Favorite Candy Corn Crafts for Halloween – and a sweet little giveaway

I just might need a candy corn intervention! After I posted the Candy Corn Eggs & Minis earlier this week, I thought about all of the colorful, candy corn crafts I’ve shared through the years. And there have been a lot! So, I’ve gathered them all together in this post for a colorful, DIY Candy Corn Craft round up. Paint glitter, paper, fabric, paper clay, ribbon, it’s all here – except for the carbs and the calories! And I have a fun, mini giveaway, too, in celebration of this colorful, iconic, Halloween candy.

Lots of fun craft & decor ideas for Halloween! CraftsnCoffee.com.

 Flex Ribbon Candy Corn Cones

Wrap deco mesh tubing around Styrofoam cones for this quick & easy Candy Corn DIY. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Flex Ribbon Candy Corn Cones

Candy Corn Cones

quick & easy Halloween crafts

Candy Corn Cones with button toppers.

Ruffled Candy Corn Cone

Ruffled Candy Corn Cone

Ruffled Candy Corn Cone

Punched Fabric Candy Corn Cone

Halloween craft stash buster -- use your fabric scraps and make this Candy Corn Cone. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Punched Fabric Candy Corn Cone

Mini, Yarn Wrapped Candy Corn (from Patty Schaffer’s blog)

easy Halloween candy corn craft

Yarn Wrapped Candy Corn

Duct Tape Candy Corn Cuties

Duct Tape Candy Corn Cutie

Duct Tape Candy Corn Cutie

Candy Corn Eggs & Minis

Fun Halloween craft for kids -- Glittered Candy Corn Eggs & Mini Candy Corn. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Super-Sized Candy Corn

Super-sized candy corn? And, super easy? Yes please! Scrapbook papers and a 1" sheet of Styrofoam brand foam are all you need. pP

Halloween Candy Corn

Glittered Candy Corn

Fun idea -- decorate for Halloween with Glittered Candy Corn. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Glittered Candy Corn

Glittered Candy Corn Cones

Sweet & easy Glittered Candy Corn Cones. So easy you can make a bunch! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Glittered, Candy Corn Cones

Glittered Candy Corn Garland

This Glittered Candy Corn Garland is perfect for non-scary Halloween decor. CraftsnCoffee.com. t

Glittered Candy Corn Garland

Duct Tape Candy Corn Topiary

DIY Halloween Duct Tape Topiaries

Duct Tape Topiary

Duct Tape Candy Corn Door Hanger

Duct Tape Candy Corn Door Hanger

Duct Tape Candy Corn Door Hanger

Fluffy Fabric, Candy Corn Door Hanger

How cute would this be hanging on your front door? It's an easy alternative to a Halloween wreath. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Fluffy Fabric Candy Corn Door Hanger

Ruffled Candy Corn Door Décor

If you don't like creepy Halloween decorations, check out this Ruffled Candy Corn Door Decor on CraftsnCoffee.com. Lots of other fun, candy corn craft ideas, too.

Ruffled Candy Corn Door Décor

Glittered Candy Corn Door Décor

Who is that masked man? This Candy Corn Door Hanger is too much fun! DIY it on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Glittered Candy Corn Door Hanger

Candy Corn Duct Tape Wreath

Halloween Candy Corn Duct Tape Wreath

Glittered Candy Corn Wreath

A pretty and very easy Glittered Candy Corn Wreath for Halloween. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Glittered Candy Corn Wreath

Folk Art Candy Corn Girl 

Rebekah Meier made this beautiful folk art Candy Corn Girl. Her tutorial on Crafts 'n Coffee makes it look pretty easy.

Folk Art Candy Corn Girl

Lots of fun craft & decor ideas for Halloween! CraftsnCoffee.com.

