Summertime Snowman Series: Chillin’ with a Ski Bum Snowman

This is my kind of skiing – shussing through a flurry of craft supplies! I don’t ski, and I can’t appreciate a fine powder, but I do appreciate craft supplies – and a cute, DIY Ski Bum Snowman. Debi Schmitz designed this sporty, Ski Bum Snowman, complete with cool dude sunglasses and a super-easy stocking cap. Here’s her tutorial.

Cute, Ski Bum Snowman on

Ski Bum Snowman by Debi Schmitz.

To make a Ski Bum Snowman, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” and 4” balls; 4” egg
  • Wire framed glasses, 3″ wide*
  • Acrylic craft paint in black, red, orange
  • Textured snow paint
  • Wood heart, 1” x 2”
  • Socks, one each purple & green
  • Jumbo craft sticks, three
  • Twigs, two 6” long
  • Half-round beads, five 8mm in black (mouth)
  • Buttons, ¾” gold stars, three
  • Powdered blush in pink
  • Thick white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; old candle or bar of soap; wire knippers; fine line permanent marker; #4 flat paintbrush

*Check the doll making aisle in your craft store for the glasses. The lenses will be clear, and you’ll paint them black.

To make a Ski Bum Snowman:

1. Build your snowman:

  • Wax the knife blade with an old candle or a bar of soap. Slice ½” from the bottom of each foam ball, and ½” from the wide end of the foam egg.
  • Twist together the top of the 5” ball with the flat bottom of the 4” ball, till the two balls fit together snugly.
  • Place glue on the ends of two toothpicks and insert the picks into the cut side of the 4” ball.
  • Glue and pick together the 4” and 5” balls.
  • Repeat with the egg, joining the flat, wide end of the egg with the top of the 4” ball.
Cool dude snowman! DIY a Ski Bum Snowman on

The “sunglasses” are a sporty touch.

2. Snowman face:

  1. Paint the wood heart orange, and let dry. Insert it into the center front of the snowman’s face, with the point facing out.
  2. Blush cheeks with powdered blush.
  3. Glue beads in a semi circle under the nose.
  4. Paint the glasses lenses black, and let dry. Trim the side pieces to 2”. Insert and glue the side pieces into the snowman’s head, and rest the bridge rests on his nose.

3. Hat: Roll up the cuff of the purple sock 1”, forming a hat brim. Pull the sock over the snowman’s head. Glue the toe of the sock to the left side of the snowman’s body.

4. Scarf: Cut a 2” wide strip from the green sock. Tie it around the neck. If needed, glue the ends to the body.

5. Arms: Insert and glue one twig into each side of the snowman.

6. Mittens: Cut four small mittens from the green sock. Glue two mittens together over the end of each twig.

7. Glue star buttons down the front of the snowman.

Cute, Ski Bum Snowman on

Would you rather craft or ski?

8. Skis:

  • Cut a craft stick in half, and glue one half to the end of each remaining craft stick, overlapping the pieces by ½”.
  • Paint the skis red, and let dry.
  • Using a fine line, permanent marker, write “SKI BUM” on each ski, and add stripes.
  • Cross tips, and glue the skis together.
  • Glue skis to snowman’s left mitten.

9. Brush textured snow paint onto the snowman, his hat, mittens and skis.

For more sporting fun, here’s a cute Skiing Snowman that kids can easily make.

Adorable! And an easy snowman craft for the kids.

Skiing Snowman by Kathleen George

I’d much rather craft than ski, how about you? Are you a downhill skier? Or water skier? Or maybe you’ll hang out with me back at the lodge, sipping cocoa!

Happy crafting.


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10 Responses to Summertime Snowman Series: Chillin’ with a Ski Bum Snowman

  1. CraftyB says:

    The temperatures are rising here and the snowman are a refreshing site. It’s a good time to be thinking about winter crafts – chilling and crafting!!

  2. Angie says:

    No snow skiing or snow boarding here either! I much prefer to sit with you ladies to do crafts and drink toasty beverages. The best part – no broken legs or broken arms! Great craft!

  3. LisaM6 says:

    I would be sitting back at the lodge with you! Sipping tea instead of cocoa. It has been years I mean years since I skied! (21 Years to be exact) I can get my craft on instead of the skis. Ski Bum is too cute!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Another one for a lodge meet-up! Wouldn’t that be fun? We’ll watch the real ski bums while sitting by the fire. Craft on, Lisa! Sharon

  4. Anne Haun says:


  5. These are both so COOL! I tried skiing many years ago and I am great at going left but straight and right never happened! I would need a racetrack type of slope to be successful! LOL I will stay with you in the lodge sipping cocoa with peppermint schnapps!

    • Sharon says:

      Deal — we’ll sit and sip — and bring our craft supplies! My ski technique is straight downhill at top speeds, no brakes and no turns. No thank you! Stay cool, Barb.

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