Hang this Patchwork Sweater Wreath on your front door

Most crafters I know love to repurpose, turning discards into something beautiful. Kathleen George is a master at repurposing and today she shares another sweater craft, transforming a few old sweaters into a beautiful Patchwork Sweater Wreath.  (By the way, my recent summer travel took me right past Kathleen’s house, and I stopped in to say “hello.” Her gardens are as beautiful as ever, and you can read more about Kathleen from my first visit to her New England home.) Now, here’s Kathleen’s Patchwork Sweater Wreath.

Love this cozy, fall wreath made from an old sweater on CraftsnCoffee.com.

To make a Patchwork Sweater Wreath, you will need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath, with curved front and flat back
  • Old sweaters in coordinating patterns
  • Buttons, several sizes in coordinating colors
  • Ribbon, ¼” x 9”
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; nail scissors; sharp pencil; ruler; table knife with thin blade; craft pins

To make a Patchwork Sweater Wreath:

  1. Using a ruler and sharp pencil, divide the wreath into four equal sections. Divide each section in half again, so now there are eight sections.

2. Now, you need to divide the sections one more time to make eight larger sections and eight smaller, wedge-shaped sections. Measure 2-1/2” from the right side of each scored line; these will be your larger sections. Using the sharp pencil and ruler, firmly score these lines, making deep grooves into the front of the wreath. You should now have eight, 2-1/2” wide sections and eight smaller, wedge-shaped sections.

Beautiful details on this fall, Patchwork Sweater Wreath on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Once you’ve finished measuring and scoring your wreath, you’ll have eight, 2-1/2″ sections and eight smaller, wedge shaped sections.

3. Determine which portions of your sweaters you’d like to use, and cut eight, 3” x 5 ½” rectangles from the sweaters. These pieces will cover the larger sections on the wreath. Look closely the the photo above and you’ll see that Kathleen used patterned sweater pieces for these larger sections.

4. Center a sweater piece over one of the 2-1/2” wide sections on the wreath. Position the table knife over the sweater fabric and along the scored line underneath the fabric, and tuck the edge of the sweater fabric into the scored line. For a clean edge, hold the knife at a 90° angle to the foam. Repeat for the other side, gently easing the fabric into the scored line. Trim away any excess fabric with nail scissors.

5. Fold the top and bottom of the fabric piece onto the back of the wreath, and glue and pin the fabric in place. If needed, trim away excess fabric at the back of the wreath so that it lays flat.

6. Repeat, covering all eight, 2-1/2” wide sections.

Beatiful details on a fall Sweater Wreath. CraftsnCoffee.com.

You’ll center the corresponding fabric piece over each scored section, and use the table knife to tuck the fabric “seams” into the scored lines.

7. Cut pieces of sweater fabric to cover the smaller sections, cutting the fabrics about ½” wider and 2” longer than the actual section on the wreath. For contrast, Kathleen used solid fabrics to cover her smaller sections. Following Steps 4 & 5, add the pieces to the wreath.

8. Glue buttons onto the smaller sections.

9. Optional: Cut a thin piece of sweater for a ribbon, and pin and glue to the back of the wreath.

10. Knot together the ends of the ribbon for a hanger. Pin and glue the hanger to the back of the wreath.

Love this pretty, Patchwork Sweater Wreath for fall! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Change up your sweaters and make this Patchwork Sweater Wreath for any season.

For Tinsel Tuesday this week, Kathleen shared her Sweater Ornaments.

Turn your old sweaters into pretty Christmas Ornaments. Get the DIY on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Sweater Ornament by Kathleen George.

As I worked on this post, I realized how many other Sweater Wreaths I’ve featured on Crafts ‘n Coffee. Each one has been so different, and really, the variations are endless. If you’d like more inspiration, I’ve listed below links to the other Sweater Wreaths.

Beautiful, DIY Sweater Wreaths. Get the tutorials on CraftsnCoffee.com.

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Creamy Valentine’s Day Sweater Wreath

Have you ever made a Sweater Wreath? Or have you repurposed an old sweater into something new? I’d love to hear about it.

Have a great weekend and craft on!


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  6. My darn computer is acting up and I missed this post! UGH!! Oh well! I am here now and that is what matters!! LOVE these cute wreaths and might give making one a try! My neighbor would love this for her classroom!! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      That is sooo frustrating, Barb. I think you need a little crafting time to unwind from your high-tech frustrations :-). If you do make this wreath for your neighbor, I bet you have some cute ideas for embellishing it in a classroom theme. Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  7. sllvncookiec says:

    This is pretty all wreath’s are now can look around at all your wreaths
    thank’s for showing them…..

  8. These are all beautiful!

  9. LisaM6 says:

    Cool ideas. I need to find the old sweater from my daughter. 😉

  10. annehaun says:

    I really love these wreaths – what a great way to repurpose.

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