Can bats be pretty? Take a look at this Halloween Topiary!

I don’t mind bats swooping around on a summer night, as long as they are outside. But when they’re inside, like the times I’ve had them in the bedroom, or the laundry room, or discovered that they liked to hibernate in my attic? That’s creepy! That said, I would happily decorate my house with Patty Schaffer’s adorable Flying Bats Halloween Topiary. These 13(!) glittering, black bats are a fun Halloween decoration that’s not too scary. And there are so many pretty details, too, like the book page decoupage and orange, pompom trim. Here’s how to make your own Flying Bats Halloween Topiary.

Cute, and love the details on this Flying Bats Halloween Topiary.

Flying Bats Halloween Topiary by Patty Schaffer.

Swooping bats are the perfect way to top off this Halloween Topiary Cone.

A trio of bats swoop around the top on coiled wires.

To make a Flying Bats Halloween Topiary, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” cone; 4” ball; block or scrap piece
  • Clay pot, 5” dia.
  • Wood dowel, 3/8” x 12”
  • Acrylic craft paint in black
  • Pages from an old book
  • Glittered cardstock in black
  • Pompom trim in orange
  • Black wire
  • Sheet moss
  • Mod Podge
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Optional: Paint for the clay pot; black marker
  • Tools needed: Scissors; stiff bristle paintbrush; bat paper punch; turkey baster or other round tool to curl wire
Fun details form a Flying Bats Halloween Topiary. DIY it on

Book pages + glittering bats + bright orange pompoms = so many sweet details.

To make a Flying Bats Halloween Topiary:

  1. Paint wooden dowel black. Insert the dowel in a block or scrap piece of foam while the paint dries. Optional: Paint your clay pot.
  1. Insert the 4” foam ball in the clay pot, and glue in place.
  1. Insert the wood dowel down into the foam ball, remove, add glue to the hole, and place the dowel back into the foam ball.
  1. Rip the old book pages into strips of varying widths and lengths. Mod Podge the strips to the sides and top of the cone. Let dry.

    Glittering bats made with a paper punch top off a Halloween Topiary on

    There’s nothing scary here, right?

  1. Carefully push the cone onto the wooden dowel, checking to be sure the cone is centered and straight. When you have the placement correct, remove the cone, add glue to the hole, and place the cone back onto the dowel.
  1. Glue the pompom trim around the bottom of the cone.
  1. Punch 13 black bats from the glittered cardstock. If the back of your cardstock is white, paint it black (or, use a black magic marker).

    Decorate for Halloween with glittered black bats on a Halloween Topiary.

    You’ll perch one bat on the rim of the pot.

  1. Glue nine bats all around the cone. Once the glue is dry, bend the wings to give the bats dimension. Glue a bat to the rim of the clay pot.
  1. Wrap three lengths of wire around a turkey baster or other round tool. Poke the ends of each wire into the top of the cone, spacing them evenly. Glue a bat onto the top of the wire at the end of each spiral. Bend the bats’ wings.
  1. Cover the top of the pot with sheet moss, and glue in place.
I'd love a pair of these Flying Bats Halloween Topiaries on my fireplace mantel! DIY on

I would love a pair of these Flying Bats Halloween Topiaries on my fireplace mantel.

If you’re still not sure about bats, here’s another Halloween Topiary Patty crafted with lots of pretty papers.

Pretty papers for a Halloween Topiary Cone.

Scalloped, Ruffled & Paper Crafted Halloween Topiary by Patty Schaffer.

Have you ever heard the saying “to rats, bats are angels”? I guess it’s all in your perspective, right?

Happy crafting!




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7 Responses to Can bats be pretty? Take a look at this Halloween Topiary!

  1. LisaM6 says:

    Great topairies. The bats added to the top that way really make a statement. Please do keep the rats. PS I got my magazine and found some great ideas to make. Thanks so much!

  2. atkokosplace says:

    Okay… This gets the adorable award! You had me at tiny bats! Hahahaha. Enjoy your day! Koko:)

  3. I love bats AND rats!! Although not when they are in my house unless they are caged! LOL I got my magazine Saturday and LOVE it!! So many awesome ideas in it!!! Thanks so much!! I am going to share it with my neighbor who is a teacher. She will love it also! THANKS again!!

    • Sharon says:

      Bats outdoors are o.k. by me, but I don’t think I’d like rats inside or out! Enjoy the magazine, and I’m so glad you’re planning on sharing it, too. You can never have too many craft ideas, right? Sharon

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