Kid’s Craft Idea: Make a Decoden-Style Pencil Cube

Have you ever heard of Decoden? It’s a Japanese craft in which items like cell phone cases are lavishly decorated with miniature charms, beads, cabochons, and more. The blinged-out decorations remind me of an I Spy book and you see something new every time you look. If you’re intrigued, check out the book DecoDen Bling by Taunton Press. As part of Kid’s Craft Week, I’m sharing a Decoden-Style Pencil Cube that I think has a lot of appeal for the girls out there. And maybe you, too – who doesn’t love cute little miniatures?

Girls will adore making this Decoden Pencil Cube.

Decoden-Style Pencil Cube by Kathleen George.

A decoden craft for girls! This will be so fun to DIY this summer.

The authentic, Japanese cabochons and baubles can be expensive, so check out other online sources, and see what you already have on hand.

Where can you buy the supplies to DIY your own decoden design? Oriental Trading sells countless charms and miniatures for very reasonable prices. Sophie & Toffie specializes in Japanese style cabochons, and Rockin’ Resin carries a large assortment. Some of these supplies can be pricey, so go ahead and add to the mix with beads, buttons, and other trinkets that you already have on hand. Or, you can make your own miniatures with air-dry clay.

To make a Decoden-Style Pencil Cube, you will need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 4” cube
  • Silicone caulk in white (Kathleen used Dap brand)
  • Scrapbook paper in glitter pink, 12” x 12”
  • Decoden charms, beads, jewels, cabochons, acrylic rhinestones, etc.
  • Grommets, nine, sized to fit a pencil
  • Thick, white craft glue
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; indelible maker; Philips screw driver; cake decorating tip; duct tape; butter knife or putty knife
A summer craft for girls.

To see more inspiration, google “decoden” and see what comes up.

To make a Decoden-Style Pencil Cube:

1. Using the ruler and marker, measure and mark nine holes on the center top of the foam cube. Using the point of a Phillips head screwdriver, make a hole at each mark that’s large enough for a pencil to slip in and out easily.

2. Cut four, 4” squares from glittered scrapbook paper. Glue the squares to the sides of the cube.

3. Cut off the tip of the tube of caulk. Make the hole large enough that the caulk will flow freely. Slip the cake decorating tip over the caulk tube tip, and tightly tape it in place with duct tape.

4. Squeeze caulk on top of the cube, and smooth it out with a butter knife or putty knife, and try to keep the holes clear. Push grommets through the caulk and into the holes at the top of the cube.

5. Pipe a decorative edge along the corners and top of the cube.

Japanese-style decoden craft.

Pile on the bling! And keep the holes uncovered.

6. Embed the charms, beads, etc. in the caulk. If needed, use glue, too. As you add the decorations, be sure to leave the holes uncovered.

7. Optional: Attach flat-back beads to each side of the cube using a thick, white craft glue.

Great source for DecoDen craft ideas!

If you want more ideas for creating DecoDen crafts, check out this book.

For more decoden inspiraiton, check out the book DecoDen Bling. What do you think of decoden style? Is it too much of a good thing, or lots of fun? We are fans of Japanese Kawaii style here, and I find decoden to be appealing, too.

Happy crafting.


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6 Responses to Kid’s Craft Idea: Make a Decoden-Style Pencil Cube

  1. This is adorable!! I could really get into making these!! Love this style and am definitely going to be checking that book out! TFS!

    • Sharon says:

      If you’re a fan of miniatures (and cute) this is pretty irresistible! I want to add cute little charms to everything! Happy crafting! Sharon

  2. LisaM6 says:

    That is cute. My mom covered a cigar box with shells and other fun objects for her Mom’s button collection. I have it now. This would make a great . “Mom, I’m bored” project. Thanks for the great tut.

    • Sharon says:

      The altered cigar box sounds beautiful, and such happy memories, too. What a sweet keepsake! I hope every “bored” kid this summer gets to craft — how awesome would that be? Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa. Sharon

  3. Katiria says:

    Sharon, I always wondered what those tiny plastic charms were called. I bought some tiny cupcake shapes for a birthday favor decoration and they were really cute. It’s not too much if you keep a pattern of colors or theme. They can be super fun, & thanks for telling me about Sophie & Toffie, they have so many cute things!

    • Sharon says:

      I know! So many cute little charms and such, and don’t you want to collect them all? I don’t know about you, but I have to be careful or I’ll have a big ol’ pile of cute things around here! Happy crafting, Katiria. Sharon

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