Birthday Bash: Fancy Food Cones dress up the buffet

Yesterday, the Birthday Balloon Wreath welcomed you to the 75th birthday bash for STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. Today’s two-in-one Edible Centerpieces are both an impressive, festive decoration, and a key part of the party menu. I have collected favorite tips and techniques for dressing up your buffet table with Veggie Topiaries, a Strawberry Topiary, and of course, topiary cones packed with sweet treats. (And don’t forget the daily giveaways this week!)

Great video for making edible centerpieces! So fun and wow, are they impressive!

How fancy is this? Be sure to watch the video and see how easy it is to DIY.

I poked around online and found several excellent videos that walk you through making an Edible Centerpiece Cone. Over on Ask the Decorator, you’ll learn basic techniques for making a cone covered in grapes, and one that’s topped with savory olives. Once you watch the video, you can adapt the technique to different fruits and veggies, and different sizes of cones, too.

Yummy! This is an awesome video for making Strawberry Topiaries.

Strawberries are in season now, and you’ll definitely want to make a Strawberry Topiary after watching this video!

The second video tutorial I recommend is one I found on EHow that shows you how to make a beautiful Strawberry Cone. Strawberries are in season right now, so the timing for this one is perfect!

DIY Edible Centerpiece Cones. So fun for a party! DIY on

From crudites to dessert, these Edible Centerpieces will dress up your next party.

Here are a few Edible Centerpiece Cones we’ve made, from crudités to dessert! Click through the links below for the tutorials.

Flowerful Fruit Roll-Up Topiary

Rainbow Mint Topiary

Veggie Topiary

Meringue Cookie Topiary

Colorful Gumball Topiary

There are endless variations for making Candy Cones, and it all depends on which types of candy you use. You really can’t go wrong! This is an especially fun idea for kids’ parties, and it’s a natural for a Halloween party.

Add a Candy Topiary to your next party! Kids love to make them, too.

Nothing says “party” like a Candy Topiary!

Consider making Candy Trees a holiday tradition. In addition to Halloween, you can craft a Peppermint Candy Tree for the holidays.

So adorable for a Christmas mantel! I love the red & white color scheme.

A sweet & sparkling Peppermint Candy Tree.

Sweet Candy Cone DIY.

Add this to the menu for a Valentine’s Day party, or even a bridal shower.

Of course, you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without candy, like this Sweet Candy Heart Topiary.

Here are a few more tips I’ve gathered through the years:

  • People often ask me if it’s safe to eat food displayed on a foam cone. My answer is to always wrap your cone in plastic wrap or foil so that the food doesn’t touch the cone. Then you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Use toothpicks, pins, or even frosting to hold the food onto the cone. That way, your foods will remain edible.
  • You can glue candy to the cones, of course, but if your candy is unwrapped, you won’t want to eat it!
  • If you are using frosting, test first to be sure you have the right consistency and that the frosting will hold. Trust me on this one! I had a disaster one hot, humid summer day when my candy slid right off the cone!
  • Food cones are fun and easy, so enlist the kids. Plus, if they help add the fruits and veggies to the cone, they’re more likely to eat them!

Now, on to the presents! The winner of yesterday’s giveaway is Donna O’Neil! Please contact me, Donna, to arrange for your prize.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, it’s Party Week on Crafts ‘n Coffee, and everyday you’ll have a chance to win:

  • A one-year subscription to Craft Ideas magazine
  • A 12-pack of Starbuck’s Via packets
  • A craft apron
  • A few birthday goodies for your next bash.
Enter for your chance to win these goodies in the daily giveaway during the 75th birthday party for STYROFOAM Brand Foam on!

Enter for your chance to win these goodies in the daily giveaway during the 75th birthday party for STYROFOAM Brand Foam on!

For your chance to win today’s giveaway, tell me why you like to craft with STYROFOAM Brand Foam. I’d love to know why you choose to craft with it. I’ll announce today’s winner tomorrow. Thank you!

**Please Note: This Giveaway is Now Closed.**

Happy crafting!


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20 Responses to Birthday Bash: Fancy Food Cones dress up the buffet

  1. CraftyB says:

    More party fun!! These have delicious written all over them. I think I’ll try one with candy – nice pop of color for the table and then “yum!”

