How to make an Ornament Wreath (and don’t forget the giveaway!)

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a pretty Christmas Ornament Wreath, and I’m excited to have Patty Schaffer share her DIY Ornament Wreath with us today. If you’ve always wanted to make an Ornament Wreath, take a peek at Patty’s tutorial – it’s three easy steps! You can DIY this Ornament Wreath in an evening, and it would be a fun project for a Girl’s Night Out. Don’t panic about the number of ornaments required. I checked out the Dollar Tree and you can buy all of the ornaments you’ll need for about $10 – $12. (Remember to enter the Crafts ‘n Cocoa giveaway, too.)

Super easy. Just three steps to make your own Ornament Wreath!

To make a Christmas Ornament Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath
  • Fabric to coordinate with your ornaments, ½ yd.
  • Ornaments:
    • 48mm (just under 2”), seven dozen
    • 25mm (about 1”), six dozen
  • Chenille stem
  • Low-temp glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; straight pins; optional: rotary cutter and cutting mat

To make a Christmas Ornament Wreath:

  1. Cut the fabric into 2” strips. Wrap the wreath in fabric, pinning and gluing the ends of each strip to the back of the wreath.
  1. Place the wreath flat on a tabletop. Sort your ornaments, and use the larger ornaments first. Arrange and glue the ornaments around the outside and inside edges. Cover the front of the wreath next. Layer on the smaller ornaments to fill in any gaps.
  1. Twist together the ends of a 4” length of chenille stem to create a hanger. Insert and glue the hanger to the center back of the wreath. Let glue dry before hanging.
Pretty! Easy to make, too. Christmas Ornament Wreath DIY on

What color ornaments would you use to make your Christmas Ornament Wreath?

Here’s another pretty Christmas wreath Patty shared with us a few years ago.

Red & White Christmas Ribbon Loop Wreath

Both of these wreaths can be made in your favorite colors for Christmas. What’s your Christmas color scheme this year?

Another reminder to enter the Crafts & Cocoa Giveaway by midnight on Thursday, November 10. The giveaway includes:

  • Crafts ‘n Coffee wintertime mug
  • Hot cocoa samples
  • $25 gift card to your choice of Michaels, Jo-Ann Stores or Hobby Lobby.

Here’s how to enter.

Happy crafting!


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16 Responses to How to make an Ornament Wreath (and don’t forget the giveaway!)

  1. JULES says:

    Hi love the wreathes!, i make one every Christmas for my parents grave, thanks for the inspiration think will make a multi colored one this time,

  2. Angie Dyer says:

    Do not try this at home: I attempted to make an ornament wreath in the past. It was not successful. It involved bending a coat hanger into a wreath shape and using the ornament hangers on the wreath. One of the girls at work had made beautiful wreaths this way. I think she forgot to share her secret as it did not work for me and the ornaments broke.

    I love your wreaths! You always give simple, correct directions that I can easily follow. The results are amazing!

    Thank you, Sharon!

    • Sharon says:

      Oh no, I am sorry that your wreath was a craft fail! How frustrating. I hope you’ll try this wreath and see how it goes. I’ve found that the inexpensive tubes and bins of ornaments are often plastic and unbreakable, so they should be easier to use. Thank you for your sweet comment, too! Happy crafting. Sharon

  3. Kathy Ferguson says:

    I just think all the craft ideas you post are great would love to make all if I can ever find the time.

  4. Anne Haun says:

    Lovely wreaths – thanks for sharing.

  5. These area both very pretty! I prefer the red and white ribbon wreath but the ornament one is also quite pretty!! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      I love a red & white color combo, Barb, there’s something so fresh and crisp about it. The Ornament Wreath could be easily adapted to red and white ornaments, or any other color combo. I’ve even seen purple, yellow and green Ornament Wreaths for Mardi Gras! I hope you’re making your way down your Christmas craft list . . . Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  6. Katiria says:

    Love your wreath idea, I made one of those ornament wreaths with a wire hanger and it’s somewhere in my garage! I hope to find it this year LOL

  7. Debbie Kaste says:

    Love the wreaths! Hope I get a chance to make one this season. Happy Holidays!

    • Sharon says:

      I hope you find the time to craft a little, too. If you can find the time one evening, you can DIY this Ornament Wreath . . . Wishing you a little creative fun! Sharon

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