20 Star-spangled, red, white and blue, patriotic crafts

How do you like the new, star-spangled photo above? Thanks to our recent photo shoot, I’m having fun dressing up Crafts ‘n Coffee for the seasons and holidays. Summer starts early this year, and can you believe that we’re heading into the first holiday weekend of the summer? It’s been a few years since I’ve done a roundup of patriotic crafts, and I’ve added quite a few red, white and blue crafts since then. Today I have a new and updated roundup of 20 Patriotic DIYs, from wreaths and flags to centerpieces.

Patriotic Wreaths

Quick & Easy Bandanna Wreath

Nothing hard about this wreath -- it uses bandanas and a Styrofoam brand wreath. Super easy and super cute! CraftsnCoffee.com

This Quick & Easy Bandanna Wreath is perfect for kids to make, too.

Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath

Fun & festive wreath made with Deco Mesh. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.

Flashes of silver ribbon add sparkle to this Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath.

Wrap & Roll Patriotic Wreath

Wrap up this easy, in expensive July 4th wreath using craft bandanas.

Wrap & Roll Patriotic Wreath by Patty Schaffer

Patriotic Fringed Bandanna Wreath

fast & easy patriotic wreath for July 4th. CraftsnCoffee.com

Patriotic, Fringed Bandana Wreath by Patty Schaffer.

Stars & Stripes Patriotic Wreath

how to make a quick & easy July 4th wreath

Whip up this wreath in less than an hour!

All-American Denim & Rosettes Wreath

How to make a fast, denim wreath with ruffled, flower rosettes.

All-American Denim & Rosettes Wreath

All-American Flags

Duct Tape Flag

Super-easy way to make a Duct Tape Flag. This one should hold up to the rain and the elements. #PatrioticCrafts #FlagCrafts

DIY this flag with duct tape, making it an easy for kids & adults.

Vintage Ruffled Flag

Easy tutorial to make a Vintage Ruffled Flag for your door, a window, or just about anywhere. #PatrioticCrafts #FlagCrafts

Hang the Vintage Ruffled Flag on your front door, in the kitchen, or even in a window.

America the Beautiful Flag

Adorable button heart on this quick & easy flag craft. I "heart" this one! CraftsnCoffee.com.

Make this flag in an hour or two and display it all summer long.

Punched Flag Wallhanging

Craft tutorial: Flag craft for July 4th. CraftsnCoffee.com

Punched Flag Wallhanging is made with a classic (and easy) technique.

Punch Quilt Flag

July 4th flag tutorial: kid's punch quilt flag. CraftsnCoffee.com.

This is an easy technique, and one that kids can make.

Patriotic Heart

Patriotic craft tutorial: Patriotic heart

A flag with heart — and shooting stars.

Topiaries & Centerpieces

Patriotic Fringed Bandanna Topiaries

Fourth of July crafts & easy centerpiece ideas

Patriotic, Fringed Bandana Topiaries by Patty Schaffer.

Ruffled Patriotic Topiaries

how to make DIY ruffled topiary trees

Denim, bandannas and calico prints make these all-American.

All-American Denim & Ruffles Topiary

Repurpose your old jeans to make these denim crafts.

Repurpose your old jeans to make these denim crafts.

 Patriotic Rag Balls

Rag Balls are super easy to make, and a fun heritage craft for kids. CraftsnCoffee.com.

Super-easy Patriotic Rag Balls.

Patriotic Star Spangled Squares

Super-easy to make for summertime bashes. Star Spangled Centerpiece Squares on CraftsnCoffee.com. ,

These Star Spangled Squares are super easy and super festive.

Prim & Proper Americana Flag & Crow 

A patriotic prim to make for July 4th. CraftsnCoffee.com

Prim & Proper Americana Flag & Crow by Debra Quartermain

Patriotic Folk Art Bird

Adorable, folk art bird made by Rebekah Meier. Follow her tutorial and you really can make this yourself! #PatrioticCrafts

Patriotic Folk Art Bird by Rebekah Meier.

And for the grand finale, it’s Uncle Sam, of course!

Uncle Sam is a no-sew, patriotic felt craft. CraftsnCoffee.com.

No-Sew Uncle Sam by Debi Schmitz.

I’m scheming a new, patriotic craft for July 4th, and I hope to share it soon (if it all comes together as planned . . .) I’ll keep you posted!

Do you have fun plans for the weekend? Picnics, roadtrips, or just a little R&R at home? I’m looking forward to a class in macaron making with a friend – not your traditional Memorial Day activity, but yummy nonetheless.

Enjoy the holiday, and happy crafting.

P.S. What do you think of the shade of blue all around the page? I’ve changed the color about ten times today and I’m still not sure I’m happy with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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12 Responses to 20 Star-spangled, red, white and blue, patriotic crafts

  1. Angie Dyer says:

    Happy Memorial Day! Happy 4th of July! These are wonderful! A friend has her new apartment decorated in red, white, and blue. These would go beautifully with her theme.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Angie, Be sure to share these ideas with your friend. Maybe it’s time to get together for a craft night, too. Wouldn’t that be fun? Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping in. Sharon

  2. I love the blue around the page!! It is very relaxing and allows the crafts to shine!!
    This is an awesome Round-up of Patriotic crafts! My favorite is the first bandana wreath.
    I am home alone all weekend because hubby and son are working at the races. Hubby is a tech official and son is on the safety crew. They have to be there each day at 7am and won’t be home till at least 8 or 9pm each night so I am going to spend my weekend creating!! No stopping to cook meals and cleaning will probably wait till Tuesday!
    Hope you have a fun weekend!!

    • Forgot to add that I can’t wait to see your Patriotic Creation!! I know it will be awesome!!

      • Sharon says:

        Well, it’s a pretty simple idea, Barb, and a variation of a project I’ve made before. It’s a fun one, however. I hope to share it soon! Happy crafting! Sharon

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Barb. Much appreciated. Your weekend sounds perfect — your husband and son can pursue their passion, and you can have a mini craftcation! What’s on your crafty to-do list? Enjoy it all! Sharon

  3. LisaM6 says:

    Great red white and blue. Just picked my daughter up from Denver and heading back to Montana. Can’t wait to start crafting the rest of the weekend.

    • Sharon says:

      It sounds like mother-daughter craft time, Lisa. How long is the drive from home to Denver? Sounds like a long road trip. Happy crafting! Sharon

      • LisaM6 says:

        It was 13-15 hours with stops. We drove most of the way Wednesday to pick her up then Thursday we got to load the yukon up. Drove until 9pm Thursday and finished the drive today. Missed most of the holiday traffic. So Glad to be home.

      • Sharon says:

        Oh my, those are long days! I’m glad you made it there and back safely, and you now have a long weekend to rest up. I hope you enjoy some R&R (and a little crafting). Sharon

  4. Katiria says:

    First of all that Uncle Sam is too funny! I had to pin him on Pinterest… And the shade of blue around the page is very nice. 🙂
    No fancy plans for me, just spending time at home with my family. I might make a paper flower bouquet for my niece for her ballet recital coming up. Fresh flowers die but a paper bouquet can last as long as she wants 😉
    Enjoy your class and your weekend!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for the pin, and for the feedback on the blue. Do you follow Lia Griffith? She makes the most gorgeous paper flowers. If you’ve not peeked at her blog, go take a look! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and crafty weekend, too. Sharon

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