Lots of crafty inspiration today, and an inspiring giveaway

I often say it’s all about the inspiration. We craft and create because we’re inspired. We see something we like, our creativity flows, our hands move and voilà, we’ve created something beautiful. In my mind, September starts the most inspiring time of the year, and the biggest, craftiest season is right ahead of us. I have a few announcements today that I hope will inspire you to create, and I hope you’ll inspire me, too. So, today I have a little list of this & that, and don’t miss #7The Inspiration Giveaway!

Hundreds of favorite craft tutorials on CraftsnCoffee.com.

See that new tab by the blue arrow? That’s the new directory for hundreds of tutorials here on Crafts ‘n Coffee! Hooray!

  1. This is my #730th post on Crafts ‘n Coffee, which means that there are hundreds of craft tutorials here. It was time to bring a little order to this hot mess so you could find your favorite tutorials. This summer, my daughter worked behind the scenes to create the page “Craft and Décor Tutorials”, which lists all of the projects by category. It’s inspiration at your fingertips! Didn’t she do a great job? We’ve planned phase two, which will include a photo for each project, but that will have to be squeezed in between homework.
An easy, Lollipop Bouquet made with Lollipics. CraftsnCoffee.com.

I made this back-to-school Lollipop Bouquet using Lollipics.

2. A little back-to-school inspiration: To celebrate a new school year, I made a Lollipop Bouquet for my daughter’s robotics team, the Fighting Unicorns. Many thanks to Laura Kelly for creating the custom Lollipics for the team. If you follow Crafts ‘n Coffee, you know I’ve made these Lollipop Trees before. This one was a little different because I used the LolliPics, but it worked out great. I’ll just share a few photos and keep the tutorial brief. These are so easy, I think that’s all you’ll need. (And GO, Fighting Unicorns!)

How to DIY a Lollipop Bouquet. These Lollipics make it so colorful! CraftsnCoffee.com.

You’ll need a 6-1/2″ diameter pot, a 6″ ball of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, 18 – 20 Lollipics and tissue paper. Place the foam ball in the pot, and insert the Lollipics. Fill in any open areas with 2″ – 3″ squares of tissue paper. Enjoy!

3. September 1 means it’s also time to change up the look of the blog with our new seasonal photo. This is one of the photos we took during our photo shoot last winter, and I think it’s one of my favorites. The sights and colors of fall offer endless inspiration, don’t you think?

Be sure to follow Crafts 'n Coffee! So many fabulous DIY ideas!

4. Did you know that I changed the name of the Crafts ‘n Coffee Facebook page so that it’s now officially Crafts ‘n Coffee? I started the Facebook page before I started the blog, so the Facebook page was under a different name. Now that the names are the same, it will be easier to find us.

5. For even more inspiration, you can also follow Crafts ‘n Coffee on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

6. With the help of designer Patty Schaffer, I’m planning the annual Candy Corn Crafts Week for later this month. Patty has wrapped up her projects, and now I have to get busy and work on mine!

7. The Inspiration Giveaway: It’s your turn to inspire me, please! Tell me how Crafts ‘n Coffee inspires you. What would you like to see on Crafts ‘n Coffee over the next few months? Are you looking for more ideas for Halloween decorations? Or Christmas ornaments? Gift ideas? Or?? I want to hear from you, so please leave a comment below about how Crafts ‘n Coffee can inspire your holiday crafting. By leaving a comment below, you’ll be entered in The Inspiration Giveaway. See #8 for all of the details.

8. We all need more inspiration – and more cash, for holiday crafting, right? Would 20 craft magazines and project books, along with a $50 craft store gift card, help out? I thought so! This summer, I sorted through HUGE piles of craft books and magazines, and I want to share the inspiration. Many of these titles are older, but they’re still packed with great ideas. A lot of the magazines are one-of-a-kind, too, and no longer published. The winner of The Inspiration Giveaway will receive a box packed full of magazines and books, along with a $50 gift card to the winner’s favorite craft store (choose from Michaels, Jo-Ann Stores or Hobby Lobby).

If you’d like a chance to win The Inspiration Giveaway, leave a comment below telling me how Crafts ‘n Coffee can inspire you this holiday season. Comments close at midnight on Thursday, September 10. I’ll announce the winner on Friday, September 11.

For even more inspiration, don’t forget to poke around the new “Craft & Décor Tutorials” project directory here on Crafts ‘n Coffee!

Happy crafting.




