Kid’s Craft Idea: How to make a Stegosaurus Dinosaur

If you have a dinosaur fan in your house, I bet he or she would love to make their own dinosaur, just like in the movie Jurassic World. Today, I have a tutorial to make your own Stegosaurus, no genetic engineering or DNA manipulation required. You won’t need a laboratory, either, just basic supplies like balls and eggs of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, glue and paint. If your Stegosaurus gets lonely, introduce him to the Tyrannosaurus Rex I shared yesterday.

Really cute, DIY Stegosaurus. Tutorial on

Kids will have a blast making this Stegosaurus, but they’ll need adult assistance, too.

Kid's Craft Idea: How to DIY a dinosaur! Really cute idea.

To make a Stegosaurus Dinosaur, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
    • Body: One, 6″ ball
    • Legs/Feet: Two, 3″ eggs; two, 2″ eggs; six 1-1/2″ balls; two, 1” balls; and two, 2” balls
    • Neck/Head: One 2″ egg; two, 1-1/2″ balls; one, 1” ball
    • Tail/Fins: Four, 1-1/2″ balls; four, 1″ balls; four, 1/2″ balls; and six 3” eggs
  • Wiggle eyes, two 1/2”
  • Spray paint or acrylic craft paint: Bright green, dark green and yellow
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Low-temp glue gun*
  • Tools needed: Scissors; spoon; serrated knife* or plastic knife; toothpicks; optional (if using spray paint): painter’s tape

*Note: Adults should handle the low-temp glue gun and serrated knife. If children are gluing and cutting, have them use a thick, white craft glue and plastic knife. Carefully supervise children as they cut with a plastic knife.

Really cute, DIY Stegosaurus. Tutorial on

Adding picks between the pieces as you glue this big guy together will help to strengthen the bond.

To make a Stegosaurus Dinosaur:

1. Back Legs:

  • With narrow ends facing down, position the 3″ eggs on either side of 6” ball – don’t glue on yet.
  • Using the serrated knife and spoon, carve out the 3” eggs so they fit snugly against the body.
  • Squeeze glue onto the ends of two toothpicks, and insert the toothpicks into the cut side of the 3” eggs.
  • Pick and glue the 3” eggs, narrow end pointing down, to the body.
  • Pick and glue a 1-1/2″ ball to the end of each egg.

2. Front Legs:

  • Pick and glue 2″ eggs to body, following instruction above.
  • Pick and glue a 1-1/2″ and 1″ ball to each egg.
  • Feet: Cut two, 2″ eggs in half lengthwise; pick and glue to legs.

3. Head & Neck:

  • Working on the narrow end, whittle the top of a 2″ egg to shape a muzzle.
  • Pick and glue together two 1-1/2″ balls and the 2″ egg.
  • Glue neck to body.
  • Cut 1” ball in half. Glue half balls to the back of the head, cut side facing forward.

4. Tail:

  • Pick and glue the balls together, largest to smallest, forming a curve.
  • Attach the tail to body.

5. Painting:

  • If you’re spray painting, carefully read the label on the can to be sure it’s safe for foam. If your spray paint contains solvents, it will melt the foam. Paint the body bright green, with yellow highlights on the under body.
  • For acrylic paint, brush on paint with a stiff paintbrush.

6. Fins:

  • Roll narrow end of each egg along a tabletop to shape a slight point.
  • Carefully cut each egg into six slices (this will be done most easily by an adult using a serrated knife).
  • Paint fins bright green.
  • Add dark green highlights to the top half of each fin.
  • Pick and glue fins along the back of the Stegosaurus, with the smaller fins on the tail.

7. Glue on wiggle eyes.

Kid's Craft Idea: How to DIY a dinosaur! Really cute idea.

If you see Jurassic World, share your movie review. I’d love to know how you liked the movie.

Today wraps up Kid’s Craft Week — thank you for following along. In case you missed any of the crafts, this week’s tutorials included:

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Next week, Tinsel Tuesdays will return to Crafts ‘n Coffee. If you love to craft for Christmas year-round, don’t miss Tinsel Tuesdays every Tuesday this summer.

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Happy crafting.


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3 Responses to Kid’s Craft Idea: How to make a Stegosaurus Dinosaur

  1. ladydeleau says:

    Reblogged this on Carrington Family Care and commented:
    This is a littttle bit challenging, but if you have older children stuck in the house with a rainy day, it might be good to give it a try! The end result looks super cute, and you could finish the day with a trip to see the new Jurassic Park movie!

  2. I think a T-rex to my crafty supply site is in store. I must give birth to many of these cool dinos! I am dino, hear me roar! LOVE these! Have a great weekend!

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