    • Sharon says:

      Sounds yummy! And yes, it serves double-duty as a decoration and a dessert — gotta love that! Thanks so much for stopping in. Sharon

  2. Angie says:

    How delicious and how fun! I have done two veggie trays using a styrofoam wreath for church dinners. You would not believe all the compliments I received. . First wrap the styrofoam wreath in clear Saran Wrap. Place on lettuce or parsley as the base on the styrofoam wreath. Place the prepared wreath on a glass platter. I added on toothpicks: cherry tomatoes, cauliflower florettes, broccoli florettes, carrot sticks, celery sticks with the ends fringed, radishes cut like flowers, green peppers. In the middle of the wreath, I added a glass cup filled with Ranch dressing. It is a favorite at our house. Love all your wonderful ideas!

    • Sharon says:

      Oh my gosh, I love this! I would not have thought to make a Veggie Wreath but of course, it’s a fabulous idea. Thank you so much for sharing your Veggie Wreath idea with us — my readers are just the best! (And next time you make a Veggie Wreath, take a photo — I’d love to see it). Thank you for the inspiration, Angie! Happy crafting. Sharon

  3. Nancy D says:

    styrofoam makes crafting easier and quicker. I like to make things with paper clay and the styrofoam allows me to use less clay, which doesn’t come cheap. Plus it’s fun:)

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for your insight about paper clay. I bet you’re a fan of Rebekah Meiers! The paper clay designs she shares on Crafts ‘n Coffee are so beautiful! Sharon

  4. Becca Christensen says:

    I love strofoam brand foam for multiple reasons: it’s easy to find, affordable, multiple sizes and shapes but the best reason is it is always high quality material that never fails.

    • Sharon says:

      Wow, thank you! I really appreciate your feedback, and I’m so glad you stopped in. What kinds of crafts do you enjoy? Happy crafting. Sharon

  5. LisaM6 says:

    I like to craft with Styrofoam brand because it holds together and makes my crafts really stand out.
    I really liked how the Styrofoam balls make fun snowmen or halves for cupcake boxes.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Lisa. I remember your cupcake boxes — so cute! (And I’m planning a little snowman fun — can’t wait to share more!) Sharon

  6. LisaM6 says:

    Now I am super hungry. What a great way to decorate and serve edible goodies.
    I can’t wait to try a topiary of candy….oh I mean healthy food. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      😉 It’s all about balance, right? Start off with fruit & veggie topiaries, feast on a cheese cube topiary, and then top it off with a candy topiary. It’s a fun way to eat a balanced meal! Happy snacking! Sharon

  7. What wonderful ideas!! I love the veggie topiary and the Strawberry Topiary has my mouth watering as does the Meringue Cookies Topiary!
    Lots of great ideas for serving up a pretty AND functional snack or two at our next party!
    Congratulations to Donna on being yesterday’s lucky winner!
    I choose to use StyroFoam Brand products because of the HUGE variety of shapes and sizes. The prices are very reasonable and I know that I can count on the product to last and be durable! I try to keep a good variety of your products on hand for last minute gift making or when I need an easy project to inspire me to create!
    I also love that this blog has so many inspirational and fun projects for anyone from 1-101 to create! Jenna, my 4 year old granddaughter, and I make lots of creations and these products stand up to her little hands being not so gentle at times! Keep the good stuff coming please! (((HUGS)))

    • Sharon says:

      Aww, thank you so much! I always want to share lots of different ideas here, so I’m so glad that you like the variety in projects, styles and even ages. Craft on, Barb! Sharon

  8. Anne Haun says:

    I love to craft with styrofoam because it is so versatile. I can be used for the base in so many projects. My favorite if the wreath styrofoam. All you need is a little imagination!

  9. I have discovered Topiaries and several Wreaths that I love to make with Styrofoam as the base. They are so much fun and such endless projects to create! I am so glad to have found this site for help in tutorials and ideas! Thank you for all that you share and for these fabulous giveaways!

  10. Katiria says:

    Some Edible Centerpieces are just too pretty to eat! I like using Styrofoam in my decorating and crafts because it gives a good quality sturdy base to my projects and there are so many things that can be created with a few simple shapes. The proof is in the many, many projects you have listed on this site over the years. The possibilities are endless!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 You know I totally agree — we’re like the unsung hero or the creative workhorse underneath it all, right? Thanks for the input, Katiria. Sharon

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