How to DIY no-sew Fabric Eggs with golden accents

I have the loveliest of Fabric Easter Eggs for you to craft today. If these sherbet colors of mint green and melon aren’t enough to make you swoon, then the glimmering, shimmering sprinkle of gold will. I think these are some of my favorite fabrics ever. For a final flash of bling, designer Patty Schaffer wrapped up each egg with gold cord. Thank you, Patty, for sharing these most beautiful Gold Accent Easter Eggs.

Beautiful fabrics on these eggs, and it's an easy DIY on

To make Gold Accent Easter Eggs, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 5” eggs
  • Fabric* (each egg requires four, 5” x 9” pieces)
  • Gold cord
  • Thick, white craft glue or adhesive dots
  • Tools needed: Scissors; rubber bands; tape measure; permanent marker; wooden skewer, knitting needle, or other pointed tool; serrated knife

(*I’ve seen similar fabric at WalMart and Jo-Ann Stores, so it’s widely available.)

Beautiful fabrics -- beautiful eggs! DIY on


To make Gold Accent Easter Eggs:

  1. Stretch two rubber bands around the egg vertically, dividing it into quarters. Use the tape measure to be sure the sections are even. Draw lines with the permanent marker next to each rubber band, marking the quarter sections. Remove the rubber bands.
  1. Using the wood skewer, knitting needle, or other pointed tool, score each marker line.
  1. Position a 5” x 9” fabric piece over one of the scored quarters on the egg. Trim the fabric to fit, making sure you have an extra ¼” all around.
  1. Tuck the fabric edges into the scored lines using the serrated knife. Start at the top, and work along both sides as you go. If needed, trim away excess fabric as you tuck.
  1. Repeat Step 4 to tuck fabric into the other three sections.
  1. Gently compress each seam line by running your finger along the edge.
  1. Cut two pieces of gold trim to fit around the egg. Start at the bottom of the egg, and glue the trim around the egg in the seam line; you can also use glue dots to adhere the ends of the trim. Repeat with the second length of trim, and tuck the ends in under the cording.
Gorgeous fabric Easter eggs, easy DIY over on

The sherbet shades and gold accents are a fresh combination.

The Tie-Dye Easter Eggs show you how you can change up the fabric for a completely different look. (And repurpose an old T-shirt at the same time.)

Very cool - these are made with an old, tie-dye t-shirt.

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs by Kathleen George.

Here’s another idea for repurposing fabric — turn old ties into these Madras Plaid Easter Eggs.

Use old Madras plaid ties to make these pretty Easter eggs.

Madras Plaid Easter Eggs by Kathleen George.

And one more variation on a theme – Zippy Fabric Eggs, made with eight sections instead of four.

These are classic, but look really cool with the modern Michael Miller fabrics. Tutorial on

Bright, Modern Fabric Eggs by Kathleen George.

Do you love these sherbet and gold fabrics, too? Or do you have another favorite, fabric egg?

Happy crafting.


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10 Responses to How to DIY no-sew Fabric Eggs with golden accents

  1. Angie says:

    Beautiful eggs! I am partial to the gold accents. Some people might prefer silver accents as another choice. Happy Spring!

  2. LisaM6 says:

    Those are pretty darn cute. Some day I will get to all the great things you post. Gotta love this stuff!
    Happy Easter!

    • Sharon says:

      These are a fairly fast craft, and probably even do-able during a night of TV. But I know how crazy schedules can be! I’m glad these made your list! And so glad you always find the time to stop in! Sharon

  3. annehaun says:

    I have made these before -fun and easy!

    • Sharon says:

      Do you still have your fabric eggs? What kind of fabric did you use? Amazing how this technique is evergreen and using different fabrics keeps them fresh. Thanks, Anne. Sharon

  4. All of these are pretty but the gold accented eggs are my absolute favorite!! How yummy is that fabric!!! Off to hunt online for something similar!!! Thanks for enabling em yet again! 🙂

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