How to make everlasting Peek-a-Boo Eggs with woodland scenes

Patty Schaffer had the right idea when she made these Peek-a-Boo Easter Eggs. Years ago, I remember painstakingly trimming little peek-a-boo holes in real egg shells, and creating miniature critters from bread dough for the scenes inside. When I unpacked my eggs the following year, the mice had eaten the bread dough characters, and nibbled on the egg shells. Argh! Not only will you enjoy Patty’s Peek-a-Boo Eggs for many years to come, she also used purchased figurines. So much easier, and the mice won’t eat them!

Cute Peek-a-Boo eggs with woodland scenes! DIY on

So cute! Make it with a Styrofoam egg on

Cute! I’ve seen these little figures in the craft stores.

Sweet little scene inside a DIY Peek-a-Boo Egg. Tutorial on

Patty displayed the little bunny and chick in hollows she carved into 5″ eggs of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

To make Peek-a-Boo Eggs, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 4” and 5” eggs
  • Acrylic craft paint in lavender, meadow green, light blue, turquoise and periwinkle (or other colors of your choice)
  • Crystal glitter in white
  • Decorative trim in white (to edge the opening)
  • Miniatures: Mushrooms, deer, flowers, bunny, chick
  • Sheet moss
  • Ribbon rosettes in white
  • Ribbon in white (to hang the eggs)
  • Straight pins
  • Glitter glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; spoon or melon baller; paintbrush; old newspaper
Love this little woodland egg! DIY a peek-a-boo Easter egg on

This little woodland family lives in a 4″ egg.

To make Peek-a-Boo Eggs:

1. Use a spoon or melon baller to scoop out the egg, forming the hollow area where you will build your scene. Smooth out the interior with your fingers or the back of a spoon.

2. Paint the inside of the egg and let dry. Paint the exterior of the egg, and let dry. (When you pick your paint colors, remember that it will be easier to see your scene if you use a lighter color inside.)

3. Spread newspaper over your work surface. Generously coat the outside of the egg with glitter glue and sprinkle on white crystal glitter, thoroughly covering the egg. Gently tap off excess glitter. Let dry.

4. Glue decorative trim around the opening.

5. Glue your little woodland figures inside the egg. Add moss, flowers and mushrooms.

6. Tie together ends of an 8” – 10” length of ribbon. Pin and glue to the top of each egg. Glue a ribbon rosette over the pin.

Cute, DIY Peek-a-Boo Easter Eggs.

You could make your own figures, like I did years ago, but it’s so much easier to use readymade!

You might remember the glittered eggs Rebekah Meier shared a few years ago. She made them in her favorite, vintage style, and she used images to create the illusion of peek-a-boo scenes.

Glittered Peek-a-Boo Eggs

Glittered Peek-a-Boo Eggs by Rebekah Meier

Easter seems so early this year. Are you finding time for making Easter crafts? What are you making?

Happy crafting.


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16 Responses to How to make everlasting Peek-a-Boo Eggs with woodland scenes

  1. CraftyB says:

    Pastels, Spring is here!! The bunny is my fave!

  2. Angie says:

    So pretty! These Easter eggs remind me of those sugar eggs from when I was a child. The best part is no calories! Thank you for the lovely presentations!

  3. Patty S says:

    i always enjoy seeing the projects professionally photographed! Beautiful!

    • Sharon says:

      Dina does do a beautiful job! (And wait till you see what she’s made for Crafts ‘n Coffee readers! I’ll share one of Dina’s designs next week!) You did a beautiful job on these, too, Patty! I just love them! Thank you!!

  4. LisaM6 says:

    Those are wonderful. I want to give it a try. I have some eggs and can’t wait for the weekend to give it a try!

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 Send photos! I’d love to see your peek-a-boo eggs. Do you remember the sugar eggs with scenes in them? I’ve not seen them around recently, I wonder if they still make and sell them . . . Happy crafting, Lisa.

  5. Katiria says:

    oh I love these! Making time for crafts is harder than making the crafts themselves 😉

    • Sharon says:

      There’s something almost magical about these mini scenes, isn’t there? I’m so glad you agree. And yes, the time crunch is real! Baby steps, right — carve them one night, paint and glitter them the next, and then add the little scene on day 3. Thanks for finding the time to stop in! Sharon

  6. These are simply darling!! I make something similar using crochet thread and glue wrapped around a balloon. I think I just might have to make up a few of these for the grandchildren to find during the Easter Hunt!!

    • Sharon says:

      I’m so glad you like them! I remember making thread spheres with balloons, but I never made eggs. These eggs may be a little more durable for the grandkids, however. Craft on, Barb!

  7. annehaun says:

    Adorable Easter eggs!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks so much — Patty did a beautiful job on these. I think they’re so special, and I’m glad you like them, too. Happy crafting! Sharon

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