DIY a pretty, Paper Ribbon Topiary for a baby shower

This is a first on Crafts ‘n Coffee! We’re celebrating babies, bibs and booties this week with crafts and décor that make a baby shower special. I’ll start with a baby shower centerpiece that’s both easy and easily customized with scrapbook paper. In fact, designer Holly Gagnon first made this Paper Ribbon Topiary for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was so sweet, and asked her to create one for a baby shower, too. It’s cute as can be, and thank you, Holly! Holly made this Paper Ribbon Topiary for a baby boy, but of course, you can change it up and make it all sugar & spice.

DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece! Change up the papers and use it for baby girls, too.

Here’s the Paper Ribbon Topiary Holly made for Valentine’s Day, which she shared over on her blog Ribbons and Glue. You can see how easy it is to change the papers and get a whole new look! Select papers that will match the baby’s nursery, and once the little bundle arrives, it will look pretty sweet in the baby’s room, too.

Ribbons and Glue has the tutorial for this pretty, Paper Ribbon Topiary.

To make a Paper Ribbon Topiary, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” and 3” balls
  • Scrapbook paper (Double-sided paper looks especially pretty; Holly used Little Man from Echo Park Paper)
  • Container, about 3” – 4” across the top
  • Wood dowel, 15” long
  • Paper shred
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; stapler; craft pins; serrated knife; optional: paper trimmer or rotary cutter and cutting mat

To make a Paper Ribbon Topiary:

  1. Insert the 3” ball into the container. If needed, trim the ball to fit using the serrated knife. Make sure the ball fits snugly, and glue in place.
  1. Insert the wood dowel into the container, and check to be sure it’s straight. Remove the dowel, and then glue in place in the container. Let glue set.
  1. Place the 5” ball onto the dowel, and again, check to be sure the topiary stands straight. Remove the 5” ball.
  1. Cut the scrapbook papers into ½” x 4” strips. A paper trimmer or rotary cutter and cutting mat are not necessary, but these tools will make the cutting go faster.
How to make a Paper Ribbon Topiary on

When you use double sided papers, the topiary looks nice from all angles.

  1. Bring together the ends of each strip, and staple them together. Glue the paper loops to the 5” ball, starting at the top. Work around the ball as you go, and be sure to not cover the hole at the bottom. (Holly didn’t count the number of loops she used, but she suggests making more than you think you’ll need! Sounds like HGTV time to me!)
  1. Squeeze glue in the hole at the bottom of the ball, and place the ball onto the wood dowel. If needed, straighten the ball before the glue sets.
  1. Optional: Embellish the container with ribbon, bows, stickers, buttons, etc.
After the baby shower, the Paper Ribbon Topiary makes a pretty decoration in the nursery, too.

After the baby shower, the Paper Ribbon Topiary makes a pretty decoration in the nursery, too.

Thank you, Holly, for sharing your Paper Ribbon Topiary with us today. Be sure to stop in at Ribbons and Glue and tell Holly “hello”.

DIY Baby Shower! So pretty!

Here’s a sneak peek from Friday – see you then!

Happy crafting!


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19 Responses to DIY a pretty, Paper Ribbon Topiary for a baby shower

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  2. This is nice; the colors really pop. A great idea for a baby shower or bday party.

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  4. So cool! I love the look of this, need to make it! 🙂

  5. LisaM6 says:

    Great ideas. My niece called last night with news she is getting married in a few months. This will make a neat idea

    • Sharon says:

      That’s very happy news! You have some fun times ahead of you! Will it be a handmade wedding? I love the DIY touches I see on Pinterest! If you’re hosting the shower, you could make this topiary in her wedding colors . . . Keep us posted! Sharon

  6. Angie says:

    Cute ideas for a baby shower! I created one of those baby bouquets with wash clothes, socks, and onesies rolled into roses. It turned out adorable. I used the same baby socks roses to make coursages for the Mom to be, and the two Grandmas to be. Made them feel extra special and then turned into socks for the baby after the birth. So many happy memories in the making!

    • Sharon says:

      What a sweet idea to make matching roses for the Mom & Grandmas! Very special! Thank you for sharing this idea, and we’ll compare notes on Friday! Happy crafting! Sharon

  7. Anne Haun says:

    Great shower ideas – thanks.

  8. Giusy says:

    Very nice! 🙂

  9. This is a great idea for a centerpiece at a baby shower! Thank you for the tutorial; I made a Topiary for my Mother on Mother’s Day and she really loves it.

  10. This is so sweet! LOVE that bouquet too! Can’t wait for Friday to get the tutorial for it!! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      Happy to see you today, Barb. I thought Holly’s Topiary was super cute! I love so many of the projects on her blog. I can’t wait to show you the bouquet! Sharon

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