DIY a custom, Halloween Marquee Sign shaped like a ghost

It’s the season for Halloween fun and crafts, and things that go bump in the night. If a Halloween craft sends a few shivers down your spine, it’s all part of the fun. Like this spooky – but fun, Halloween Marquee sign shaped like a ghost. Kathleen George shares how she made this custom, Halloween Marquee sign, and you can make this light-up ghost your own. Use Kathleen’s diagram as a reference, or cut out the ghost according to your own style. He’ll add a haunting “hello” to your home! (Last year, Kathleen shared her DIY, BOO Marquee sign.)

How fun is this -- DIY your own Halloween marquee light.

To make a Marquee Ghost Sign, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1” x 12” x 18” sheet
  • Acrylic craft paint in black
  • LED mini light strands, two, 9-1/2-ft. each, battery operated with 20 lights each
  • 18-gauge wire, 6 – 8 ft.
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; sharp pencil; ruler; serrated knife; bar of soap or old candle; wire cutters; firm paint brush; masking tape

To make a Marquee Ghost Sign:

  1. Halloween ghost face.


    Using the sharp pencil, draw a ghost on the foam sheet. To maximize the size of the sheet, try drawing your ghost on an angle. If you like, refer to Kathleen’s diagram as you draw. Her ghost measures 18” tall; 16.5” across the arms; and 19.5” diagonally from the tip of the right arm to the left tip of the gown.

  2. Wax the serrated knife with an old candle or a bar of soap, and cut out. Sand any rough edges with a scrap piece of foam, and smooth with your fingertips, too.
  3. Trace the outline of the mouth and eyes onto the face. Paint black and let dry.
  4. Cut 60, ¾” lengths of wire. Bend each piece over a pencil, creating a U. You’ll use these U-pins to hold the light strings in place.
Backside of a DIY Halloween Ghost Marquee Sign. Cool idea.

You’ll glue the lights in place, and use U-pins, too.

5. Attach the light strings:

  • Place the ghost face down on your work surface.
  • Start with the light that’s closest to the battery box.
  • Position this light at the tip of an arm, placed so that only the light bulb extends beyond the edge.
  • Press the light base into the foam sheet. Remove the light, place a dab of glue in the depression, and return the light to its position.
  • Insert a U-pin to hold it in place.
  • Continue adding lights in this manner, spacing them about 2” apart.
  • As needed, use the U-pins to hold the extra wire in place at the back of the ghost.
  • Arrange the battery boxes so they hang down below the ghost.
  1. Form a wire hanger and insert and glue into the back of the ghost.
  2. Optional: Print out a “BOO” sign and spot glue to the front.
Cute idea! DIY a Halloween Ghost Marquee Sign.

Follow Kathleen’s diagram or cut out a ghost in your own style.

Here is the BOO Marquee sign Kathleen created last year.

Fun, Halloween marquee lights made out of Styrofoam brand foam. NO metalworking, NO power tools. And so cute!

Here are a few more haunted Halloween crafts. I think these ghosts are all more fun than creepy!

Deco Mesh Ghost

How cute is this Halloween ghost made with Deco Mesh? Tutorial on

Ghosts in a Cloche

Three itty bitty Cheesecloth Ghosts decorate this Halloween Cloche. Adorable! And, the cloche is made from a repurposed plastic soda bottle.

Halloween Ghost Cloche by Kathleen George.

Yarn Ghost Family

Yarn ghosts are an easy Halloween craft for kids

Yarn Ghosts by Patty Schaffer.

Glow-in-the-Dark, Duct Tape Ghost Wreath

This wreath glows in the dark with the new glow-in-the-dark Duck Brand Tape! Love the mini cheesecloth ghosts, too.

What’s your Halloween style? Do you go for the scary side, or is your style more sweet?

Happy crafting.





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9 Responses to DIY a custom, Halloween Marquee Sign shaped like a ghost

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  2. LisaM6 says:

    That is cooool. 🙂 wish the kids went trick or treating here. Great tut!

    • Sharon says:

      No T-or-T in your neighborhood, Lisa? Draft! Is there a lot of Trick or Trunk, or do they go to the mall, or?? We still have T-or-T here and it’s always fun. Sharon

  3. Wendy says:

    Always so many cute things to make! Love this site!

  4. LOVE the Ghosts in a Cloche, the DecoMesh Ghost and the Styrofoam ghost! I have a few sets of lights that will be perfect for this!!! Now I just need to replenish my Styrofoam supplies!!! I am a spooky kinda gal!! LOL

    • Sharon says:

      Ah ha, you like spooky Halloween decor? But not too spooky to scare the grandkids, right? I bet they’d love to help make a few of these spooky projects. Happy crafting! Sharon

  5. sllvncookie says:

    I just love love this site they make& show us how do some pretty things’ & colors are so bright ,hope keep up good work

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