Tinsel Tuesdays: DIY this Faux Pallet Wood Snowman

Name that tune: Do you want to build a snowman . . . We’re crafting a snowman today, but it’s not Olaf. It’s another magical snowman in which a sheet of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam is transformed to look like pallet wood, and then made into a snowman. It’s the look of pallet art without the heavy lifting! Don’t let the instructions scare you — designer Debi Schmitz shared her in-process photos, so you can more easily DIY this Faux Pallet Wood Snowman.

Cute! And it looks like wood but this Faux Pallet Wood Snowman is made with foam sheets. So much easier! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Faux Pallet Wood Snowman by Debi Schmitz.

To make a Faux Pallet Wood Snowman, you’ll need: 

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 1” x 12” x 36” sheet
  • Spackling compound (Debi used DAP All-Purpose Spackling Paste)
  • Wood dowels:
    • 6” x ½”
    • 48” x ¼”
  • Felt and fabrics:
    • White felt, ½ yd.
    • Red felt, ¼ yd.
    • Black felt, two sheets
    • Denim fabric, 1/3 yd.
    • Rust burlap, 8” square
  • Buttons:
    • Two, 1” black (eyes)
    • Five, ½” black (smile) (Note: One of our buttons is MIA, so there are only four in the photo, but he should have five.)
    • Two, 1-1/2” blue (hat)
    • Three, 1” blue (patches)
  • Embroidery floss in red
  • Glitter, extra fine in white
  • SNOW, embroidered 3” letters, or cut your own from cardstock
  • Evergreen garland, 6” x 24”
  • Cloth-covered floral wire, #18, 12” length
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Newspaper or other paper for patterns
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; pen or pencil; serrated knife; bar of soap or old candle; straight pins; sewing needle; several U-pins; kitchen knife or putty knife; disposable bowl; wire knippers; small Phillips screwdriver or other punch tool

To make a Faux Pallet Wood Snowman:

1. Snowman body:

  • Using a sharp pencil and ruler, score a 10-½” wide x 12-½” tall rectangle on the foam sheet. Wax the serrated knife with a bar of soap or old candle, and then cut out the rectangle.
  • Draw a curved line on the top two corners, and cut along the curved line, creating the shoulders.
  • Using the pencil and ruler, divide the body into five vertical “planks”, each 2” wide. Using the serrated knife, cut apart the strips.
  • Pin the head and mitten patterns onto the remaining foam sheet. Arrange the patterns so you’ll have enough foam leftover to cut out the hat in Step 7. Draw around the patterns with a sharp pencil. Cut out the pieces using the serrated knife. Be sure to cut out two mittens!
  • Cut the head into three, 2” planks, just like you did for the body.
  • Sand smooth any rough and uneven edges with a scrap piece of foam.

2. Place spackling paste in a disposable bowl, and mix in water till it’s the consistency of slightly melted ice cream. You want it to spread easily and smoothly, but not be so runny that it drips. Using a kitchen knife or putty knife, spread a light coating of spackling paste onto the fronts and sides of the foam pieces. You can spread it smooth, so it looks more like wood, or do what Debi did and texture it so it looks like snow. While wet, sprinkle with glitter.

3. Cut the 1/8” dowels into one 4” and twelve 2” pieces.

4. Refer to the photo, and make shallow, ½” deep holes in the sides of the foam planks. Be sure you’re not punching holes in the exterior edges! Stagger the holes, so that the dowels between each pair are offset.

How to assemble a Faux Pallet Wood Snowman. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Be sure to offset the wood dowels between each pair of planks.

4. Place glue on one end of each 2” dowel and insert the dowel 1” deep into the holes along the right-hand sides of each plank. Place a dab of glue on the other end of each dowel, match up the holes on the left-hand sides, and push the pieces together.

5. Repeat Step 4 to build the head. Attach the head to the body with the 4” dowel.

6. To reinforce the bonds, place the body face down and then squeeze hot glue between the planks. Don’t add too much glue, or it will seep out the front.

How to make a snowman hat for a Faux Pallet Wood Snowman. CraftsnCoffee.com.

You’ll build the hat from two foam pieces, each wrapped in black felt.

7. Hat:

  • From the remaining foam sheet, cut out a 6” x 3-1/2” hat and 2” x 11” hat brim.
  • Wrap a 9” x 6-1/2” piece of denim around the 6” x 3-1/2” hat, and pin and glue the fabric to the back.
  • Wrap a 5” x 14” piece of denim around the hat brim, and pin and glue the fabric to the back.
  • Insert and glue two, 3” wood dowels between the pieces to hold the hat together.
  • Attach the hat to the snowman’s head using two, 3” wood dowels.
  • Cover the seam where the two pieces meet with 1-12” x 8” length of red felt.
  • Thread red floss through 1-1/2” blue buttons, and tie off in front with ½” tails. Glue to red felt.

8. Mittens & Arms:

  • Center a foam mitten on a 6” denim square. Pull and gather the fabric to the back of the mitten, clipping as needed, and then pin and glue the fabric to the back.
  • Repeat for the second mitten, making sure to flip it over first, so it faces in the opposite direction.
  • Trace around each mitten on a piece of black felt, cut out felt, and glue to the back of each mitten.
  • Cut in half the ½” dowel, so you have two, 3″ lengths.
  • Center, and then insert and glue a dowel ½” deep in the edge of each mitten cuff. Insert and glue the dowel into the snowman, leaving 1-1/2” exposed to form an arm. Repeat for the other arm.
  • Wrap a piece of red felt around each arm to cover the dowel.
How to make mittens for a Faux Pallet Wood Snowman.

Don’t forget to flip a mitten, so that each thumb points in a different direction.

9. Decorate the snowman:

  • Wrap a 3” x 30” length of red felt around his neck, and glue to secure. Fringe the ends.
  • Stitch a button in the center of three, 1-½” denim squares, and tie off ends with ½” tails. Glue patches down the center of the snowman.
  • Wrap the ends of a small garland around each mitten thumb, and secure across the snowman’s body with U-pins. Glue the SNOW letters onto the garland.
  • Glue on button eyes and button mouth.
  • Cut nose from a double layer of burlap, glue the layers together, and glue to the face.
A sweet snowman face! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Don’t you love his carrot nose?

10. Place the snowman on white felt and trace around the body and head (not the hat). Cut out the felt and glue to the back of the snowman.

How to hang a Faux Pallet Wood Snowman. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Insert and glue the ends into the back of the snowman. Be sure the glue is thoroughly dry before hanging the Faux Pallet Wood Snowman.

11. Hanger:

  • Cut floral wire in half, and bend one half into a U.
  • Glue and insert each end into the back of the snowman.
  • Glue a 1” x 2” length of white felt over the ends of the wire hanger.

12. Spray the snowman with an acrylic sealer.

Take a closer look at the details on this Faux Pallet Wood Snowman. Debi added lots of little touches, like knotting the floss on the fronts of the buttons, that really add character.

Super-cute snowman! He looks like pallet wood but he's really made from a foam sheet. So much easier! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Take a closer look at the details.

Did you recognize his face from the Tinsel Tuesdays graphic? How would you change up your Faux Pallet Wood Snowman?

Year-round Christmas crafts every Tuesday on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Merry Christmas Crafting.




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  2. Cookie17 says:

    Thank’s have lot foam saved ….Great job !!

  3. OH! MY! WORD! This is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am so in love with this genius snowman! I am gobsmacked! FANTABULOUS!!! Can’t wait to make this and fool everyone into thinking it is really made out of pallets! TFS!

  4. annehaun says:

    This is such a cute project!

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