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82 Responses to Lots of crafty inspiration today, and an inspiring giveaway

  1. Marjie Smith says:

    I recently discovered Crafts’n’Coffee….and its like a breath of “happy” each week in my in-box! I’ve always loved to craft, always loved each and every holiday! And I’ve passed that on to my six kids. Now, however, they all live literally 100’s of miles away…..so I’m looking for sweet/cute/clever craft ideas to mail as gifts for the grandkids! I’ve got a vintage collection of books and magazines from over the years….and would LOVE to have more to enjoy! thank you for your website. 😀

    • Sharon says:

      I’m so glad you found us! Be sure to check out the directory of craft tutorials — I know you’ll find something to make for those grandkids. Craft on! Sharon

  2. Linda says:

    The burlap and rope topiaries are inspiring me to want to make some seasonal crafts and leave summer behind.

  3. Kathy Ferguson says:

    By checking your page I get all kinds of ideas now to get time todo thom. Thanks and keep up the good job.

  4. Lisa Jensen says:

    Crafts n Coffee can inspire me to create things that update my holiday decor & gifting this season.

  5. Jeanette Smith says:

    “Crafts and comments” always inspires me in my home decorating. But even more so during the holidays. I will be browsing through the new project directory for great ideas for Thanksgiving soon.

  6. Just found this site! I love all the craft ideas! Wondering if you do crafts that can be done in the classroom?

  7. Bethany Allie says:

    I arrived here from Pinterest looking for the snowman wreath tutorial. I haven’t done a styrofoam ball craft in a long time, but I’m headed to the craft store now so I can make the snowman ornaments for gifts!

  8. Donna O'Neil says:

    Your site and page always inspire me! I want to make my first candy corn wreath and peeps topiary.

    • Sharon says:

      🙂 I hope you’ll share a photo of your creations — I’d love to see them. I just worked on my Candy Corn Wreath this morning, and I hope to finish it tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on mine, too. Sharon

  9. Kathy Sinnamon says:

    I work for a non-profit with lots of volunteers, l would like to see ideas for gifts or favors I can make multiples of to give as thank yous. Love you blog

  10. teresa says:

    Well, I just came over from CurtainQueenCreates and am liking what I see. Thanks for the chance.

  11. profdw says:

    Your ideas so inspire me to craft. I love your fall header. Very nice. I have used several of your ideas to craft holiday weaths and trees. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween for crafting. I like the idea of tutorials together for ease in searching. I would love to win the prize package. I enjoy going through craft magazines for ideas! Keep up the great craft inspiration.

  12. Vickie D. ( PA ) says:

    Love,Love Love, Crafts ‘n Coffee… My Number 1 site to go, when I am in need of some inspiration for Holiday or Birthday gift ideas…Keep up the Great Work & the Organized Craft & Tutorials is Awesome!!!!!

    • Sharon says:

      Awww, thank you So glad you found us! What’s your favorite craft to DIY? Sharon

      • Vickie D. ( PA ) says:

        My Favorite DIY crafts,…well what ever catches my eye I’ll try it…But,… I do like making wreaths of all kinds. especially for fall and Christmas. love the deco mesh ideas. I also like to recycle.. I am always looking on how to make trash to treasure…:)…this site always gives me great ideas…

      • Sharon says:

        I agree — there’s something so satisfying about a trash-to-treasure transformation. Since you like deco mesh, I wonder if you’ve tried the deco mesh tubing? Happy crafting! Sharon

  13. Pamela says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Love your ideas, so inspiring. I’ve made a few of your crafts at work, ( I work in activities in a nursing home ). Currently I am working on the decoupage egg in the nest with the bird. I can’t wait to go through your past log of ideas, 730, OMG, I’ll never get anything else done. Love the fall banner on your site, love the pic of the hedgehog, will definitely have to try that one. Thanks for all the inspiration and can’t wait to see what’s next! Pam

  14. pixiedustcentral says:

    I love Crafts and Coffee, and have often found myself returning to this website for lots of inspiration over the years more than any other site. Speaking of the website, the new design is awesome!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Autumn colors. So pretty! Coming to Crafts and Coffee is like visiting a close friend!! I love how you, Sharon have taken a product such as the styrofoam brand products , and turned them into fantastic creations! I still haven’t gotten over the beautiful hot air balloon! Cool!! I have followed you on every social media site, and I direct people to your website all the time!
    I would love to see more tutorials like ALL the 730 tutorials you have so generously shared. Especially more like the hot air balloon.
    Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration!!

