An easy home décor idea: DIY Leather Deco Spheres

Sometimes, when I make something, it’s really to challenge myself. I get an idea, and I think “can I do that? Let’s try it and see how it turns out . . .” And that’s how these Decorative, Leather Balls came to be. Or I should say “Faux Leather” Deco Spheres? My crafty challenges don’t always have a happy ending, but this one does. I really like how the Leather Deco Spheres turned out, and even happier that they were so easy to DIY.  Substituting vinyl for leather makes them inexpensive, too. You can make a lot of Faux Leather Deco Spheres from a yard of fabric!

I want to make these! They look like leather but they're super easy and super cheap to DIY.

Faux Leather Decorative Balls.

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And now the tutorial.

To make Faux Leather Deco Spheres:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 4” balls
  • Faux leather or vinyl fabric (I purchased mine at Jo-Ann Stores and online at
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Optional: Upholstery tacks in bronze, or other finish
  • Tools: Scissors; ruler; straight pins; rubber bands; tape measure; optional: cutting mat and rotary cutter
"Leather" Deco Spheres -- super-easy to DIY!

Pile the Faux Leather Deco Spheres in a bowl for a new centerpiece.

To make Faux Leather Deco Spheres:

1. Cut the fabric into 1” strips. You’ll need about three strips per ball.

How to make Faux Leather Deco Spheres. Tons of style, and super inexpensive to DIY.

Stretch the strip as you go, and overlap with each pass.

2. Wrap your ball:

  • Pin and glue the end of a strip to the ball, and wrap the strip around the ball.
  • Wrap in the same way each time, overlapping with each pass.
  • Gently stretch the fabric as you work, so that the fabric hugs the ball.
  • At the end of the strip, pin and glue the end, and start a new strip.
  • As you wrap the ball, try to cover the pins.
  • Keep wrapping the ball till it’s covered, and glue the end in place.
  • Once the glue is set, remove any pins that are still visible.
How to make stylish, Faux Leather Deco Spheres. Tutorial on

If you’re going to add upholstery tacks, wrap rubber bands around your Deco Sphere to serve as your guide.

Quick tips to make easy, Faux Leather Deco Spheres. Super simple!

Insert tacks along the rubber band, and use a tape measure for even spacing.

3. To add upholstery tacks (totally optional):

  • Wrap rubber bands around the ball to serve as your guide. Wrap them horizontally, vertically, or both directions.
  • Using a tape measure, insert upholstery nails all along the edge of the rubber bands.
  • Remove rubber bands.
  • You can also insert the tacks at random.
These "Leather" Deco Balls are beautiful, and so cheap & easy to DIY!

Add upholstery tacks — or not.

And that’s it. Super simple, but packed with style. Deco Spheres are an easy way to add texture, interest, and maybe a splash of color to your home. They’re so versatile, both in design and in ways to display them. Here are a few more ways to DIY Deco Spheres – maybe there’s an idea here that suits your style!

Safari Deco Spheres

High style with a dollar store price. Tissue paper decoupage on Styrofoam balls.

Safari Deco Spheres by Kathleen George.

Terra Cotta Garden Spheres

Craft tutorial: How to make "terra cotta" garden spheres using air-dry clay. These will not shatter!

Terra Cotta Garden Spheres by Lorine Mason.

Silver Wire and Green Leaf Spheres, or the Tacky Sphere:

how to make upholstery tack deco spheres

Deco Spheres by Kathleen George.

Moss Balls – always classic, always on trend

These Moss Balls are super easy to make. Tutorial on

Moss Balls by Diane Flowers.

Tell me what inspires your crafting. Do you ever get an idea that you just have to try to see how it ends?

Be sure to enter the Homework Helper giveaway! Today is your last day to enter.

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Happy crafting.




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10 Responses to An easy home décor idea: DIY Leather Deco Spheres

  1. CraftyStaci says:

    I love these! Such a different twist, and I KNOW I have some scrap leather lying around!

  2. Angie says:

    These definitely look to be high end products! I really like the leather items with the added studs. It really makes a dramatic statement. Thank you for sharing the pictures and easy directions!

    • Sharon says:

      You are so welcome, and thank you for your lovely comment. Don’t you love it when a project idea “clicks” and it turns out like you imagined? Let me know if you try these Deco Spheres. Sharon

  3. I think these are the absolute best creation I have seen in a LONG time! definitely going to be making a TON of these! They wil ookl awesome in my newly redecorated room! Can’t wait to get started!!!

    • Sharon says:

      Aww, you are so sweet to say that, Barb. Thank you so much! (I’m kind of fond of them myself.) I’m so glad you’re inspired and honored that they will be part of your redesigned room! Sharon

  4. annehaun says:

    These are beautiful – finished product looks like an expensive, high end product!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Thank you so much! I’m glad you think so. I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. I tried a different project first and had a major craft fail, but the end result was these Deco Spheres, so it all turned out o.k. Maybe I’ll share the craft fail another time . . . Happy crafting! Sharon

  5. LisaM6 says:

    Those are great I can see making a few. Now to see what papers I have and try this. I may need to make a trip to town for different types I may not have. Lol

    Happy Spring. Hope your snow is gone.

    • Sharon says:

      The snow is almost gone and we can see the grass again. (Does this mean I have to start spring cleaning?!?) I wonder if leather paper will work for these — let me know if you try it. I used faux leather fabrics, and they were easy to use and stretchy, which helps in wrapping the ball. Super easy DIY! Have fun with this and report back. Thanks! Sharon

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