Chill chaser craft idea: DIY a Cozy Sweater Cone

It snowed this past weekend – twice. Not a lot, but enough to make you reach for the gloves and turn on the furnace. In honor of that first snow, I’m featuring the first Christmas craft of the season – Cozy Sweater Cones. I feel warmer already! Scout your thrift stores or your own closets for an old sweater or two, and follow along as Kathleen George shows you how to repurpose an old sweater to make these Cozy Sweater Cones.

Cozy -- and thrifty DIY craft idea. Turn old sweaters into these Cozy Sweater Cones.

The creamy cones are so elegant, and Kathleen didn’t have to add any extra trims, thanks to her already embellished sweaters. If you’d like a little more color, check out the Christmas Sweater Cones Kathleen made with bright red and pink sweaters. Kathleen added pompoms and flowers to dress up this duo. When you’re done, you’ll have sweater scraps leftover, and I have a few ideas for those as well. Read on!

Repurpose old sweaters and make these pretty, Christmas Sweater Cones.

To make Cozy Sweater Cones, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” and 9” cones (or other sizes of your choice)
  • Old sweater, one per cone (look for sweaters with texture and embellishments to help decorate your “tree”)
  • Optional: Beads, pearls, crystals, silk flowers, buttons, ribbons, and other trims for decorating your trees
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; craft pins; needle & thread

To make Cozy Sweater Cones:

  1. Cut the sweater to fit the cone:
  • Cut along the side seams on a sweater, so that you can lay it out flat.
  • Wrap the sweater around the cone for a test fit. Be sure the cone is completely covered, and that you like how the sweater design fits on the cone.
  • Pin the sweater in place, and then cut away the excess fabric. Be sure to leave an extra inch or so all around.
  • Unpin the fabric. You should have a triangular piece of sweater fabric.

    Pick pretty textured sweaters when making Cozy Sweater Cones.

    Kathleen used the sweater cables and other existing sweater decorations to embellish her Cozy Sweater Cones.

  1. Fold the sweater triangle in half, with right sides together. Stitch a seam 3/8” from the edge. Turn the fabric right side out.
  1. Cover the cone:
  • Pull the sweater cover down over the cone of STYROFOAM Brand Foam.
  • Make sure the sweater is pulled down snug over the top of the cone.
  • Arrange the seam at the back of the cone.
  • Stretch the fabric down and around to the bottom of the cone.
  • Pin and glue the fabric to the bottom of the cone.
  • If the fabric is bulky, carefully trim away extra fabric so the bottom is flat and the cone stands straight.

4. Optional: Pin or glue on additional decorations.

Tutorial to DIY Cozy & Creamy Sweater Cones on

These elegant Sweater Cones would be pretty all winter long.

Cute & Cozy Christmas Sweater Cones.

Use old sweaters you have on hand, or scout thrift stores for second-hand finds.

Don’t stop there. I have more ideas for the leftover sweater fabric, like this Sweater & Snowflake Wreath.

Cozy, winter sweater wreath. Great project for repurposing old sweaters.

Mix and match your sweaters to create a Peppermint Stripe Sweater Wreath.

This Peppermint Stripe Sweater Wreath is made with two sweaters -- a plain white one and a red cabled sweater. Cute!

For a quick and easy gift idea, turn the leftover sweater sleeves into Sweater Ornaments. You’ll be able to make several Sweater Ornaments from each sleeve.

Turn old sweaters into Christmas Ornaments! Tutorial on

Whip up a few Sweater Ornaments from the leftover sweater sleeves.

I don’t think we’ll see any more snow this week, and I’ll get back on track with a Halloween craft on Friday. Anyone else out there feeling a chill in the air?

Brrr! The first now of the season fell over the weekend. It's time for a cozy craft.

Brrr! The first snow of the season fell over the weekend.

Happy crafting.


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12 Responses to Chill chaser craft idea: DIY a Cozy Sweater Cone

  1. LisaM6 says:

    No snow here yet…frosty windshields. 🙂
    Great sweater weather crafts. I need to find the old sweaters my oldest daughter wore. They would make fun decorations. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      I can see your wheels turning from here, Lisa. What could be better than repurposing the sweaters your daughter doesn’t wear any more to make new Christmas decorations? You go! Craft on! Sharon

  2. CraftyB says:

    Perfect craft to tackle as the weather turns to chillier temps. Love the red trees and ornaments – festive Christmas decor!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! It’s super easy to change up these trees to match your favorite Christmas colors, from bright red to creamy whites, depending the sweaters you find. Gotta love that! Happy crafting! Sharon

  3. annehaun says:

    Snow – oh no – too early for that!! I love these sweater crafts – thanks for the good ideas.

  4. Snow is a four letter word and should not be uttered this early in the season!!! I haven’t even had time to get my flowers cut back for fall yet! I do love the Peppermint Wreath though!! IT makes it a little easier to swallow a little bit of snow!! LOL TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      I know! I still have yard work to do, too — pots to bring in, the hose to put up, etc. Maybe this weekend will be a better weekend for all of that. Think of making a few cozy sweater crafts and keep warm, Barb. Sharon

  5. D Keels says:

    What a beautiful original crafting idea!?! Snow?!? What area of the country do you live in? I was complaining about it being cold – 82 degree weather in Phoenix!

    • Sharon says:

      Ahh, you have lovely winters out in Phoenix. I’m in Cleveland and snow in October is not unusual. However, the rest of the week has been beautiful, no snow in sight. Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  6. sllvncookie says:

    It’s hard find pretty sweaters & have cut up,,but these so pretty you can’t help your self they so pretty ,,Thank’s for sharing,….

    • Sharon says:

      It’s nice that you can re-use such a pretty sweater. Maybe you can shop a thrift store for sweaters that aren’t your size, and then you won’t feel so bad cutting it up. Happy crafting! Sharon

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