An easy Halloween Wreath made three different ways

When I made my Flex Ribbon Candy Corn Cones, I mentioned that I had more plans for crafting with this sparkling, tube-like ribbon. Like the Mesh Tubing Halloween Wreath I’m sharing today. It’s an easy Halloween wreath, and one that you can accessorize to make it your own. In fact, I finished it three different ways, and I’m not sure which Halloween wreath is my favorite. You’ll have to tell me how you would make this wreath.

Cute Halloween Wreath made with mesh tubing and ribbons.

I added ribbons to this version, giving it a more scrappy look.

Cute and easy Halloween wreath. DIY on

I thought the eyeballs added a little fun.

To make a Mesh Tubing Halloween Wreath, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath
  • Mesh tubing, two bags (I purchased the Fab Lab Halloween assortment at Jo-Ann Stores)
  • Acrylic craft paint in purple
  • Tools needed: Scissors; stiff paintbrush; ruler; chopstick or other pointed tool
  • Optional: Assorted ribbons in Halloween colors; purple glitter; 2″ ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam; two, 1-1/2” wiggle eyes; two floral picks; serrated knife; thick, white craft glue (See Variations below to determine which optional items you’d like to use)
Cute and easy Halloween Wreath DIY on

Both wreaths, side by side.

To make a Mesh Tubing Halloween Wreath:

  1. Paint your wreath purple. Optional: While wreath is wet, sprinkle with purple glitter. (I glittered my wreath, but honestly, it’s hard to see the glitter so I think this is an optional step.)
Supplies needed for an easy Halloween wreath.

My wreath is painted and glittered and ready to go. I used two bags of the mesh tubing.

2. Cut the mesh tubing into 9” lengths. Pair up the lengths, and knot each pair together in the middle.

Have you used mesh tubing? DIY an easy Halloween wreath with it on

It’s like a pile of colorful pasta.

How to make crafts from mesh tubing or mesh ribbon.

Knot each pair in the center.

3. Add the pairs of mesh tubing to the wreath:

Easy Halloween wreath DIY. So cute & colorful when it's done!

Push the knots into the wreath with your pointed tool. Easy!

  • Use the chopstick or other pointed tool to push the knot into the front of the wreath.
  • Work around the outside edge first.
  • Add mesh tubing to the inside edge.
  • Fill in any gaps with the extra pairs of tubing.
DIY a colorful Halloween wreath with deco mesh tubing. Very cool product!

Fill in the outside edge first, and then the edge around the center.

  1. Loop a 12” length of ribbon through the wreath, knot the ends, and hang.
Cute & easy Halloween Wreath over on Crafts 'n Coffee.

Here is the wreath with the mesh tubing and eyeballs, and no additional ribbons.

Cute and easy Halloween wreath. DIY it on

And here’s the wreath with the extra ribbons.

This is a fun Halloween wreath! Really easy, too.

Or you can add the ribbons and skip the eyeballs.


  1. Add ribbons:
  • Cut ribbons into 10” lengths.
  • Push the center of each ribbon length into the wreath using a chopstick.
  1. Add eyeballs:
  • Cut the 2” foam ball in half.
  • Glue a 1-1/2” wiggle eye to the flat side of each half ball.
  • Insert a floral pick into the back (curved side) of each half ball.
  • Insert the floral picks into the wreath.

One wreath, three different ways. Do you have a favorite? Or would you decorate the wreath differently?

Cute idea for Halloween wreath. Easy tutorial on

I think it’s a fun Halloween wreath — both to make and to display.

Here are the Candy Corn Cones I made with the mesh ribbon/tubing (I found it called many different names). If you can’t find it in the store, you can order it from lots of places online.

Wrap deco mesh tubing around Styrofoam cones for this quick & easy Candy Corn DIY.

Happy crafting!


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20 Responses to An easy Halloween Wreath made three different ways

  1. Debbie says:

    I have been trying to find instructions for this wreath for a long time. I just love it but forgot to save it. So it pops up today. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. janet dycus says:

    thank you for these wreath for using the tubing for a Christmas color can wait tosee what yo will do

  3. hellofifi says:

    This is awesome!! Such a simple idea, looks fab!

  4. Joan Floyd says:

    Easier than it looks…..I was overwhelmed at first….hey, not at all now! I’ll take any of them….all gorgeous! Thanks for the directions….you are so good at this stuff!! Maybe I can do one for Christmas. Thanks again.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you so much! This is absolutely an easy idea. You cut the tubing, knot the lengths together and just insert them into the wreath. You can do this! I am envisioning this wreath in red & white for Christmas — how pretty would that be? What are you thinking of for a Christmas wreath? Sharon

      • Joan Floyd says:

        Colors I have planned are purple and pale green….maybe add some white ribbon along with pale green ribbon. I have a string of pale green small beads that I would drape somehow, somewhere. I am not sure…but I might leave the Styrofoam white. Thanks for your response. Happy Crafting!

      • Sharon says:

        That sounds beautiful! Do share a photo of your wreath when it’s done. I’d love to see it! Craft on! Sharon

  5. this is great. have a lot of tubing and didn’t know how I was going to use it. Now I know. thanks

  6. cookie17 says:

    This wreath is beautiful,I love love it Don’t do much for Halloween but have idea for Christmaslol,wow we

    • Sharon says:

      Oh my gosh, Christmas! There is so much you could do with this tubing ribbon for Christmas, isn’t there? What are you going to make?? Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  7. LisaM6 says:

    WOW! That is some wreath. I agree with Barb, I need some of this tubing.
    The ribbon and eyes are a wonderful add!

    • Sharon says:

      So glad you like it, and I always appreciate the feedback. Halloween is not a minimalist holiday, is it? The more the better! Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  8. Love love both. Great job.

  9. I REALY need to get tons of this flexible tubing!!! I can think of many ways to use it!!! My favorite of the three wreaths is the loaded one! Tubing, eyes and ribbon add up to spooktacular!! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      The more the merrier, am I right, Barb? Once you try this tubing ribbon, you will love it and yes, the ideas are endless! Happy crafty weekend! Sharon

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