Extravagant and irresistible Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres

If you saw a bowl full of these exquisite Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres, could you resist picking them up and admiring them more closely? Nope, I didn’t think so! Each Ribbon & Bead Deco Sphere is like a miniature piece of artwork. Designer Ed Smith lavishly layered on various textures to create these sumptuous spheres. The step-by-step tutorial deconstructs them and shows how you can DIY these beautiful Deco Spheres by simply layering on ribbons, fibers and beaded wires.

Beautiful, DIY accent spheres. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres by Ed Smith.

Detail from sumptuous, DIY Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Each sphere is like a piece of artwork!

To make Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 4” ball
  • Ribbons, 1-1/2” wide:
    • 4 yds in gold metallic;
    • 2 yds sheer ribbon in color(s) of your choice
    • Additional ribbons in various widths, colors and finishes
  • Fibers, assorted styles in violet and blue
  • Craft wire: 22-gauge magenta; 24-gauge gold
  • Beads, jewels and gems in assorted colors and styles
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; ruler; wire cutters; straight pins; pearl head corsage pins

To make Ribbon & Beads Deco Spheres:

1. Wrap gold ribbon around a ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam till the ball is completely covered. To secure the end of the ribbon, dip two straight pins into thick, white craft glue and insert through the ribbon ends into the foam ball.

2. Wrap the gold wire randomly around the ball. As you wrap the wire, stop several times to wrap the wire around a straight pin, dip the straight pin into glue, and then insert it into the foam ball. This will help to hold the wire in place.

Gorgeous, DIY Deco Spheres. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Create textures by layering on ribbons, fibers and beaded wire.

3. Following Step 1, twist and wrap the sheer ribbons around the ball. Do not cover the gold ribbon and gold wire. You want a “collage” effect with all colors and materials visible.

4. Add beaded wire:

  • Wrap a 36” length of magenta wire around a pencil.
  • Thread beads and gems onto the wire, twisting the wire around the beads to secure.
  • Dip one end in glue, and insert into the foam ball.
  • Randomly wrap the wire around the ball, securing in place with pearl head corsage pins inserted through the beads and into the foam ball.
  • Secure the end by dipping it in glue and then inserting it into the ball.

5. Wrap ball with fibers; secure with pins and glue.

6. Continue to wrap the ball in beaded wires and fibers, till you’re pleased with the textures.

7. Optional: If you’d like to make an ornament, twist together the ends of a 12” length of wire. Dip the ends in glue, and then insert into the top of the ball. Let glue dry before hanging.

These are gorgeous! DIY Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres on CraftsnCoffee.com.

What colors would you choose for your Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres? I would make mine gray, silver and aqua.

Aren’t they gorgeous? What colors would you use? I think I would make my Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres in gray, silver, and aqua, with black accents.

Happy crafting!


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14 Responses to Extravagant and irresistible Ribbon & Bead Deco Spheres

  1. These are stunning! I think we would make one in shades of blue because that is Jenna’s favorite color and for me I think gold, orange, bright green and black to tone it down would be pretty! Will have to see if we can find some extra time this week to give it a try!
    We just hit on a bounty of StyroFoam goodies when we were cleaning the craft oasis! I had put an order of StyroFoam products in a cupboard when they arrived because I didn’t have time to put them away properly and forgot about them. Found them the other day and am so excited that I don’t have to restock right away! All different shapes and sizes of happiness! LOL

    • Sharon says:

      Ooh, lucky you! Oh, the possibilities! What’s first on your list, now that you’ve hit the jackpot?? Happy crafting! Sharon

      • I am thinking that I might give felting a try! I got a few things of wool roving and a needle set so just need to get brave and apologize to my poor fingers before I start! LOL Hubby is unaware that I have purchased a sharp tool to use so he will be surprised to when my hands are dripping blood from pokes! LOL Poor guy doesn’t know what he is in for!
        Have a great weekend!

      • Sharon says:

        Go for it — your secret is safe with us 🙂 I want to hear all about your needle felting adventures! I think you are going to have a blast (and I have a few more felted projects scheduled in for the spring . . .) Happy crafting, Barb. Sharon

  2. Angie says:

    Beautiful textures! These look like a piece of art to be displayed in your home. They do not look like simple arts and craft projects. Love the use of fibers and bead work to create these gorgeous balls.

    • Sharon says:

      I agree — each one is like a mini piece of artwork. Hard to believe that you can DIY this yourself, isn’t it? I’m so glad Ed shared his tutorial with us. Glad you stopped in, too. Thanks! Sharon

  3. annehaun says:

    Very pretty!

  4. LisaM6 says:

    Those balls are truly interesting looking. I will have to add them to my to try list….ok it just keeps growing. Wishing for some me time right now. Maybe this weekend. 🙂 Then look out craft room. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      So many ideas, so little time . . . I find that just a few minutes of creative “me” time can make all the difference in a day, don’t you? Here’s hoping you can find a few minutes today to create something beautiful! Thanks for finding the time to stop in. Sharon

  5. Aherry says:

    Thinking about doing this w/pastels on styrofoam eggs

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