DIY a pretty, Polka Dot, Crepe Paper Flower Topiary

I have more pretty, crepe paper flowers today from my photographer friend Dina. Last week, she shared her rosy, Crepe Paper Flower Wreath. Today’s tutorial is for a Polka Dot, Crepe Paper Flower Topiary. Check out those button centers! This blooming bouquet would make a nice birthday gift or hostess gift, or centerpiece for a bridal shower or birthday party. Dina’s shared lots of photos, so here’s how she made her Polka Dot, Crepe Paper Flower Topiary.

Crepe Paper Flower Topiary -- easy DIY!

To make a Polka Dot, Crepe Paper Flower Topiary, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 6” ball for the top; smaller ball that fits snugly in your container
  • Container or flower pot
  • Wood dowel, ¼” x 10”
  • Crepe paper rolls, polka dot and solids
  • Cardstock
  • Buttons, 1” in coordinating colors
  • Pearl head pins
  • Glass marbles, moss, or other filler for the top of the pot
  • Tools needed: Scissors; optional: serrated knife
Cute, crepe paper flowers with button centers!

Dina made her first, larger row of “petals” using polka dot crepe paper, and made the second layer with a contrasting, solid color of crepe paper.

To make a Polka Dot, Crepe Paper Flower Topiary:

1. Wrap the 6” ball and the wood dowel with crepe paper. Secure the ends with glue.

2. Fill the container or flower pot with the ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam. Trim the ball with the serrated knife, if needed, for a secure fit. Glue the ball in place.

3. Insert the wood dowel into the pot, making sure it’s straight. Remove, and insert the dowel into the crepe-paper covered ball. Remove the dowel, add glue to both holes, and insert the dowel back into the foam balls. Be sure the topiary form stands straight, and adjust if needed, before the glue sets.

4. Make your flowers. You’ll need about 16 – 20 flowers, depending on the size you make and how you arrange them on the ball.

  • Cut a 1” – 1-½” circle from card stock.
  • Spread glue on the circle.
  • Glue the polka dot crepe paper around the circle, pleating it as you go. The pleats will form the petals.
  • Once you’ve fully completed the circle of crepe paper, cut off the end.
  • Trim ½” from the strip of solid crepe paper you’ll use for the second layer. Glue to the center, pleating the paper as you go.
How to make crepe paper flowers -- Step 1.

Spread glue on a 1″ circle cut from card stock.

How to make a crepe paper flower -- Step 2.

Attach a strip of crepe paper to the card stock, pleating it as you go.

How to make crepe paper flowers -- Step 3.

The first layer of “petals” is complete.

How to make crepe paper flowers -- Step 4.

Trim 1/2″ from the second crepe paper strip, and add to the center, pleating as you go.

5. Add button centers as you pin the flowers onto the foam ball. Rearrange the flowers as you go to alternate colors, and create the amount of fullness you’d like.

6. Arrange your pot filler in the pot, covering the foam ball.

Beautiful! Easy-to-follow tutorial, too. How to make crepe paper flowers on

You also might want to check out Dina’s original inspiration over at Ribbons and Glue. Holly made a charming little bouquet with her flowers.

Beautiful! DIY these easy, crepe paper flowers and topiary on

I think “petalosa” describes this topiary!

Is there anything sweeter than flowers in the spring? I thought of Dina’s pretty crepe paper flowers when I heard the story about an eight-year old Italian boy who invented the word petalosa, which means “full of petals.” His teacher is trying to have the word officially added to the Italian language. It’s a beautiful word that perfectly describes today’s project, don’t you think?

Happy crafting!


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8 Responses to DIY a pretty, Polka Dot, Crepe Paper Flower Topiary

  1. Angie says:

    Looks like a Mother’s Day pretty posey center piece to me. Our church always has a Mother’s Day Tea for moms and daughters. This would be a perfect choice for center pieces for each of the tables. They could also be used for door prizes like for the newest mother, the mother with the most children, grandmother with the most grandchildren, and more. These are so pretty everyone will enjoy them!

    • Sharon says:

      Those are beautiful ideas, Angie, thank you for sharing. Love your idea of celebrating Mother’s Day with this topiary. Happy crafting! Sharon

  2. I especially like the pot you have this in. The graduating colors really flatter the look!

  3. annehaun says:

    Cute idea!

  4. Love the story about the 8 year old boy!! Hope they are successful in their quest! These flowers are delightful and fun! They look crisp and fresh!! Might just have to get some polka dotted crepe paper so I can make a bouquet or two!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Thanks, Barb, and I hope he succeeds, too. It’s a beautiful word. FYI about the polka dot crepe paper – I know you’ll find it in party stores and maybe in WalMart. It’s sold online by WalMart and other retailers, too. I think the polka dots and button centers are just too cute! Sharon

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