That’s a lot of candy corn, but there is still more! I’m celebrating all-things candy corn with candy-corn packed giveaway. Tell me all about your crafty Halloween plans for your chance to win one of three Halloween, Candy Corn Prize Packages, which include:

  • Candy corn of every size and variety — original candy corn, candy corn trail mix, candy corn popcorn, candy corn gummis, candy corn m&ms, and candy corn Marshmallow Peeps (oops, I forgot to include the Peeps in the photo!)
  • Candy corn socks
  • Holiday Crafts magazine (which includes the tutorial for Patty Schaffer’s Candy Corn Wreath)
Candy corn giveaway on CraftsnCoffee.com

There’s a pack of Candy Corn Marshmallow Peeps in the prize package, too.

Just tell me below what you’re crafting for Halloween and you are entered. Please leave your comment by midnight on Thursday, September 29, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday, September 30.

**Please Note: This Giveaway is Closed.**

Happy candy corn crafting!


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68 Responses to Favorite Candy Corn Crafts for Halloween – and a sweet little giveaway

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  2. Bilqees Bano says:

    I am making my own pumpkins

  3. Donna says:

    we’re making halloween outdoor decor and halloween treats!

  4. Wehaf says:

    I’m working on an update to my fairy costume. I have great wings but want a new headpiece.

  5. esheeiqbal says:

    The easiest to make are the paper bats so I will be making lots of those!

  6. A spooky, creepy, Halloween wall hanging, for my grandkids, age 5 & 8. 🎃 I had fun, trying free motion for the first time. The grandkids think mimi is the best. 😊

  7. Mary Wesche says:

    I am doing a variety of Halloween crafts with Cub Scouts.

  8. Mary Eberle says:

    I’ve made a Halloween wrath and am working on a stack of pumpkins.

  9. Barbara Glover says:

    I just made some painted burlap candy corn door hangers. I’m usually a sewing kinda girl but I thought I’d switch things up a bit.

  10. Stephanie Grant says:

    I’m working on crafting a Nightmare on Elm Street wreath and a Halloween countdown counter with spooky little prizes for my son! We are Halloween nuts Lol!

  11. BarbaraMae says:

    I’ll be making Halloween treat kits for my neighbors. Our apartment building doesn’t get many trick-or-treaters so candy kits are a fun way to celebrate.

  12. Ginny D says:

    Pumpkin cross-stitch for my momma!

  13. Robyn Gist says:

    I made a tiny 6 inch pine tree for Christmas into a Halloween tree. Used a lot of Halloween miniatures, jack-o-lantern bells, tiny polymer clay owls to decorate it. It has mini orange tinsel garland and even added miniature battery operated string of lights. Filled it all in with orange, yellow, and purple pom-poms. Topped it off with an old scarecrow lapel pin I’ve had for years. It turned out cute and was fun to make.

  14. Heather S says:

    We are making our own leaf wreaths this year! Thanks for the super lovely giveaway 🙂 my kiddos would be thrilled to win

  15. Jeanette Smith says:

    Usually I just decorate with pumpkins; but I think I will add some candy corn decorations this year too. Thanks for the great ideas.

  16. I’m crafting Candy Corn too!! I’m having a Candy Corn themed party for the kiddos.

  17. Pam B. says:

    Hi Sharon. I’m not doing much for Halloween at home, but at work, as usual, we will be starting our annual making of Halloween hats for each resident that can participate. Then we have a parade and give prizes for our favoritesite. Love the glittered candy corns.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Pam, and I’m glad you could stop in today. I bet your residents look forward to the holiday fun, and the many crafts you share with them! What fun for all! Happy crafting! Sharon

  18. Serena Powell says:

    I’ve been crafting a lot of indoor and outdoor Halloween decor. I try to come up with new things each year. We don’t have a lot of money this year, so I’ve been using Dollar Tree items and trying to adjust/combine them to make something unique and spooky.

  19. Pat says:

    I love the Glittered Candy Corn Garland! Glitter = GOOD! Right now, I’m sewing costumes for a Haunted Ghost Train. When I finish that, I’ll be making some Halloween wreathes. I see a Candy Corn wreath in the near future… Thanks for all the great ideas! You’re better than Pinterest!!

