Summertime Snowman: DIY a Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

July 4th has come and gone, and summer is in full swing. It’s going to be in the 90s this week and it’s definitely too hot for wool — unless you’re talking about needle felting. With a little wool roving, a few balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, and Rebekah Meier’s tutorial, you’ll DIY this Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament in no time. Consider making several of these Needle-Felted Snowman Ornaments and get a head start on your Christmas gift list. You’ll be glad you did come December!

What a cutie! Easy needle felting craft on

Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament by Rebekah Meier.

To make a Needle-felted Snowman Ornament, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • One each 3”, 2-1/2” and 2” balls
    • 1” sheet, small scrap
  • Textured snow paint
  • Felt in red and black
  • Wool fiber or roving in natural, orange and red (the red is used for the buttons, and you could substitute real buttons)
  • Fabric scrap for scarf (Rebekah used red check)
  • Beads: 2mm black, seven; small cream, one
  • Mini shovel
  • Glitter, fine iridescent
  • Powdered blush
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; ruler; two round toothpicks; needle felting tool*; sewing needle & thread; straight pins

Note: Felting needles are extremely sharp! Please use caution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To make a Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament:

1. Dip the toothpicks in glue, and pick and glue the foam balls together, smallest to largest, to make the snowman’s body. Let glue dry.

2. Place small amount of natural wool fiber or roving on the snowman’s head (2” ball), and attach the wool to the foam ball using the felting needle. As you insert the needle through the wool and into the foam ball, the fibers will automatically lock in place and adhere to the ball. Repeat till the head is covered, and then continue felting the snowman till all balls are covered.

3. Arms:

  • Roll in your palms a 1/2″ x 2-1/2″ piece of wool fiber, gently shaping the arm.
  • Place on the scrap piece of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, and lightly felt the fibers together. You don’t want to over felt and attach the wool to the foam sheet.
  • Place the arm on the snowman, and curve it around the body.
  • Gently felt both ends of the arm to the body.
  • Optional: If needed, insert a straight pin through the shoulder to help hold the arm in place.
Sparkling details on the cutest Snowman Ornament.

Rebekah used tiny balls of wool roving for the buttons. You could substitute real buttons instead.

4. Shovel: Dip the end of the shovel in the textured snow paint, and let dry. Carefully place shovel in the crook of the arm, and spot glue.

5. Buttons: Roll three small balls from red wool fiber and felt to the front of the snowman.

6. Scarf: Tie a scrap of cotton fabric around the snowman’s neck.

7. Nose: Roll a small amount of orange wool fibers into a cone. Place on the scrap sheet of foam and gently felt the fibers together. Glue nose to the snowman’s face with craft glue.

What a sweet face! DIY Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament on

Oops! I just noticed the mouth is missing a bead on the right. Sorry about that!

8. Eyes & mouth: Glue on black beads to form the mouth and add the eyes.

9. Hat:

  • Roll into a cylinder a 1-1/2″ x 8″ strip of red felt. Glue ends to secure.
  • Glue a scrap of red felt to the top, and let glue dry. Trim away excess felt.
  • Cut a 1-1/2” circle of red felt. Center and glue the cylinder onto the circle.
  • Glue hat to snowman’s head.

10. Decorate the hat: Cut a 1/4″ x 4″ strip from black wool felt. Sew a gathering stitch along one long edge with button thread. Pull ends to gather tightly and knot ends together to form a rosette. Glue a cream bead to center. Glue rosette to front of hat.

11. Hanger: Using needle & thread, stitch through the top of the hat. Knot ends to form a loop.

12. Sprinkle snowman with glitter; shake off excess.

What a cutie! Easy needle felting craft on

I would leave this little guy on display all winter long.

If you have wool roving left over, Rebekah has more ideas for you. You might remember these Sweet Felted Snowmen, which you could also make into ornaments.

A Christmas craft you can display all winter long! Adorable felted snowmen tutorial on

Sweet, Felted Snowmen

And here’s another felted snowman craft – Rebekah’s Sparkling Vintage Snowmen could be displayed all winter, too. Rebekah used bamboo fiberfill instead of wool roving, making it even easier for novice needle felters.

So sweet. Felted with bamboo fiberfill instead of wool roving -- great idea for felting novices.

These snowmen are such a charming way to cool off! Which one is your favorite?

Happy crafting.




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10 Responses to Summertime Snowman: DIY a Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

  1. Not sure where my previous comment disappeared to but this is an adorable snowman!! I have only been brave enough to do one needle felting project but am proud to say that I didn’t poke myself too many times! LOL

    • Sharon says:

      Hooray! You gave the needle felting a try, and all of your fingers are intact! What did you make? Do you think you’ll try it again? Happy crafting! Sharon

      • I attempted to make a cat. The head looks realistic but the body leaves a lot to be desired! Definitely going to try it again because it was fun!

      • Sharon says:

        If you’re felting free form, without the benefit of a foam base, I can see how that would be a challenge to shape your piece. I’m glad to know that you’re going to try again. Happy crafting! Sharon

  2. Angie says:

    Seeing the cute photos and the descriptions makes me feel all the cooler, in the heat of the summer! So pretty. Each one has personality and what fun to create!. These would be just great for the entire winter season. Thank you!

    • Sharon says:

      I agree — snowmen can take you from Christmas through the entire winter, and it’s nice to have a little special something on display in January, once the Christmas decor is put away. I’ve had fun planning this series, and choosing snowmen made with different techniques and showcasing different personalities. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of snowmen! Thanks for stopping in, Angie. Sharon

  3. LisaM6 says:

    They are all so great! But the two in the tiny tart tins are so cute and festive. Needle felting is something I need to try. So on my to try list!
    Thanks for bringing the cooler weather.

    • Sharon says:

      Glad to hear that the Snowman Series is putting a chill on the summer heat! I agree that that the two little guys in the tart tins are super cute! I have another of Rebekah’s felted creations scheduled for later in the summer, and I know you’ll want to add that one to your list, too! Craft on! Sharon

  4. Anne Haun says:

    So cute – needle felting is something new to me – must give it a try.

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