and you can always get in touch with her over at her etsy shop, ps it’s in the details.

I’ll have more wreath talk on Friday, and a little giveaway, too . . .

Happy crafting!


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14 Responses to Southern Living Inspired Moss & Flowers Wreath

  1. CraftyB says:

    Beautiful spring wreath! Love it!

  2. Angie Anderson Dyer says:

    What a beautiful Spring-time Moss Wreath! Everyone has their favorite colors and mine is pink. Using actual plants, I have to agree that the flowers would quickly wilt. Having the option to use the silk flowers creates a wreath to be utilized for years, instead of just a few days. I like the blend of colors and textures. Showing the photos and each step along the way makes this a fun and easy project. Happy crafting!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment today. I’m a big fan of pink, too, Angie — it’s such a happy color! (In fact, I’m wearing it right now.) Happy crafting! Sharon

  3. Aunt Sue says:

    Beautiful wreath Patty! I love the pearl berries!

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. Anne Haun says:

    Love this wreath!!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Anne. Patty’s makes beautiful wreaths — I first “met” Patty when I followed up on one of her wreaths that I saw on Pinterest. No surprise that she works with plants and flowers in a greenhouse, is it? Happy crafting!

  6. I absolutely love creating with moss! Many people don’t realize how many projects look awesome using it and I especially love it for rustic projects! I am totally in love with this moss and flowers wreath!
    I am working on a project using moss right now and will share it when it is finished.
    Thanks for even more inspiration and have a wonderful week!

    • Sharon says:

      You’re so right, Barb. It adds a beautiful, natural rustic touch to projects. I love the variety and colors, too — it’s a beautiful way to add interest and texture. Now, I can’t wait to see what you’re creating! Please do share a photo! Craft on! Sharon

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