Make favorite, Paper Pine Cone Ornaments – in punchy pink papers!

Is there another holiday filled with more traditions and nostalgia than Christmas? I don’t think so. But sometimes, you have to change it up a bit and today’s Paper Pine Cone or Paper Pineapple Ornaments do just that. Folding paper strips or ribbons into points, and pinning the points to balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam has been a favorite, DIY ornament for many years, but Rebekah Meier shakes it up with pretty papers in bright pink and green. Andy why not? When you DIY these Paper Pine Cone or Paper Pineapple Ornaments, make them in whatever paper and colors you like. I think you’ll find her tutorial easy to follow, too.

This is favorite, DIY Christmas ornament, and this tutorial is the best I've found for making Paper Pine Cone Ornaments.

Pink Paisley, Paper Pine Cone Ornament by Rebekah Meier.

This is favorite, DIY Christmas ornament, and this tutorial is the best I've found for making Paper Pineapple Ornaments.

Pink Plaid Pineapple Ornament by Rebekah Meier.

To make a Pink, Paper Pinecone Ornament, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 3” ball
  • Scrapbooking paper, 12” x 12”
  • Grosgrain ribbon, 1/2″ x 2/3 yd.
  • Craft wire, 2” – 3” length
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; pencil; ruler; craft pins; optional: paper trimmer
Pretty and popular: Paper Pine Cone or Paper Pineapple Christmas Ornaments. Excellent DIY tutorial on

Make these in your favorite Christmas colors.

To make a Pink, Paper Pinecone Ornament:

  1. Cut one 2″ square and forty-five 1″ x 4″ strips from scrapbook paper. Place paper strips printed side down on work surface. Refer to Diagrams 1 – 3 to fold strips in half and then into crisp points as shown.
  2. Glue paper square to center bottom of the foam ball, clipping the edges of the paper square as needed so it lays flat. Mark the center bottom of ball with a pin.
  3. Refer to Diagram 4 to pin two points to the bottom of the ball on opposite sides, with tips just touching. Insert pins as indicated by the dots on the diagram. The points will stick up a bit, and don’t worry about the pins showing. The pins will be covered as you add more points.
  4. Pin two more paper points over first two with edges just slightly overlapping and points just touching. Hooray – your first layer is complete.
  5. Refer to Diagrams 5 and 6 to add two more layers of paper points. Position the second layer 1/2″ from the center of first layer. Position the third layer 1″ from the center of the first layer.
  6. Continue pinning paper points in alternating rows around the ball, positioning each row an additional 1/2″ up from the center bottom of the ball. You’ll find that near the mid-point of the ball, the edges of the paper points will be slightly farther apart than at the top and bottom. Be sure each layer covers the pins from the previous layer. Adjust pins as needed. The final row of paper points should completely cover the top of the ball.
  7. Remove the pin marking the center bottom of ball and use it to make a hole in the center top. Twist together the ends of a 2” – 3” length of wire, add a dab of glue, and insert the twisted ends into the hole left by the pin. Let glue dry.
  8. Tie a loopy bow and glue to the top of the ornament.


Kathleen George went nontraditional in her colors and her shape when she made these Folded, Paper Pine Cone Tree Ornaments.

Folded Paper Pinecone Ornaments turned into sweet little trees!

If you’d rather use a more traditional paper, then make these your own and do just that. Patty Schaffer used deep red paper for her Paper Pinecone Ornament.

A favorite DIY Christmas Ornament -- Folded Paper Pine Cone Balls!

Paper Pineapple or Pine Cone Ornament by Patty Schaffer.

For more information about making Paper Pinecone or Paper Pineapple Ornaments, don’t miss the video Five Ornaments in Five Minutes. In just five minutes, Candie Cooper walks you through five ways to make easy Christmas ornaments.

Tutorial for the top five handmade ornaments

Learn how to make all five of these ornaments in just five minutes!

Several of you told me that you’re always looking for ornament ideas, and I’ll have more in the weeks ahead. It’s not too early to feature Christmas crafts, is it?

Happy crafting!


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16 Responses to Make favorite, Paper Pine Cone Ornaments – in punchy pink papers!

  1. Linda Dossett says:

    Thank you for trying to find the craft I was looking for. It was made with fabric cut in 2″ squares, a 2 or 2 1/2 inch foam ball and It looked like it was quilted when finished. There was a tutorial on this and she used two different fabrics.

  2. Angie says:

    Love the 5 ornaments in 5 minutes! Very creative! Most of the items we have in our craft boxes. The hardest part is deciding on the color for them! Enjoy!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Angie. You certainly can use a lot of supplies you have on hand, and you have to love that! Choose your favorite colors and what you love — you can never go wrong that way. Glad you stopped in today. Sharon

  3. LisaM6 says:

    I am so making these this year. Applesauce today and tomorrow Thursday look out I am going to create some pinecones.

    • Sharon says:

      Sounds like a plan, and a fun one, too! Do you make applesauce every year? Which varieties do you use? I try to make a batch every year and I don’t think my apples had enough flavor this year and the sauce is a little bland. Have fun making your pine cone ornaments — and share a photo. I’d love to see what you make. Thanks, Lisa. Sharon

  4. These would also be great done in purple and green with a splash of orange and black for Halloween! Kind of like pumpkins or jackolanterns!! LOVE your ideas!

    • Sharon says:

      You are reading my mind, Barb. While I was working on the post, I wondered how they would look in orange, with black, jack-o-lantern faces. I think you have a cute idea there! Thank you for sharing your creativity! Sharon

  5. Angie F says:

    I don’t think it’s too early. I was just thinking over the weekend about starting on making my Christmas cards 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Do you make your cards every year? I’ve been looking for cute scrapbook papers and seem to find the best selection online. Where do you buy your papers? Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

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