How to make a Baby Bouquet (it’s so cute!)

Today we’re making a big, bouncing Baby Bouquet! This Baby Bouquet is packed with little goodies every baby needs – bibs, washcloths, socks and onesies. Designer Dina even added two soft rattles. Is there a mom-to-be who wouldn’t love this Baby Bouquet? I think not! You’ll be the favorite friend, auntie or mom if you show up at the baby shower with a Baby Bouquet! Here’s how to DIY it.

Cute! DIY Baby Bouquet. Make it for a boy or a girl!

To make a Baby Bouquet, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 7” ball
  • Container, we used a small tin pail (check the fit to be sure the 7″ ball fits the container)
  • Baby items: Onesies, socks, bibs, washcloths, and rattles (Our Baby Bouquet used 14 pairs of socks, 14 bibs, 14 washcloths, 5 onesies, and two rattles. You can change these quantities, as long as you end up with about 60 different items.)
  • Craft sticks
  • Rubber bands
  • Floral tape in green
  • Tissue paper
  • Optional: Curling ribbon bow
  • Tools needed: Scissors

To make a Baby Bouquet:

1. Fold the baby items as follows:

  • Washcloths: Fold in thirds
  • Bibs: Fold in thirds
  • Onesies: Fold in fourths
  • Socks: Do not fold. Note: You will use the socks individually, so each pair will make two roses.

2. Place the craft stick at one end of a folded item, and roll it up around the craft stick, forming a rose shape. Wrap a rubber band around the base of the “rose” to hold the flower together. Wrap the floral tape around the base of the rose, and onto the craft stick. Dina found this video tutorial over at Parents magazine really helpful, and she suggests watching it if you have questions.)

How to make a Baby Bouquet. This is the cutest idea for a mom-to-be!

After folding each item in thirds or fourths (except for the socks), you’ll wrap it around a craft stick. Hold the rose in place with a rubber band, and then wrap with floral tape.

3. You’ll need about 60 “roses” for your bouquet. Our roses include: 28 socks, 14 bibs, 14 washcloths, and five onesies.

4. Place a square of tissue paper over the top of the container, and add the foam ball. Arrange the roses, inserting the craft sticks into the ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Don’t worry about any gaps – you’ll fill those in with tissue paper in Step 6.

5. Tape the rattles onto craft sticks, and insert them in the top of the bouquet, so they are peeking out above the roses. If you need a longer stick, simply tape two craft sticks together.

6. Cut tissue paper into 4” squares, and insert the paper into the foam ball between the roses, filling in any gaps.

7. Optional: Add a bow to the front of the container.

It is so cute!

Adorable Baby Bouquet. Easy DIY on

Cute as can be!

Just a few DIY touches can really personalize a baby shower and make it extra special. Earlier this week, Holly shared with us her Paper Ribbon Topiary, a colorful baby shower centerpiece that can also decorate the nursery.

DIY Baby Shower! So pretty!

It was fun planning this week’s baby shower crafts, and I’m planning another party for later this month. I think it will be even more fun, and of course, there will be presents!

But in the meantime, I have some exciting news to share – and it has nothing to do with babies! Woman’s World magazine found this little blog a while back, and this week the magazine is featuring my Duct Tape Flag! The issue will be on newsstands for a week, starting today. Wow! I never thought that I would see one of my craft ideas in a magazine like Woman’s World! How should I celebrate?!

Woman's World magazine features!

Wow! I can’t believe Woman’s World featured my Duct Tape Flag!

Thanks for stopping in for this week’s baby shower.

Happy crafting!


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16 Responses to How to make a Baby Bouquet (it’s so cute!)

  1. LisaM6 says:

    That is super cute idea. I think I will try doing something like it for a bridal gift. I have some time (September) to make it!

    • Sharon says:

      Cool! Let me know how the Bridal Bouquet turns out! Who knows, we could even feature it on Crafts ‘n Coffee! Keep me posted, please. Craft on, Lisa! Sharon

  2. CraftyB says:

    So cheerful! Love it, especially the cute animals at the top. Seems pretty easy, too!

  3. How exciting for you! I am sure they will continue to publish your projects as they discover what spectacular projects you share on your blog, plus the way you write your tutorials to make sure everyone can understand each step. I am still in awe of your talents and projects. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations on such a great achievement and have a fantastic creative day!

    • Sharon says:

      Awww, thank you, you are so sweet. I am very honored, and the Duct Tape Flag was a super-easy project. I’m glad you’re enjoying Crafts ‘n Coffee, Brenda. Sharon

  4. heatherakridge says:

    Great idea!

  5. Angie says:

    Baby bouquet! How adorable! When one of my nieces was having a baby boy and was being thrown a baby shower, I searched online to find a created one. It was over $100 and that was for just 6 little items rolled into roses. Instead, I created my own for less than $20.00 Beautiful!

    • Sharon says:

      $100? Ouch! Not only is the DIY version cheaper, but you can hand select the items for colors, sizes, etc. I bet your Baby Bouquet was super cute, too! Thanks, Angie. Sharon

  6. Anne Haun says:

    Love this baby bouquet – wish I had a reason to make one now!!

    • Sharon says:

      I know — I’m with you! I wish I knew someone having a baby, too, just so I could make and give a Baby Bouquet to the mom-to-be. This is one to bookmark for later! Thanks for stopping by, Anne. Sharon

  7. That is so awesome!! COngratulations! I love reading Woman’s World and am going to make sure hubby gets me a copy when he goes shopping this weekend!!!
    I love this baby bouquet idea and am trying to think of how to alter it for other occasions! I am thinking of dish towels, pot holders and dish clothes along with cooking utensils for a House Warming or someone headed of to their first year of college. Lots of great ideas flowing now! Thanks for the inspiration! I think you should celebrate by going out for your favorite dessert~

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