    • Sharon says:

      Aww, you are so sweet, and thank you for following, and for sharing Crafts ‘n Coffee with your friends. I’m always open to suggestions, so please, keep them coming! And, craft on! Sharon

  15. You would inspire me to use all the Styrofoam balls I have.

    • Sharon says:

      I can do that! There are so many uses for those in the coming season, from Halloween Eyeball Topiaries to Christmas ornaments. Thanks for the suggestion. Sharon

  16. Ginny D says:

    Christmas and halloween decorations !! It’s my favorite time of year and I love all the ideas I can get !! And yes..I’ll take pictures for my mom !!! Haha

  17. Heather S says:

    What a fabulous giveaway, I would LA LA LOVE to win! If you continue to share holiday DIY crafts that WILL inspire me!

  18. Donna Lindner says:

    I love trying new things to make and have got a lot of ideals from your site. I am all ways looks for new stuff. My Granddaughter and me look for ideals and then on weekend we make some of the ideals we have found . new book would be nice and the money would really come in handy.my granddaunghter is 6 almost 7 and been crafting with me since she was 4 . she is all ready the crafter

  19. Angie F says:

    I mostly do paper crafting and vinyl work with my Knk zing. Do you have a cutting machine, like a cricut? I’d love to see projects with that if you do. It’s always fun to see all the things people make with their cutters. I’ve been planning a baby shower for a cousin and in doing so discovered heat transfer vinyl (to decorate onesies) and it is AMAZING! The baby shower is in October but will be starting on Christmas gifts and decorations after that. Can’t wait to see your projects for this holiday season, especially some new wreaths and ornaments!

    • Sharon says:

      Another vote for wreaths and ornaments — thank you! I do not have a cutting machine, but I read about them all of the time. I admit that they intimidate me a little! It sounds like you’re working on the cutest baby shower. Enjoy! Sharon

    • Katiria says:

      Angie F, for my baby shower I bought 2inch Styrofoam balls and painted them like babies then clued them to the top of baby food jars filled with goodies. -Just an idea

  20. LisaM6 says:

    I love it all. 🙂 The new look is fabulous!
    I like making ornaments and gifts for people .

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks! Glad you like the new header — it’s one of my favorites, and so cozy. I know you’re usually crafting this time of year — what are you working on right now? Sharon

      • LisaM6 says:

        I just finished 2 mini books, 2 new ornaments (snowman made of clothespin and owls made of corks). I have 2 more ornament ideas to make. 1st one is the round foam ball covered with a napkin and glitter. 🙂

      • Sharon says:

        I knew you’d have a long list, and they all sound beautiful! Do share a photo when you have a moment — I love seeing what you’re working on. Craft on!

  21. annehaun says:

    This is my favorite time of the year. Your blog always inspires me with all your creative projects. I would love to see holiday wreath ideas and Christmas ornament ideas – projects that are unique but also easy to do. I love projects crafted with materials that are easy to find – nothing worse than having to run all over looking for certain items and then coming home empty handed!!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Anne, and thanks for following along at Crafts ‘n Coffee. I love your suggestions, and I will be sure that wreaths and ornaments are in the line up for this crazy, crafty season. Sharon

  22. i LOVE this site and the idea of possibly winning out of circulation mags thrills me to no end . I am very vintage–in age and ideas! I love new ideas also,but I love to share some older things with .younger folks and see the wonder in their eyes. I have seen a new trend in needlecrafts in younger people lately. I have been teaching beginning crocheting and knitting to 9=12 yr.olds for almost 3 years now at Joanns in Winston Salem,NC. I thouroughly enjoy it. I love taking mags to class for all my students(kids and adults) to show them what they will eventually will be able to do. But I promote DIVERSITY in abig way. I really have to pace myself because I love Sooooooooooooooooooo MANY TYPES OF CRAFTS,I don’t know where to start sometimes. But believe me , if I get stuck, I canget some inspiration at craftsncoffee ,some styrofoam and stuff and VAVOOM!!!

    • Sharon says:

      How awesome that you’re passing along your talents to the eager tweens — you’re teaching them a skill they’ll enjoy forever. (And in a lovely town, too.) Thank you for all you do to promote a love of crafting! Sharon

  23. Kathy Ferguson says:

    Would love more ornaments or jewelry ( Christmas)

    • Sharon says:

      Great! I know I can add a few ornaments into the line up. Jewelry is a little tougher to make with STYROFOAM Brand Foam, however :-(. Glad you stopped in today. Sharon

  24. Nancy D says:

    Ha, I knew things were looking different around here 🙂 Love how organized it is! My favorites are always the Halloween/Fall and Christmas crafts. I adore the vintage look and a favorite medium for me is paper clay. I have made several from here, I know, I need to get some pictures! I rarely keep them so maybe I can get my daughter to take some pictures. She usually ends up with them. Congratulations on the new look and number 730!

