A Chinese New Year’s craft for the Year of the Rooster

The Chinese New Year on January 28 ushers in the Year of the Rooster. According to Chinese astrology, it’s a year in which loyalty, hard work, family, and looking good will matter. Today I have a Rooster craft the kids can make to explore new cultures and holiday traditions, and to celebrate the year of the Rooster. Check out his flashy, bright blue tail – I think this Rooster is already “looking good”!


To make a Rooster, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • One 3” egg
    • Two, 3” x 2” cones
  • Acrylic craft paints in gold, burnt orange, tan
  • Craft foamie scraps in red
  • Chenille stems, three in tan
  • Feathers, five large and four small in blue (or other color of your choice)
  • Wiggle eyes, two 10mm
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; paintbrush; toothpicks; plastic knife

To make a Rooster:

1. Make the head and the beak:

  • Measure down 1-1/4” from the top of one cone and cut off the tip. The tip is the beak, and the bottom is the head.
  • Round the top of the head by shaping the cut edges with your fingers.
  • Make small, ½” cuts around the bottom of the head, and round them with your fingers to form scallops.
  • Using fingers, form an indentation in the bottom of the head so that it will fit on the narrow end of the egg.
  • Break a toothpick in half, dip ends in glue, and then pick and glue the head to the narrow end of the egg.
  • Dip ends of a toothpick half in glue and pick and glue the beak to the head.
DIY rooster for the Chinese New Year.

The base of the tail is a 2″ cone, cut on the diagonal so it fits snugly against the body.

2. Tail: You’ll cut off the base of the second cone on an angle, so it fits snugly against the body. Measure down 2” from the point, and then draw a diagonal line across the cone from this point to the bottom of the cone. Cut on this line and use the larger piece for the tail. Use fingers to shape the cut side so it fits snugly on the egg. With the point up, pick and glue the cone piece to the back of the rooster.

3. Paint the rooster’s body burnt orange; the head gold; and the beak tan. Let dry completely.

4. Cut crown and wattles from red foamie and glue to head. Glue on the eyes.

5. Glue on the feathers:

  • One small feather on each side (wings)
  • One large feather to bottom of tail
  • Two large on top of the tail
  • One large on each side of tail
  • One small on each side of tail to cover the seam
  • Bend large feathers down on ends.

6. Make the feet:

  • Bend a chenille stem 2-1/2” from end. This is the leg.
  • Make four, 1” folds, forming three toes.
  • Wrap end around toes to secure.
  • Bend ends up for legs.
  • Cut a 3” piece from the second chenille stem and bend in half; twist around ankle to form the back toe.
  • Repeat for second foot.
  • Dip end of leg in glue and insert into body.

7. Arrange toes so rooster will stand.

DIY Rooster for a Chinese New Year craft

Kids will enjoy making this rooster just about any time of year!

Linda Valentino shared this Rooster with us. The Chinese Dragon Puppet Kathleen George shared a few years ago is also amazing! The kids will love it, but will definitely need an adult to help them make it.

DIY Chinese Dragon Puppet

Do you have plans to celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Happy crafting!



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18 Responses to A Chinese New Year’s craft for the Year of the Rooster

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  2. Reblogged this on Smile Circulation and commented:
    Great family craft ideas

  3. This is adorable! Be sure to submit it to Fun Family Crafts if you haven’t already. We’d love to feature it! Such a pleasure meeting you at Creativation. I’m glad you recognized me and took the time to say hello. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      I was so happy to meet you, too, Cindy! I hope your family enjoyed their stay in Phoenix. Thank you for the reminder — I just submitted the Rooster to Fun Family Crafts. Happy crafting! Sharon

  4. We don’t celebrate the Chinese New Year but I am pretty sure that we will be making both of these awesome projects! I adore the dragon and the rooster blows my mind! When Jenna gets home from school today she is going to go bananas over these!
    Glad you had a chance to meet up with Debra at CHA! Have a great day!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Barb, and I hope you have an awesome day, too! I know you’ll have fun once that little girl gets home . . . Keep me posted on your crafty fun! 🙂 Sharon

  5. Angie Dyer says:

    A friend has roosters all over her kitchen. Yes, she lives on a farm and they do raise chickens. This rooster is unique and would be something fun to add to her collection. The Chinese Dragon looks to be a lot of fun for children as well as adults! Thank you, Sharon!

    • Sharon says:

      Wouldn’t this be a fun surprise for your friend — let me know if you DIY one for her. I agree — the Chinese Dragon Puppet is incredible! Thanks, Angie, and happy crafting! Sharon

  6. Debbie Kaste says:

    Love the rooster and Chinese dragon. Just adorable! Hope to go out to dinner soon to celebrate the New Year.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 You are reading my mind and perhaps we’ll enjoy a Chinese meal, too, this weekend. So glad you like these celebratory crafts, and thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  7. Both are stinkin’ cute! The bright colors will help with the winter doldrums, too!

  8. Anne Haun says:

    I am not very familiar with the Chinese New Year customs – must read up on this. Love that rooster!

    • Sharon says:

      Don’t you love that crafting can help you explore the world? There are fascinating customs associated with the Chinese New Year, and there might even be a celebration near you. Enjoy! Sharon

  9. Katiria says:

    We rarely do anything to celebrate Chinese New Year. One time we did make a snake using egg cartons but this year, we just drew roosters on the party hats we made on New Year’s Eve. Thanks for the rooster craft 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      I love that you made your own New Year’s Eve party hats, and then repurposed them for the Chinese New Year! That’s a lot of creative, family fun. I’m not sure what we’ll do either, but perhaps we’ll get Chinese carryout . . . Happy crafting & happy new year! Sharon

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