DIY Christmas Decorations: Sparkling, Christmas Ornament Topiaries

December 1, already? How has Thanksgiving – and all those leftovers, already come and gone? Is your Christmas tree up? Are you ready for a few more, DIY Christmas decorations? I have a mantel decorating idea for you today that’s so festive and an easy DIY – Sparkling, Christmas Ornament Topiaries. These whimsical, super-sized ornaments might look over-the-top, but these Christmas topiaries can be made in a crafternoon. A pair of Sparkling, Christmas Ornament Topiaries will dress up your Christmas mantel, tabletop, bookshelf, or other little nook that needs some holiday cheer.

Bright & whimsical DIY Christmas Decorations on

To make Sparkling, Christmas Ornament Topiaries, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • Two, 1” x 6” discs
    • One, 1” x 4” disc
    • Two, 4” balls
  • Clay pots, two, 4” dia.
  • Glitter paper in red and white
  • Wood dowels, 3/8” x 24”
  • Paint:
    • Paint for clay pots (Patty used spray paint)
    • Silver for wood dowels
  • Wire, 10” (a clothes hanger would work)
  • Corrugated cardboard (Patty used a lightbulb box)
  • Decorative paper shred
  • Double-sided tape
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; knippers; scallop edge scissors; pins; 1-¼” circle punch; pencil; painter’s tape
Cute! So bright and whimsical. DIY Christmas Ornament Topiaries on

Sparkling, Christmas Ornament Topiaries by Patty Schaffer.

To make Sparkling, Christmas Ornament Topiaries

1. Paint your pots. Patty masked off the rim of her pots to create contrasting rims

2. Cut the wood dowel in half with knippers, so you have two, 12” lengths. Paint the dowels silver.

3. Insert a wooden dowel into the outside edge of each 6” disc, and then remove the dowel.

4. Place one 6” disc on the reverse side of the red glitter paper. Trace around the disc. Cut out the circle, adding 3/8” all around, ie your cut-out circle should measure 6-3/4” in diameter. Repeat three more times, so you have six, 6-3/4” circles.

5. Cut tabs around each circle, cutting to the original tracing line.

6. Center the paper circles on the discs, fold down the tabs, and pin the tabs in place. Cover the front and back of each, 6” disc. Keep the hole for the dowel uncovered.

7. Starting and ending at the hole you made in Step 2, wrap a 5/8” wide strip of red glitter paper around the outside edge of each disc, covering the tabs. Secure the paper strip with double-sided tape. Do not cover the hole.

8. Cover the 4” disc in the white glitter paper, following Steps 4 – 7.

9. Punch circles from the white glitter paper, and decorate the front and back of one 6” disc with polka dots. Position several dots along the edge, and cut along the curve, so the dots “bleed” off the edge of the disc.

10. Cut several strips of red glitter paper using the scallop edge scissors, and add the stripes to the front and back of the 4” disc.

Cute! DIY super-sized ornaments from discs of Styrofoam.

Add stripes to the 4″ ornament with strips of red, glitter paper. You’ll add the white ornament a little off center on top of the 6″ ornament.

11. Squeeze low-temp glue into the holes in the 6” discs and insert wood dowels. Before the glue dries, check to be sure the dowels are straight.

12. Insert a 4” ball into each clay pot. Trim as needed so that the balls fit snugly inside the pots. Glue balls in place.

13. Insert each dowel into a pot, and make sure the dowels and ornaments stand straight. Remove the dowels, add glue, and reinsert the dowels. Adjust if needed, before the glue dries.

14. Position the 4” ornament slightly off center on top of the solid red, 6” ornament. Glue in place.

How to make jumbo ornament hangers on

Ornament hanger

15. Ornament hangers:

  • Cut three, 5/8” wide strips of corrugated cardboard.
  • Tightly roll up each strip with the corrugated side facing out, and secure with glue.
  • Paint silver.
  • Cut three, 1-½” lengths of wire, and bend each into a U.
  • Insert a wire U into the top of each rolled strip.
  • Glue a hanger to the top of each ornament.

16. Cover the top of each pot with decorative paper shred.

Sneak peek of Friday's post on

Sneak peek!

How was your Thanksgiving? We had so much fun at our Thanksgiving Craftermath. Even family members who don’t typically craft (you know who you are!), got into the spirit of a little making. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

In the meantime, this little cutie and I will see you on Friday, and I’ll tell you more about the Stocking Stuffer giveaway then, too.

Happy crafting.


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12 Responses to DIY Christmas Decorations: Sparkling, Christmas Ornament Topiaries

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  3. The topiaries are cute but I think the part of the ornaments that are the silver tops need to be bigger.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, and you could certainly make the hangers bigger by using a larger strip of the corrugated cardboard. If you make a set, be sure to share a photo on our Facebook page. I’d love to see how you change them up. Happy crafting! Sharon

  4. Angie says:

    Love the glitter and sparkle! Can be used with whatever your color theme is for the season. I am seeing a lot of white flocked trees with blue bulbs. Also red lights and bulbs with white accents. What about those pink and white trees? Of course, there is the traditional red and green too. This would coordinate just lovely with any of those colors!

    • Sharon says:

      Love your ideas! You could take this in a lot of directions and use different papers and colors that you love. Metallic papers would be pretty, too. Or you could make it vintage and add lace trims and such . . .or . . . Thanks for the comment! Sharon

  5. Katiria says:

    Ornament topiaries, What a great idea!

  6. Cute as can be!!! Jenna is sitting next to me and trying to kiss the screen so I am guessing that she thinks they are pretty awesome too!!! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      Oh, what fun! I think you have a junior crafter on your hands! Happy crafting to you both, Barb. Sharon

      • The other day I went into my craft room to finish up a project that I have been working on for a couple months and I noticed that someone had taken a black sharpie to 2 sides of it. I was devastated! Hubby told me it was my fault because I allow her to go into my craft room and create with me. He said she was only trying to help.
        She was right next to me when I noticed it and all I did was put my head into my hands and start to cry. She instantly started saying she was sorry. I asked her why she was sorry and she said because she “writed” on my pretty. I told her it would be okay but that she was not allowed in my craft room for the rest of that day and the whole next day.She said ok Jenna bad. I told he she wasn’t bad just made a mistake and that I know she won’t do it again.
        The next morning when we got up she asked me if it was the day she couldn’t go in the craft room. I told her she was right and that we could go in the next day.
        I sanded for a few hours and had to repaint and re-embellish the project. It all worked out in the end so all is well! 🙂

      • Sharon says:

        Oh no! You handled that perfectly, Barb, and I’m so glad you were able to clean up the project. I bet Jenna can’t wait to get back in the craft room, and she’ll be a little more careful next time! Sharon

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