    • Sharon says:

      Ah, you must be a Rebekah Meier fan, as she creates the most beautiful, paper clay projects with a vintage flair. I would love to see them, so many thanks to your daughter for her photo skills. Thanks so much for following along! Sharon

  25. Becca Christensen says:

    I have made several of your ideas. I love the details of the tutorials, the variety of ideas and the fact that they are not super expensive to make. I am a big decorator for fall.Halloween and Thanksgiving with general fall in between. But my most decorated holiday season is Christmas. I have multiple trees and they all get decorated. I am looking forward to your ideas and another 730 plus posts. Thanks for all your wonderful work!!

  26. Shoot, forgot to add a few things!! Congratulations on 730 posts!! What an amazing bounty of inspiration! I have lost myself for hours just looking at the different projects!
    I love the new page background color too! Looks nice and Fall ish! LOL Toodles till next time!

  27. I love all the projects that you post and often make them with my own twist. Sometimes I use them as a starting point and go totally off the field with what I create!
    I would love to see some jewelry posts, wood crafts and maybe even some mixed media canvases.
    What I love most about Crafts n’ Coffee is that the projects are very easily recreated whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crafter! I don’t think I have missed a post in almost 2 years maybe even longer! My week is not complete without my visits here! I am now following you on all social media sites so I can get my fix even more often!! YAY!!! That means I am already a winner!
    I would go gaga if I was the lucky winner of the magazines and gift card! This is such a great prize package because you are not only giving us inspiration but also a way to buy some of the goodies needed to create the projects!! THANKS!! Fingers crossed and Please keep up the good work! I don’t know what I would do without you!!

    • Sharon says:

      Awww, thank you for following Crafts ‘n Coffee here, there and everywhere! I always love your comments, and my day isn’t complete if I’ve not heard from you. Thank you for the suggestions, too — I’ll have to think about how we might work STYROFOAM Brand Foam into your ideas. Happy crafting, Barb. Sharon

  28. Lorrie Koenig says:

    I would enjoy some gingerbread crafts. I am looking forward to all the upcoming fall and Christmas ideas. Thanks for the new link and also for the fun drawing.

  29. Lynda says:

    I’m going to finish my pine cone wreath this year! I love this site.

  30. Connie Cain says:

    Now that my grandkids are getting older, they can help with the crafts for the different holidays and seasons. 🙂 Your blog gives me all kinds of ideas of crafts we can work on together.

    • Sharon says:

      You’re making happy memories with your grandkids, and they’ll always remember the crafts you made! And hopefully, they’ll enjoy their creative hobby for years to come. Thanks! Sharon

  31. Debbie motley says:

    Love Crafts and Coffee. I am a new crafter, after my retirement, and you have so many great ideas I don’t know what to do next. I have so much going on in my head every time I look at your site. It makes my day. Thank you. Keep up the good work!!!!

  32. Susan Samuel says:

    I could definiitely need something eye catching, different but not too big to go onto my mantelpiece for Christmas. We tend to stick to conservative red, green and gold for our decorations.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you! I think I have a project or two in more traditional colors that would work on your mantel, and I’ll see if I can schedule them in. Feel free to change up the colors on the projects, too, and make them your own. Happy crafting. Sharon

  33. Katiria says:

    WOW, Sharon you’ve been busy organizing everything. The site looks great. I love the colors and the “autumn” feeling. You have been inspiring me for several years now. I’ve made everything from topiary trees for St Patrick’s Day to goodies for my baby shower thanks to you. I love receiving your emails and checking out your latest post. Your posts are like a letter from a friend and your step by step instructions always make it seem so easy. I look forward to seeing some party decorations or centerpieces that can be made with Styrofoam. I’m always looking for a unique idea.
    Thank you

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you, Katiria. You are so sweet! Party ideas and centerpieces are great ideas, and something I’ve not thought about too much. Great input! Happy crafting. Sharon

  34. Carrie says:

    I love your projects, especially the wreaths! I’d love to see some holiday projects that could be displayed outside and weather the elements 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Carrie, Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely share a few more wreaths. Outdoors can be a little rough on foam crafts — the foam itself is durable, but what you cover it with might not endure the weather . . . Sharon

  35. Susan Trimm says:

    I’ve been watching your site for quite a while now, I started when my granddaughters were young and now that they’re teenagers they watch on their own!! We have crafted many projects over the years! Mostly at Halloween, as we made a village with my Cricut and added items from your site as background and special effects! Thanks for all the help and inspiration thru the years!!

  36. suziwollman says:

    Oh, I’d love to win that box! You can inspire me with more projects like the Fourth of July bird!

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