Introducing Mr. Stars & Stripes, a patriotic, paper clay bunny

We all love quick & easy, right? But sometimes, there are projects well worth a little more time. With that said, let me introduce you to Mr. Stars & Stripes, a charming, folk art rabbit by Rebekah Meier. This prim, patriotic project takes a little more time to DIY, but Rebekah’s process is easier than you think. She combines two simple materials, paper clay and STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, to build her bunny, creating a treasured craft that will surely become an heirloom. Here’s how to DIY Mr. Stars & Stripes.

So sweet! You can DIY this primitive Patriotic bunny -- it's easier than you think! DIY on

Mr. Stars & Stripes by Rebekah Meier.

To make a Prim & Patriotic Bunny, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1-1/2” ball; 6” cone
  • Air-dry clay, one package (Rebekah recommends Creative Paperclay®)
  • Acrylic craft paint: Midnight blue, light buttermilk, black, petal pink, Tuscan red
  • Acrylic sealer, satin finish
  • Felt: Navy blue, and 4” scrap of cream (Rebekah uses wool felt)
  • Miniature flag
  • Metal star
  • Cosmetic blush, creamy formula
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; round toothpicks; ¼” flat and liner paintbrushes; fine sandpaper; paper towels
How to DIY a prim, Americana bunny from paper clay and Styrofoam. Easier than you think!

Look at this sweet face!

To make a Prim & Patriotic Bunny:

1. Make the bunny’s body: Join the ball to the cone using toothpicks and thick, white craft glue.

2. Using a clay roller, roll 1/3 of the package of paper clay to 1/8” thickness.

3. Apply the clay to the bunny’s body in a thin, even layer. Completely cover the bunny and smooth out the seams with your fingers or a smoothing tool.

4. Cut a very small triangle from clay and apply to face for the nose. Roll a small, pea-size ball and attach to the back for a tail.

5. Make the arms:

  • From clay, roll two 1-½” x ¼” logs
  • Taper one end of each log to resemble a paw
  • Bend arms into an L shape and attach one to each side of body at the neck
  • Smooth out seams with clay tools
  • Let clay dry completely.

6. After the clay dries, patch any holes or cracks with more clay, smooth the surface, and let dry again.

7. Sand entire bunny with fine sandpaper until completely smooth. Wipe excess dust with paper towel.

8. Paint the bunny:

  • Head, tail, paws, and bottom half of body – light buttermilk; let dry before proceeding.
  • Nose – petal pink
  • Eyes – make a dot of black; highlight with a speck of light buttermilk
  • Mouth – draw lines in black with liner brush
  • Top half of body – Tuscan red; this may require two – three coats. Let paint dry.
  • Stripes – midnight blue; paint on with the flat brush and don’t worry if the lines are a little uneven. Imperfections add to the charm.

9. Paint body with one coat of varnish and let dry.

10. Trace around the bottom of the bunny on navy blue felt, cut out, and glue the circle to the bottom of the bunny.

DIY details from a prim, patriotic bunny craft.

Glue the ears to the sides of the hat. Rebekah decorated the hat with a purchased star.

11. Make the hat:

  • From navy blue felt, cut a 6-½” x 1-¼” strip. Roll up the strip and secure with glue.
  • Hat brim: Trace and cut a half dollar size circle onto navy blue felt.
  • Top of hat: Trace around the rolled up strip on the navy blue felt, and cut out.
  • Glue the rolled up strip to the center of the larger felt circle.
  • Glue the smaller felt circle to the top of the rolled up strip.

12. From the navy blue felt, cut out a collar and ¼” strips (belt and cuffs).

12. Cut two ears from cream felt.

13. Refer to the photo, and glue the hat, collar, belt, and cuffs to the bunny. Glue a small, navy blue felt square to the center front of the belt.

Felt details from a DIY Americana prim craft.

Add a felt collar, belt, belt buckle and cuffs.

