The perfect summer-to-fall wreath: DIY a Cork & Burlap Flower Wreath

Have you seen the pads of textured papers in the scrapbook aisles of your local craft store? The textures are fabulous, and the pads include cork, burlap and corrugated cardboard. Mix and match a few of these papers (well, they’re sort of papers) and you add instant interest to whatever you’re making. Kathleen George crafted this beautiful and Totally Textured Cork & Burlap Flower Wreath. It’s pretty right now for summer’s end, and the textures and colors will see you right into fall. Don’t you want to reach out and touch it?

Love the texture! Perfect for summer to fall. Tutorial on


To make a Cork & Burlap Flower Wreath, you will need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” wreath with a flat front
  • Self-adhesive cork paper, 12” x 12”, two sheets
  • Self-adhesive burlap paper, 12” x 12”, one sheet natural and one sheet white
  • Corrugated cardboard, 9” x 11”, one sheet dark brown
  • Ink:
    • Distressing ink
    • Copper
  • Buttons, 10 in assorted shades of brown
  • Ribbon, ½” x 8”
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; sponge applicator; straight pin; optional: Sizzix die #557690 and Sizzix machine*

*Note: Kathleen has provided flower and leaf patterns, so the Sizzix is not necessary. Also, this die is retired, so if it’s not already in your stash, please use the patterns.

Beautiful detail from a textured, Cork & Burlap Flowers Wreath.

Totally textured: Feast your eyes on all of this seasonal texture!

To make a Cork & Burlap Flower Wreath:

1. Cover the wreath in cork paper:

  • Trace around the wreath on the paper side of a cork sheet.
  • Cut 1” strips to cover the outside edges of the wreath.
  • Peel the paper backing from the 1” strips, and cover the wreath edges first.
  • Adhere the cork to the front of the wreath.
Flower detail from the perfect, summer-to-fall wreath.

Each flower is made from several layers.

2. Using the flower and leaf patterns, cut out the flowers and leaves listed below. The # number refers to the pattern number; the numbers in parentheses are the number you need to cut out:

  • Large leaf, #1 – (6) natural burlap, (2) cardboard
  • Small leaf, #2 – (6) cardboard, (14) natural burlap
  • Largest flower, #3 – (2) white burlap, (2) cardboard
  • Daisy flower, #4 – (2) cardboard, (4) white burlap
  • Circle, #5 – (4) white burlap, (2) natural burlap, (2) cardboard
  • Medium flower, # 6 – (8) cork
  • Flower with hole in center, #7 – (2) white burlap, (2) cardboard
  • Optional: If you have Sizzix die #557690, you can use the die for #1 – #5, and then hand cut #6 and #7

3. Distress edges of #6 and #7 flowers using distressing ink and a sponge applicator.

Cork + burlap + corrugated paper = yummy, textured wreath.

Highlight the details with ink.

4. Dab copper ink on flowers cut from corrugated cardboard; the ink will highlight the raised ridges.

5. Layer together 12 flowers and arrange them on the wreath. Once you like your arrangement, glue the flowers down, one at a time.

6. Glue buttons to the center of the flowers, except for two with open centers.

7. Knot together the ends of the ribbon, and pin and glue the loop to the back of the wreath for a hanger. Let the glue dry before hanging the wreath.

Totally Textured Cork & Burlap Flower Wreath by Kathleen George.

Totally Textured Cork & Burlap Flower Wreath by Kathleen George.

Have you tried these textured papers? What have you made with them?

Craft on!


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9 Responses to The perfect summer-to-fall wreath: DIY a Cork & Burlap Flower Wreath

  1. What a cute wreath!! I have been trying to get on the blog since this posted but for some reason I couldn’t get the page to load. Thank goodness it loaded for me today though!!! Off to read the next post! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Barb, It’s great to hear from you — I wondered how you were doing. I wonder why the page wouldn’t load for you? So glad you’re here today! Sharon

  2. atkokosplace says:

    Awe this is adorable!!! 🙂

  3. Kay Wilson says:

    Clever idea, look forward to more great ideas, now to find the time to do them all;)

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks! These collections of textured papers are so pretty and perfect for fall – I hope you find the time soon to DIY this, too. I’m glad you joined us today. Sharon

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