  20. throuthehaze says:

    We are doing a Beetlejuice theme this year so I will be crafting a sandworm, some signs, and the shrunken head guy.

  21. Anne in NC says:

    I’m hoping to finish a black wool pompom cat in time for Halloween. And there are always those last minute costume adjustments for my daughters! Thank you for the delightful ideas and the fun giveaway!

  22. Angie Dyer says:

    Love all the candy corn great ideas! I have a very simple Halloween craft. I am saving tin cans that fruits and veggies come in. Safety tip: when opening the cans with a can opener, make certain that it leaves the smooth edges, not sharp ones. Remove the label and wash well. My hubby will poke 2 holes near the top of the can across from each other. I paint the outsides of the can orange. Let dry. I then place a piece of either wire or ribbon in the two holes for a handle. Add a pumpkin face with black paint. Or tie raffia for a cute bow. These are very inexpensive. I think they are cute as can be. Everyone adores them. You have the very best ideas, Sharon!

    • Sharon says:

      How adorable! I think YOU have the best ideas, Angie, and thank you for always taking the time to share with us. Now, you know what I would do with those cans, right? Paint them to look like candy corn! Enjoy, Angie! Sharon

  23. Lorrie Koenig says:

    I really liked your latest foam candy corn with the plastic eyes…too cute!
    I am getting ready for craft show season and plan to make a couple Halloween wreaths and a couple spooky centerpieces…may light up as well.
    Fall is my favorite time of year.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  24. CraftyMom says:

    I am participating in my organizations Trunk or Treat this year and I will be featuring a very spectacular Nightmare Before Christmas scene.

  25. Becca Christensen says:

    Halloween is my all time favorite holiday!! I am going to make the candy corn topiary, the wreath and help my sister with 4 costumes for her kids.

  26. Kathy Ferguson says:

    A wreath with mini plant pots and a sign sayng welcome to our patch and a wreath wraped in black lach covered with wood cutouts

  27. Ashley R says:

    I’m not planning on crafting besides putting together my daughter’s costume.

  28. Donna Baker says:

    I’m going to try to make some of these candy corn critters. They are so cute and so many different ones, plus I love candy corn. It’s really a very yummy candy. Thanks for the contest and all the wonderful ideas.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for joining in, and I’m happy to hear from another candy corn fan! Let me know how your little critters turn out! Happy candy corn crafting! Sharon

  29. Amy Pinion says:

    I’m really not crafting for Halloween, but I do love candy corn! I do like the candy corn wreath.

  30. jackie says:

    working on a cloth garland

  31. Anne Haun says:

    This is a great collection – thanks!

  32. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I’d love to make a bat wreath for our front door.

  33. LuvtoKraft says:

    Right now I’m working on a Haunted House and Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. Thanks for gathering all the candy corn projects together and for the giveaway!
    Kris P

    • Sharon says:

      Those sound like very special projects! How are you making the Haunted House? Thank YOU for stopping in! This was a fun round up & giveaway for me to plan! Happy crafting! Sharon

  34. LisaM6 says:

    Since we don’t get trick or treaters here I am going to help Theresa make a costume for school and going out later. But I love the swag with the candy corn. I have a couple plans for the fall craftshows to make. Love all the great ideas you are sharing.

    • Sharon says:

      I’d love to hear more about the costume you’re helping with! When is your first craft show? It’s a busy season for crafters! So glad you stopped in today to share the candy corn love! Sharon

  35. My favorites are the Ruffled Candy Corn Wreath and the Punched Fabric Candy Corn Cone!!
    I am creating a mini scenescape of a graveyard for Halloween. It is lit up in an eerie way and has ghosts, goblins and ghouls galore! There are even a few bats flying around!!!
    What are YOU creating for Halloween Miss Sharon?

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