DIY Halloween décor & party fun: Black Roses & Eyeball Lollipop Bouquet and Topiary

Eyeball this Black Roses & Lollipop Bouquet for a sweet & easy Halloween decoration. It all started when I found these eyeball lollipops, and decided to pair them with black roses to make a Halloween Lollipop Bouquet. I made both the Halloween Bouquet and the Topiary in an evening, so if you need multiples for Halloween gifts (neighbors? teachers?) you can quickly DIY quite a few. Trick-or-treaters will get a kick out of the Black Roses & Lollipop Bouquet & Topiary, and they’re entertaining for a classroom Halloween party, too. (Don’t miss the all-things candy corn giveaway.)

Cute, and super easy. DIY Black Roses & Lollipops Bouquet and Topiary on

To make a Black Roses & Lollipop Bouquet or Topiary, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” ball or 9” cone
  • Container to fit the 5” ball (I found my tin pail at Dollar Tree)
  • Eyeball Print Lollipops*, approximately 40 – 50 for either the 5” ball or the 9” cone
  • Black roses, approximately 40 – 50 for either the 5″ ball or the 9″ cone (the final number will depend on how large the roses are, and how you arrange them)
  • Optional: Paint and decorations for the container; candle pedestal for the 9” cone
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wire knippers; sharp pencil

*You can easily substitute other lollipops. These orange Tootsie Pops are a colorful choice, as are these cute, striped, orange & white lollipops.

To make a Black Roses & Lollipop Bouquet or Topiary:

Make the lollipop roses

1. Cut the roses from the stems, and separate the layers of petals. You might need to trim away the plastic stamen that holds the layers together.

2. Stack together three layers of rose petals, and test fit the lollipop stem through the holes in the center. If the stick does not easily slip through the holes, make tiny snips around the holes.

3. Insert three layers of petals onto each lollipop stem.

How to make lollipop roses for Halloween.

Cut your roses apart, and then thread three layers of petals onto the lollipop stick.

If using the 5” ball

4. Paint and decorate your pot. Let paint dry.

5. Place the 5” ball in the pot, and using a sharp pencil, draw a line around the foam ball where it rests on the pot.

6. The score line is your first row. Insert lollipop stems into the foam ball along this line. Add another row of lollipops, alternating them to fill in the spaces between the roses in the first row. Continue adding lollipop roses till the ball is covered. How many lollipop roses you will need depends on how large your roses are and how you arrange them.

Hint: As you add more lollipop roses, you might run into other lollipop sticks when inserting another lollipop rose. If this happens, just move the lollipop rose slightly, and try inserting the stem at a different angle.

Fun Halloween craft -- DIY a Lollipop Bouquet and Topiary with black roses.

Make a bouquet, or a topiary — or both! You can easily DIY both in an evening.

If using a 9” cone

7. Insert a row of lollipop roses around the base of the cone.

8. Continue adding rows of lollipop roses, alternating the placement to fill in the gaps in the row below.

9. If you run into other lollipop sticks when you’re inserting another lollipop rose, just move the lollipop rose slightly, and try inserting at different angle.

10. As you get closer to the top, the lollipop sticks will poke through to the other side. In some cases, the roses will cover the stems. Other times, you will need to angle your lollipop stick down into the cone to keep it from poking through the other side.

11. Top off the cone with a lollipop rose.

12. Optional: Display on a candle pedestal.

Fun idea using black roses & lollipops! DIY Lollipop Bouquet and Topiary on

These are perfect for a Halloween party, classroom party, or neighborhood get together.

Fun, right? If you’re the room mom, or party hostess, here’s another Halloween Lollipop Tree that’s an easy DIY.

A fun tutorial to make a Halloween Lollipop Tree.

Halloween Lollipop Tree

If you’ve not yet entered for your chance to win the Halloween, Candy Corn Prize Package, go take a look, and check out all of the candy corn crafts, too.

Lots of fun craft & decor ideas for Halloween!

I’ll see you Friday with more sweet treats!

Happy Halloween crafting.



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17 Responses to DIY Halloween décor & party fun: Black Roses & Eyeball Lollipop Bouquet and Topiary

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  4. JoJo says:

    Great ideas! I recently made some halloween lollipops and would love for you to check them out 🙂

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  9. Angie Dyer says:

    You are making me laugh! These Lollipop Trees seem to come alive with all eyes watching both you and me. I have never seen them before. The black roses really set them off. I also like the ones attached to the pipe cleaners. This is a great Halloween craft and fun for all ages. Thank you for sharing!

  10. LisaM6 says:

    Love the eyeballs. I think this would work for my daughter’s volleyball coach. The coach loves Halloween anything.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 What a fun gift! I saw that Oriental Trading also sells black roses with eyeballs in the center, if you’re looking for a candy-free option. They are kind of pricey, however. I bet the team has a good time on Halloween! Thanks for coming by, Lisa. Sharon

  11. Black roses are my favorite!! I am in love with this eyeball and black roses topiary!! If I didn’t think it would scare the bajeebers our of Jenna I would make it! LOL Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      Glad you stopped in today, Barb. How about replacing the eyeball lollipops with Tootsie Pops? You can even order all-orange Tootsie Pops online, and those would be pretty cute paired with the black roses. I bet Jenna would approve of that! Happy crafting! Sharon

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