Mother’s Day Craft: DIY a Faux Concrete Succulent Planter

Nobody needs more work, especially moms, right? This easy Mother’s Day craft is made with faux succulents, so nobody has to keep one more thing alive. The faux concrete planter is super easy for you to DIY, too. When I painted my Faux Concrete Eggs, I painted an extra egg for this Faux Concrete Succulent Planter. If there are others in your life who can use an easy-care “thank you” gift, you might want to paint a few extra eggs, too.

DIY Faux Concrete Succulent Planter

Making this faux, concrete planter is easy, and the faux succulents are easy-care, too.

To make a Faux Concrete Succulent Planter, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • 5” egg
    • Block, cube or other scrap piece
  • Faux succulents, 3 – 5 stems (the number will depend on the size)
  • Folk Art Faux Concrete Finish
  • Acrylic craft paint in pink, or other color of your choice
  • Mod Podge
  • Low-temp glue gun or thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Serrated knife; bar of soap or old candle; painter’s tape; wood skewer; stiff bristle paintbrush; wire knippers
DIY Faux Concrete Succulent Planter

I used pink for my color blocking, and you can substitute any color you choose.

To make a Faux Concrete Succulent Planter:

1. Wax the serrated knife blade with a bar of soap or an old candle. Cut a small slice from the wide end of the eggs, so that it will stand.

2. Insert a skewer in the flat end of the egg and use it as a handle.

3. Brush on a coat of Mod Podge and let dry. Insert the wood skewer into a foam cube or block to hold the egg upright while it dries.

4. Tape off a portion of the egg for color blocking. Be sure the edges of the painter’s tape are secure and sealed.

DIY Faux Concrete Eggs

This is how I painted my Faux Concrete Eggs. If you’re making the planter, you will cut a slice from the wide end of the egg first, before painting. Insert the skewer into the flat end of the egg.

5. Following the instructions on the package, brush on the base coat of the concrete finish. Before it dries, dab on and blend the darker top coat. Let dry.

6. Remove the painter’s tape, and brush on acrylic craft paint in the unmasked areas.

7. Trim succulent stems to about 1-1/2”. Insert and arrange in the top of the egg. When you’re pleased with the arrangement, remove each stem, squeeze glue in each hole, and then place the stem back in the hole.

 DIY Faux Concrete Succulent Planter.

You might make these planters for favorite teachers, too.

If you need more crafty ideas for Mom, then take a peek at this round up of 35+ DIY ideas for Mother’s Day.

DIY Mother's Day crafts

Mother's Day craft for kids

Sneak peek!

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week, and a lot of these ideas would also make a wonderful “thank you” gift for a favorite teacher. Whatever your plans for next week, be sure to say “thank you” to the hard-working teachers in your life!

Here’s a little preview . . . Wait till you see the cute craft idea that the littles can make for Mom. See you Friday!

Happy crafting.


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21 Responses to Mother’s Day Craft: DIY a Faux Concrete Succulent Planter

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  4. Katiria says:

    I love those ideas for teachers because they love to have beautiful decorations in their classrooms

    • Sharon says:

      And nobody deserves a bigger “thank you” than teachers! It’s a hard job! Are you planning to DIY teacher gifts this year? Craft on, Katiria! xo, Sharon

  5. I absolutely love this! I think Jenna and I will have to make a couple for her teachers! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      Yay! Jenna might have fun masking off the egg in different patterns, too, and of course, she’d get to use her favorite colors for the accents. I’m so glad you like it! It’s great when an easy DIY turns out. Happy crafting! Sharon

  6. Angie Anderson Dyer says:

    Love these Succulent Planters! Succulents are so very easy to grow. It is actually hard to kill them. This one is so fun and easy to make. I particularly like that children can assist making for Moms, Aunts, or Grandmas. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 My outdoor succulents do o.k., but I’ve been known to kill the indoor ones that require some care! I love that these faux succulents look so real and no green thumb is needed! You’re right — this is a fun one that kids can help with, too. Always love that! Thanks so much, Angie. Sharon

  7. Debbie Kaste says:

    What a clever idea. Love it!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Debbie. It’s easy enough that you could churn out multiples, too. Who doesn’t need to have a few quick gifts on hand, right? Happy crafting! Sharon

  8. Anne Haun says:

    Lovely planter.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Thank you, Anne. So glad you like it! Making the planter is super easy, and bonus — the faux succulents look real but need no care. Yay! Craft on! Sharon

  9. Reblogged this on Crafty Boutique By Tam and commented:
    So Awesome. I just had to share!!! =) Enjoy

  10. That is amazing. So creative. I just love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing. =)

  11. Tabi Bee says:

    Agh this is so beautiful!! ❤ Lovely DIY xx

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for such a sweet comment. I’m so glad you like it. It’s a super-easy project — I hope you’ll give it a go. Happy crafting! Sharon

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