An inexpensive way to DIY Photo Wall Art for your gallery wall

Summertime is full of photo opps, from vacation vistas to family reunions, weddings and graduations. Today I’m sharing an easy and inexpensive way to make Photo Wall Art.  With a foam board as your “canvas,” you’ll also find that this Photo Wall Art is really easy to hang – you can use poster putty, or hook-and-loop hangers like 3M™ Command Hooks. That means no holes in the wall, and you can rearrange your gallery wall as often as you like.

An easy technique for showcasing garden photos without custom printing on canvas.

Tulip Photo Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

I love seeing photos of peoples’ gardens on Facebook and Instagram. (Maybe it’s because of the long, hard winter we had.) Hang your favorite flower photos on the wall and enjoy the blooms year-round, like the Tulip Wall Art and Gerbera Daisy Photo Wall Art. (I also have a tutorial for the Tulips & Moss Containers.)

Beautiful photos! Here's an easy -- and inexpensive -- way to make photo wall art without custom printing on canvas.

Gerbera Daisy Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

Celebrate special occasions and special friends, like this Girlfriend Photo Wall Art. (And how time flies – these two young ladies will graduate high school in less than a week!)

Perfect for a little girl's room. Here's how to make photo wall art easily & inexpensively.

Girlfriend Photo Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

Dress up your foam “canvas” with papers and trims to customize it for your décor. The tutorial for Paisley Portrait Wall Art offers lots of inspiration.

This would be so pretty on the wall! Great idea for wedding & graduation photos.

Paisley Portrait Wall Art by Rebekah Meier.

I’m sure you’ll take a camera along on your summer vacation, and no doubt you’ll have a photo or two you’d like to display. This River Rock Wall Art is actually a photo scrapbook paper, but you may take a photo just like this on your vacation.

Wall Art made with photo realistic river rock scrapbook paper

River Rock Wall Art is super easy and made with scrapbook papers.

I know, we don’t want to think about the office during the summer, right? While the Office Wall Art isn’t about summer fun, it shows how you can transform a humble, everyday object into a stunning picture. Look around you – is there an everyday object that might look cool as wall art? Or a special memento that you can document in a photo and hang on your gallery wall?

I have so many ideas for this technique. How to use what you have on hand to make beautiful, inexpensive custom wall art.

Office Wall Art; photos by Studio Rossi.

What are your summer plans? Will you have an opportunity to take a few photos you’ll want to hang on your walls?

Happy crafting.



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5 Responses to An inexpensive way to DIY Photo Wall Art for your gallery wall

  1. LisaM6 says:

    WOW! Those are amazing. For the summer with all 4 kids home I hope to get some pictures of them all together. That a small trip down south to see where my daughter will be doing her internship winter term. 🙂 Great ideas. Love them all!

    • Sharon says:

      It sounds like you’ll have some great photo opps coming up, and a lot of fun, too. Where will the internship be? Somewhere warm?? Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  2. kidosmom says:


  3. LOVE the Gerberer Daisy wall art! Brilliant colors! No big summer plans here other than spending time with my grandchildren and working in my flower garden if it ever stops raining and warms up! We have had a couple beautiful days where we sweat to death and then the woodstove had to get going again because it has gotten so cold! UGH!!

    • Sharon says:

      The gerbera daisies are my favorite, too. Love your plans for enjoying the summer, and I think you’ll have your warmer weather very soon. I’ll have some crafts for the grandkids next week, so be sure to “tune” in. Happy crafting. Sharon

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