Get the whole family in on this DIY Easter Egg Wreath

I think Patty Schaffer’s DIY Easter Egg Wreath is the prettiest one yet! It’s a super-fast wreath to DIY, and a fun family activity, too. As the family gathers ‘round this holiday weekend, ask each family member to decorate an egg for the wreath. The plain white, plastic eggs are like mini canvases, each one a masterpiece in waiting. When the decorating is done, arrange the eggs on the wreath and you’ll have a family heirloom to enjoy for years to come. Let’s get “crackin'” on this Easter Egg & Spring Blossoms Wreath.

DIY easy Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg & Spring Blossoms Wreath by Patty Schaffer.

How to DIY a customized Easter Egg Wreath on

Make this wrath a family project, and have each person decorate his or her own egg. Use favorite colors and designs, and even add your autograph!

DIY Easter Egg Wreath easy

Patty always has a pretty wreath hanging on her chalkboard at home.

To make an Easter Egg & Spring Blossoms Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath
  • Plastic decorating eggs in white (these were from WalMart*)
  • Fabric, 10” x 45” strip
  • Gouache paints, acrylic craft paint, permanent markers, or egg dye kit
  • Faux spring silks: Pussy willow branches and flowering cherry branches
  • Reindeer moss
  • Ribbon (for hanging)
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; straight pins; wire cutters

*These inexpensive, plastic eggs are sold in a cardboard egg carton, and made specifically for decorating. They do not open and are not fillable.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Look at how those colors pop!

To make an Easter Egg & Spring Blossoms Wreath:

1. Gather the family and decorate the eggs. If using egg dye, follow the instructions on the package. Or, paint the eggs with acrylic craft paints or gouache paints (Patty used gouache paints). You can also draw your designs with permanent markers.

How to make an easy Easter Egg Wreath

Wrap your fabric strip around the wreath of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, and pin the fabric in place on the back of the wreath.

2. Loosely wrap the fabric strip around the wreath of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. As you wrap the fabric around the wreath, pin the fabric to the back of the wreath. Continue till the wreath is completely covered.

3. Arrange the cherry blossom branches and pussy willow branches where the fabric ends meet on the wreath. Trim branches as needed to create a pleasing arrangement. Glue branches in place.

4. Add moss in and around the branches; be sure to cover any visible hot glue.

DIY spring Easter Egg Wreath

Such happy colors!

5. Arrange eggs around the moss and branches. When pleased with the arrangement, glue the eggs in place.

6. If you like, add more cherry blossoms, pussy willows, and moss to fill in the arrangement.

7. Thread ribbon through the wreath for a hanger.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

I hope Patty will share a few more wreaths with us!

No matter what your faith or traditions are, I wish you a warm and happy weekend surrounded by good friends and family! Enjoy!

Happy crafting!


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22 Responses to Get the whole family in on this DIY Easter Egg Wreath

  1. CraftyB says:

    Although Easter is over, I do love the wreath. You could add more flowers or robin’s eggs to take the place of the Easter eggs and, voila, a spring wreath.

    • Sharon says:

      Love this idea! Thank you! You’re right, switching up the eggs and flowers would make this a spring wreath you could display for a long while. Happy crafting! Sharon

  2. WOW! that is really beautiful! Happy Easter 🙂

  3. LisaM6 says:

    Wonderful Spring Wreath.
    Happy Easter 🐰🐣🐇

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! I love the bright colors against the white fabric Patty used. We had a beautiful weekend here, and I hope you did, too. And maybe the bunny stopped by your house? Happy crafting! Sharon

  4. Angie Anderson Dyer says:

    Beautiful! I really like that the entire family can help create this Spring or Easter Wreath. Your directions always break down the steps into easy to follow directions and pictures. Happy Easter!

    • Sharon says:

      I’m glad you find them easy to follow, thank you! I always want to keep it fun — who needs frustrating! May you have a beautiful Easter! Sharon

  5. Wow!how pretty!makes me happy to look at it!

  6. So cool! I wish my hubby and sons would participate but that is an impossible dream! Maybe the grands and I will do this without the old fuddy-duddies! Who needs them? LOL
    Hope you have a Happy Easter! 🙂🙃🙂

    • Sharon says:

      It’s a plan, Barb! Let them do their “guy things” and you and the grands decorate your eggs! I hope your weekend is full of little ones, egg hunts, and chocolate bunnies! (And this wreath, of course!) Happy Easter to you and yours! Sharon

  7. Mary Ellen Mandeville says:

    This DIY Easter wreath is simply AMAZING! I want to try making one just like it to save for next Easter.

    • Sharon says:

      I know, I fell in love with it, too! I’m so glad Patty has inspired you to DIY your own — please let us know how it goes! Happy crafting, Sharon

  8. sllvncookie says:

    This is one prettyst wreaths I have seen love love it Wish I could make one it’s look’s easy Simple & easy Thank’s so much for showing it “Happy Easter””

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, and Happy Easter to you and your family. Save this one for next year — and maybe you can even find a few eggs on sale on Monday! Happy crafting, Sharon

  9. Anne Haun says:

    So elegant – love this wreath.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Isn’t it gorgeous! When Patty shared it with me, I knew I had to share it with you! Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend. Sharon

  10. Katiria says:

    I love the elegant wreath.
    Thanks Sharon,
    Wishing all of you a bright and joyful weekend 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Debbie Kaste says:

    What an adorable wreath. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

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