No-Sew Woodland Critters: DIY a dapper, Sock Fox

Today, I do not have a Fox in Socks, but I do have a fox made with socks. (Remember the Dr. Suess book Fox in Socks?) This DIY, no-sew Sock Fox sports a classic, tweed-style tail and jaunty, burlap scarf, making him quite a dapper fellow. The Sock Fox is the third and final in the no-sew Woodland Animals designer Debra Quartermain shared with us. Thank you, Debra!

DIY a Sock Fox with socks, felt and Styrofoam brand foam.

Sock Fox by Debra Quartermain

These are all no sew, and made with socks, felt & foam. Easy, and so cute.

To make a Sock Fox, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: One each 3-7/8″ and 5-7/8” eggs, and a 6” cone
  • Socks:
    • Two orange tube socks or knee socks
    • One orange and rust striped tube sock or knee sock
  • Felt: 9” x 12” in ivory; scrap of walnut brown
  • Wired burlap ribbon, ½ yd.
  • Eye beads, two 5mm in black
  • Fabric glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; wood skewer; pencil; paper; ruler; plastic knife; straight pins
Cute, no-sew stuffie! A Sock Fox!

This dapper Sock Fox sports a jaunty scarf.

To make a Sock Fox:

1. Using the plastic knife, cut a slice from the wide end of the larger, 5-7/8” egg. Measure 2” up from the flat end and cut the egg in half with a plastic knife. Save the half with the narrow end for another project.

2. You’ll build the fox body with the foam cone and the wide end of the egg. Cut the wood skewer in half, squeeze glue on one end, and insert the skewer into the bottom of the foam cone. Line up the bottom of the foam cone with the wider end of the egg, and glue and press the two pieces together. If the two pieces don’t seam together smoothly, roll the body on a tabletop to smooth away the uneven seam.

3. Insert the bottom of the fox body into the orange sock and push it all the way into the toe. Cut off excess sock at the top of the cone, and pin and glue the sock ends to the top of the cone. Trim excess sock as needed.

4. Using fingers, compress the two sides of the smaller egg, creating the narrow face of the fox. Insert the smaller egg into the second orange sock, placing the narrow end in first. Push the egg down into the toe of the sock. Cut off excess sock at the wide end of the egg, and overlap the ends to cover the egg and pin and glue in place.

5. Using the patterns, cut two muzzles and the chest piece from the ivory felt. Cut a triangle nose from the brown felt. Glue the chest piece to the body, and glue the muzzle pieces and nose to face. Make small holes for eyes and glue eye beads in place, slightly pushing them into the head.

DIY this fox with socks!

A fox in socks!

6. Ears: Using patterns, cut two ears from ivory felt. Lay the striped sock flat. Draw a line from the top of the heel to the toe, and cut off this piece. From this heel piece, cut two ears slightly larger than the ivory pieces. Glue ear pieces together. Pinch ears at bottom and glue to head.

7. Roll up the remaining striped sock, making a tube for the tail. Secure with glue along the edge. Glue the widest end of the tail to the back of the fox, and then wrap the tail around the body and glue to the front.

8. Place glue on ends of a half skewer, and insert the skewer into the top of the body. Press the wide end of the head onto the skewer, angling the head forward, and then glue in place.

9. Tie burlap ribbon around the neck and trim the ends.

No-sew stuffies, and they're super easy. Made with socks, felt, and Styrofoam.

Which one is your favorite?

I hope you’ll check out the Sleepy Hedgehog and Sock Owls, too. And stop in and say “hello” to Debra — she’d love to hear from you.

So cute! Easy and no-sew, too. DIY Sleepy Hedgehog on

Sleepy Hedgehog

DIY easy Sock Owls. Really cute!

A parliament of Sock Owls.

Which of the Woodland Critters is your favorite?

Happy crafting!

P.S. It’s almost time to wrap up the Summertime Snowman Series and I’ll have one more special snowman next week.


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9 Responses to No-Sew Woodland Critters: DIY a dapper, Sock Fox

  1. Hi, I just love the fox! Do you happen to have step by step tutorial?

  2. Pingback: Tutorial: No-sew woodland sock fox – Sewing

  3. Angie Dyer says:

    Your foxy fox is just adorable! I like that I can either recycle the socks or purchase brand new ones for this project. It seems my dryer tends to eat out of a pair of socks, so this is a great project for those single ones. Thank you for sharing this fun project!

    • Sharon says:

      LOL, Angie. I was just sorting and matching up stray socks this a.m., or trying to find matches . . . I could DIY an entire colony of Sock Foxes from my sock pile! Glad you stopped in and enjoyed Debra’s sock animals. It’s been fun! Happy crafting! Sharon

  4. This Dapper Fox is my absolute favorite and Jenna’s is the Sleepy Hedgie! Placing a sock order this weekend so that we can get to work making these! Off to let Debra know how much we love them! Have a great weekend!

    • Sharon says:

      Yay! More Grandma-Granddaughter craft sessions! I hope you two have a blast. I’m already planning how I might make a few more of these, too . . . Craft on, Barb! Sharon

  5. Anne Haun says:

    Great projects.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Thanks! I’m so glad you stopped in to see each of these sweet, sock characters. Do you think you’ll give one a try? Happy crafting! Sharon

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