Summertime Snowman Series: DIY a Glistening Snow Angel

There’s a first for everything and this is the first time I’ve written a tutorial that calls for “angel wings”! You have to love a sparkling snowman wearing angel wings, which of course, makes him a Snow Angel. This glistening, mixed media Snow Angel from Rebekah Meier is packed with charming details, like Christmas carol sheet music and sparkling silver buttons and chenille stems. So, let’s make a snowman with angel wings!

Beautiful mixed media Snow Angel by Rebekah Meier. Tutorial on

Snow Angel by Rebekah Meier

To make a Snow Angel, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • Balls, one each: 3″; 2″
    • Block, 1” x 12” x 18”
  • Acrylic craft paint in black and orange
  • Textured snow paint
  • Sheet music, Christmas carol music is perfect
  • Cardstock, two sheets 8-1/2” x 11” in white
  • Felt, one sheet in cream
  • Chenille stem in silver
  • Glitter: Ultra fine and fine in iridescent or white
  • Angel wings, 3-1/2″ tall, one pair in white
  • Small silver beads or dried allspice berries* (for buttons)
  • Powdered blush
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • *Optional: If using allspice berries, you’ll also need acrylic craft paint in metallic silver
  • Tools needed: Scissors; serrated knife; old candle or bar of soap; pencil; ruler; round toothpicks; medium flat paintbrush; large rubber bands

To make a Snow Angel:

1. Build the chimney:

  • Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin.
  • Measure and score four, 1” x 7” strips on the foam sheet.
  • Cut out the strips with the serrated knife.
  • Glue the strips together, creating a chimney that’s 4” wide and 7” tall.
  • Let glue dry.

2. Cover the chimney with sheet music:

  • Photocopy sheet music onto both card stock sheets, or, if a photocopy machine is not available, glue sheet music to the cardstock. Trim each sheet of cardstock to 7″ x 8-1/2″.
  • Wrap and glue the card stock around the chimney, folding at the corners and overlapping ends slightly.
  • Note: Place large rubber bands around block to secure paper until glue dries.

3. Build the snowman:

  • Cut ¾” from the bottom of the 3” ball.
  • Glue one end of a toothpick halfway into the bottom of the 3” ball.
  • Spread glue on bottom of 3” ball and the toothpick, and insert the toothpick into the chimney, so the snowman perches on top.
  • Place glue on both ends of a second toothpick, and pick and glue the 2” ball to the 3” ball.
Love this sparkly Snow Angel! DIY on

He’s so sweet & sparkly!

4. Brush snow paint onto the snowman and the top of the chimney. Let paint run down the chimney to resemble snow. While wet, sprinkle paint with fine glitter first, and then sprinkle with ultra-fine glitter. Let dry completely.

5. Top hat:

  • Roll a 2″ x 8″ felt strip into a 2” tall cylinder, and glue ends to secure.
  • Stand the cylinder on the felt, and trace around it twice.
  • Cut out one circle and glue to the top of the hat.
  • Cut out second circle 3/8” beyond traced line. Glue to bottom of hat for hat brim.
  • Wrap a 3” length of chenille stem around hat, just above the brim, and glue in place.
  • Glue hat to snowman’s head.

6. Buttons: If using allspice berries, paint silver and let dry. Glue allspice berries or silver beads to front of snowman.

7. Nose: Paint one end of toothpick orange and let dry. Cut tip from toothpick, and glue and insert into snowman’s face.

8. Cut 3/4″ x 8″ scarf from felt and tie around snowman’s neck; spot glue to secure. Glue wings to back of body.

9. Cut remaining chenille stem in half; bend one end of each piece into small loop for hands. Glue and insert straight stem ends into sides of snowman.

10. Dip pencil tip into black paint and dot eyes; repeat to make five dots for mouth. Use fingertip to apply blush to cheeks.

Beautiful mixed media Snow Angel by Rebekah Meier. Tutorial on

This Snow Angel is definitely a keepsake craft!

Here are two other favorite, mixed media snowmen from Rebekah.

Mixed Media Snowman Collage

Rebekah Meier creates the most beautiful snowmen. This mixed media collage is on

Mixed Media Snowman Collage

Sweet, Mixed Media Snowman

An adorable Snowman DIY by Rebekah Meier.

Sweet, Mixed Media Snowman

If you’re a fan of Rebekah Meier (I am!) and love her collage style, you may want to check out her brand new line of stamps!

Thanks for stopping in for the Summertime Snowman Series.

Happy crafting.



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12 Responses to Summertime Snowman Series: DIY a Glistening Snow Angel

  1. I love them all, but I especially love the one in the tree! It’s adorable 😊

  2. Barb Housner says:

    what wonderful projects – of course I just cleaned out all my styrofoam stuff thanks for sharing

  3. Angie says:

    I adore angels. It does not matter what season we are in. And right now the heat and the humidity are bad enough that I am very thankful for air conditioning. Seeing these glistening angel snowmen put all of us in a cooler state of mind. It is fun to plan ahead making things in the summer months for Christmas and the winter season. You do a wonderful job presenting each one and showing us the step by step methods to achieve beautiful results! Thank you, Sharon!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Angie! I’m glad the Summertime Snowman Series is helping you chill this summer. When life gets too hot, stay inside and craft! Happy crafting! Sharon

  4. LisaM6 says:

    Those are great glistening snowmen. The last one is too cute. I am going to check out her stamps now. Thanks again. We need a little cooler weather so these fit the bill. 🙂

  5. Anne Haun says:

    Love your snow angel – definitely a must do project for me!

  6. Oh my goodness! He is simply darling!! Off to check out Rebekah’s stamps and order the goodies to make my very own Snow Angel! TFS!

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