14. Glue metal star to hat. Glue one ear to each side of hat.

15. Blush cheeks and ears with cosmetic blush.

16. Glue flag to bunny’s paw.

So sweet! You can DIY this primitive Patriotic bunny -- it's easier than you think! DIY on

Don’t worry if your stripes aren’t straight. A little imperfection adds to the charm!

A few years ago, Rebekah also shared another of her patriotic, paper clay creations with us — her Patriotic Folk Art Bird.

Adorable, folk art bird made by Rebekah Meier. Follow her tutorial and you really can make this yourself! #PatrioticCrafts

Patriotic, Folk Art Bird by Rebekah Meier

Fans of primitives might also want to take a closer look at this classic, Prim & Proper Americana Crow & Flag. Designer Debra Quartermain created this patriotic craft using needle felting. I adore the button star!

A patriotic prim to make for July 4th.

Prim & Proper Americana Flag & Crow by Debra Quartermain.

And now, I have news to share! I’ve had a little project going on behind the scenes, and I’ve been planning a party here on Crafts ‘n Coffee. I wanted to give you a little heads up that I’m kicking off the party on Friday, and I hope to see you there!

It's a party on Crafts 'n Coffee! Party crafts, decor & presents! See you then!

Happy crafting!


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14 Responses to Introducing Mr. Stars & Stripes, a patriotic, paper clay bunny

  1. CraftyB says:

    A party, tons of fun!! Hopefully that cute little bunny will make an appearance!

  2. Angie says:

    Adorable bunny designs! Love the red-white-and blue! This is perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. One of my friends has her living room and dining room with Americana. It is just adorable. Curious question: why aren’t the bunnies smiling? I think I would add a smile to mine. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sharon says:

      How funny, Angie — you’re the second reader to notice that Mr. Stars & Strirpes looks pretty serious, and I never really thought about it. I wonder what he’s thinking about?? You’ll have to share this one with your friend who is a fan of Americana — maybe she’ll want to DIY this cutie. Thanks! Sharon

  3. As always, your craft tutorials are marvelous! This Bunny is adorable. Thank you for sharing and you can count on me being by for your party! I have a feeling it is going to be a lot of fun!

  4. Katiria says:

    Mr. Stars & Stripes looks serious I would give him a big smile.
    and …I love PARTIES!!!!!!

    • Sharon says:

      You’re right, he does look serious! LOL, I’d not really thought about that! I hope you can join us next week! Thanks for stopping in today. Sharon

  5. Oh boy!! A party is so much fun! Happy 75th Birthday to StyroFoam Brand Foam!! We have been on many adventures together and I look forward to many more! Jenna and I will definitely be here for the party!
    Mr. Stars and Stripes is quite adorable!! I might just give making him a try because he is so cute!! I just need to finish up another 6 or 5 projects so that I can find my work island again! It seems to have vomited UFOs recently! I get an idea in my head and sometimes it keeps yelling at me till I finally break down and start making it, then another one starts in! I am hoping to finish this assortment of projects over the next couple of weeks!
    I am making a few dioramas for my Fairy Village and also a HUGE Hot Air Balloon (36″ tall and almost as wide) from scratch. I ran out of material because it grew so big and am waiting for replenishments to arrive so I can get it done! I am super excited about this one because I have had this idea swimming around my brain for at least a year or two! If it comes out like I imagine it to be it is going to be awesome!!
    oops! Didn’t mean to write a novel! Have a great weekend and I will see you on the 30th for the big party! Can I bring anything? Beverage, ice cream or a cake?

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Just bring yourself, Barb (and Jenna, of course)! It sounds like you’re having a blast right now, with lots of crafty adventures. The hot air balloon sounds amazing — let us know how it turns out! Happy crafting! Sharon

  6. Anne Haun says:

    Cute bunny – looking forward to your party.

  7. Oh! I loved making this little guy! Using STYROFOAM™ brand foam made it so easy.

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