DIY a jumbo Minky Carrot Swag for your spring door décor!

I had a pile of leftover, bright orange minky fabric after making my No-Sew Minky Pumpkins last year. What do you do with leftover, bright orange minky fabric?? DIY a Jumbo, Minky Carrot Door Swag, of course! I remember making Easter bunny traps with boxes and carrots when I was a kid, and surprise, I never did catch that bunny. However, perhaps this bright, super-sized Minky Carrot Door Décor will get his attention and he’ll swing by with a big basket of chocolate! A girl can dream, right?

DIY Spring craft idea carrot door hanger

To make a Minky Carrot Door Hanger, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” x 4” cone
  • Minky fabric in orange, ½ yd.
  • Wired burlap ribbon in green and natural (mine had pink polka dots)
  • Twine
  • Floral wire
  • Chenille stem
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; tape

To make a Minky Carrot Door Hanger:

1. Wrap the cone in minky fabric:

  • Cut a trapezoid from minky fabric measuring 13” wide at the top, 6” wide at the bottom, and 18” long.
  • Wrap fabric around the cone, positioning cone on the fabric so that it extends 3” beyond the top or wide end of the cone.
  • Pin and glue the fabric to the back of the cone, and trim excess fabric down the length of the cone.
  • At the tip, trim excess fabric leaving about ½” – ¾” extra fabric.
  • Glue excess fabric to the tip.
DIY spring craft idea carrot door decor

Wrap the cone in minky fabric.

2. Cut five, 12” lengths of green, wired burlap ribbon. Tape one end on each piece with tape, forming a point. Poke five holes in the top of the carrot with scissors or other pointed tool. Squeeze glue into the holes, and insert the taped end of each ribbon length into each hole.

DIY spring craft idea Carrot Door Swag

Insert and glue a burlap “leaf” in each hole.

3. Gather the fabric up and around the top of the carrot, and secure with a length of twine tied tight around the carrot greens.

DIY spring craft idea Jumbo Carrot Door Swag

Gather and tie off the minky fabric with a length of twine.

4. Shape natural burlap ribbon into a bow, and secure with floral wire in the center. Glue a strip of ribbon around the center. Glue bow to front of carrot.

5. Twist together ends of a 4” length of chenille stem, forming a loop. Poke a hole in the back of the carrot, add glue, and insert the hanger.

DIY spring craft idea Carrot Door Hanger

The bunny cannot miss this jumbo, bright orange carrot hanging on your front door!

Designer Debra Quartermain made her jumbo carrots with felt, and she added a few of the sweetest little bunnies, too.

Sleep Tight, Bitsy Bunny

DIY spring craft idea bunny and carrot felt foam

Sleep Tight Bitsy Bunny by Debra Quartermain

Three Baby Bunnies & One Very Large Carrot

DIY spring craft idea bunny and carrot felt foam

Three Baby Bunnies & a Very Large Carrot by Debra Quartermain

Here are a few more carrot crafts, too.

Does anyone else remember making bunny traps with boxes and carrots?

Happy carrot crafting!


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18 Responses to DIY a jumbo Minky Carrot Swag for your spring door décor!

  1. CraftyB says:

    What’s up doc??? The carrot will look great and cheery for Easter!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! It does add a lot of color to these gray days! I am wondering if I should add a few more and make a garland or a bunch of carrots? Hmm . . . Happy crafting! Sharon

  2. When we lived in the country as a kid we would leave boxes and carrots out for rabbits all the time! Most of the time we either fell asleep waiting for a rabbit to come by or totally forgot about them after we went away from them for a while! LOL
    I love the baby bunnies with giant carrot! Totally adorable! I know Jenna will love it when I show her on Tuesday! She is on a carrot kick right now and has named me Carrots and she is Peas! She won’t answer me unless I call her Peas! SO funny! Have a great weekend!

    • Sharon says:

      What a funny story — thanks so much for sharing, Mrs. Carrots! I bet Jenna will insist that you add one of these adorable carrots to your craft list! Hugs to your Sweet Peas! Craft on! Sharon

  3. LisaM6 says:

    My dogs might decide to jump up and eat the carrot. Putting the bunnies on the carrot reminds me of Easter as a kid. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Funny! I had a dog who did that once — we put a big carrot nose on a snowman, and before you knew it, the snowman lost his nose to the dog! He was a big, golden retriever mix and a sweetie. The little pup we have now doesn’t venture out in the snow unless he absolutely has to! Thanks for stopping in today, Lisa.

  4. Angie Anderson Dyer says:

    What a fun, whimsical carrot you have created. I really like the ones with the bunnies added. It gives a great spring or Easter feel to a front door. With this March weather in like a lion, at this point this is not a weather proof item, so should not be exposed directly to the severe weather. This would also be cute in miniature sizes for place settings during a special dinner. Thank you!

    • Sharon says:

      March sure did come in with a roar, Angie! We had snow, hail, rain, wind and tornadoes all in one day! Excellent point about keeping this carrot protected from wild weather like that. Thank you for your sweet suggestion, too — these would be adorable in miniature on the Easter table. Happy crafting! Sharon

  5. Anne Haun says:

    Adorable carrot project!! Yes, I remember making bunny traps. We used shoe boxes and real carrots! Fun times!

    • Sharon says:

      How many bunnies did you catch? 🙂 I think we used the same traps you did, and you propped up the box with a stick, right? Fun, indeed. Happy crafting! Sharon

  6. Donna says:

    Too cute!!!

  7. Espirational says:

    Cute carrots! Love the ones with the baby bunnies!

  8. Katiria says:

    When I have left over orange from Halloween I save it for Thanksgiving. I’ve never made bunny traps, but I did make a leprechaun trap with my son when he was little. I’m looking forward to doing the same with my daughter.

    • Sharon says:

      Great idea! Now, what can I do for Thanksgiving with the rest of my orange minky fabric?? Any suggestions?? Love your fun plans for St. Patrick’s Day. The leprechaun leaves behind a stash of chocolate coins, right? 🙂 Craft on, Katiria! Sharon

  9. How cute -love the carott and bunnies

    • Sharon says:

      Aren’t those little bunnies the sweetest, Lisa? Debra works magic when she designs her little critters — and Debra is as charming as her creations! Happy Easter crafting! Sharon

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