DIY a too-cute Water Bottle Chick (look at that hair-do!)

Here’s a fun spring craft idea for the kids – repurpose a plastic water bottle and make this Water Bottle Chick. From his crazy hair to his wiggle eyes and bright orange feet, he’s goofy fun that kids will love! Designer Linda Valentino made today’s Water Bottle Chick, and she also shared the Silly Sock Bunny a few weeks ago. It’s getting to look like a barnyard around here! (Don’t forget to enter the Spring Craft Giveaway!)


To make a Water Bottle Chick you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 2-1/2” ball
  • Water bottle, about 4-1/2” tall (Linda used an Aqua Ball™)
  • Acrylic craft paint in yellow
  • Foamie sheets in yellow, orange and red
  • Felt, small piece in white
  • Wiggle eyes, 10mm, two
  • Feather boa or a feather in yellow, 1” piece
  • Ribbon, 5/8” wide
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; stiff paintbrush

To make a Water Bottle Chick:

  1. Paint water bottle yellow, let dry, and paint again. You’ll need at least two coats to cover.
  1. Push foam ball onto the neck of the water bottle. Remove the ball, add a little glue in the impression, and place back on the water bottle. Paint yellow and let dry.
  1. Using patterns:
  • Cut belly from white felt and glue to the chick’s front.
  • Cut feet and beaks from the orange foamie, and glue to chick.
  • Cut two cheeks from red foamie and glue to face.
  • Cut two wings from yellow foamie, and glue to the chick’s sides.
  1. Glue ribbon around neck. Tie a small bow, and glue to the ribbon.
  1. Glue a 1” tuft of feather boa or feathers to the chick’s head.


This little Yarn Chick is pretty cute, too.

DIY Yarn Chick Easter craft

Wrap up this cutie with leftover yarn.

Rebekah Meier joins us later this week to share one of her beautiful, heirloom spring crafts, so be sure to stop in again on Friday.

Check out the Spring Craft Giveaway, too!

spring craft giveaway

Happy crafting!


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20 Responses to DIY a too-cute Water Bottle Chick (look at that hair-do!)

  1. sllvncookie says:

    This soooo cute wonderful idea Thank’s so much for showing us how make one,,,…

  2. Angie Anderson Dyer says:

    This new chick is full of personality! The hair is really styling on this chick. I am thinking this would be a super fun craft with my nieces before Easter. They are off on Spring Break the week before and most of the craft items I have on hand. This will be an easy craft that looks adorable. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sharon says:

      Fun plans, Angie! I’d love to know how their Water Bottle Chicks turn out — I bet each one will have a special personality! Enjoy the fun, crafty times! Sharon

  3. Deb Kaste says:

    The water bottle chick is so cute! Thanks for sharing a great idea.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 She’s so fun, isn’t she? You could even have the kids add extra embellishments — buttons, bows, maybe even a hat. Thanks for the comment. Sharon

  4. Evelyn says:

    Thanks for the idea,really cool for Easter.

  5. LisaM6 says:

    Too cute. I need a duck one for my kids as they call me a duck. Lol

    • Sharon says:

      Lol! I think you could easily make this into a duck, don’t you, by changing out the size and shape of the beak and feet? I think we need your kids’ input for this one! Sharon

  6. Anne Haun says:

    Wow what a cute idea!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! I think kids would have a blast with these little chicks – both in making them, and then playing with them. Happy crafting! Sharon

  7. Katiria says:

    I’m amazed at the constant cuteness you provide here. Thanks so much!!

    • Sharon says:

      I think we could all use a little more cute in our lives, don’t you? Especially when it’s made by kids! Be sure to bookmark this cuteness — I think you may a little one who would love to make a Water Bottle Chick in another year or two. Happy crafting! Sharon

  8. OMG! This is totally adorable! I am going to see if we have some of these water bottles in the recycle bin o Jenna and I can make this! Jenna says that she wants one of these and asked if we can make him right now! LOL Guess she agrees with me that it is adorable! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      Sounds like crafty times are ahead! If you don’t have this specific shape and brand of bottle, no worries. I think you could easily use other shapes and sizes — just like people, right? With a few tweaks, you could even make this little chick into a bunny. Happy crafting, and let us know how your chicks turn out! Sharon

  9. Tabi Bee says:

    Such a sweet little DIY! Cute chick 😉 ❤

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