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An Earth Day craft for kids to DIY & display all year long

If you’re looking for a craft to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, check out today’s Recycled Globe. You’ll use old newspapers, magazines and junk mail to create your very own Earth Day Globe. Kids learn about repurposing, and about geography and just how interconnected we all are – it’s a small world after all, right? The kids I know love digging into a goopy mess, so they’ll have a blast making the paper maché mix, too. If you’ve been looking for a good paper maché recipe, this is it – save it for future crafts. (I remember making paper maché puppets as a kid.)

Recycled Earth Day Globe by Kathleen George.

To make a Recycled, Earth Day Globe, you’ll need:

To make a Recycled, Earth Day Globe:

  1. Prepare the papers:
  1. Mix up the paper maché mash:

The oceans are created from blue paper squares, and you’ll build the continents using paper mache.

3. Cover the foam ball with blue paper squares:

  1. Wrap a rubber band around the center of the globe. Draw a dotted line with the marker around the globe, using the rubber band as your guide. This will be the equator. Remove the rubber band.
  1. Wrap two rubber bands around the globe vertically, dividing it into quarters. This will help you locate the position for each continent. Referring to a map, lightly draw the outline of each continent with a pencil.
  1. Build your continents by adding small amounts of paper maché mash inside the outlines for each continent. Continue adding the mash till the continents are fully formed. If the paper maché doesn’t stick to the globe, mix in more glue. Let dry overnight. (Keep a small amount of leftover paper maché mash to fill in the hole left by the chopstick.)
  1. Carefully twist the chopstick and remove it from the globe. Cover the hole with paper maché.
  1. Tie the string around the large, pearl head pin. Poke a hole in the top of the globe. Squeeze glue into the hole and insert the pin. Let the glue dry thoroughly before handling the globe by the string.

Isn’t it pretty?

Here’s another Earth Day craft for the kids that repurposes plastic shopping bags. The Flower Garden Picture is great for younger kids, and tweens and teens can make the Dove Picture.

Kids will use plastic bags and the punch art technique to make these pictures, and they’ll learn about repurposing, too.

This Plastic Bag Chicken is not a kids’ craft, but it’s my favorite way to repurpose plastic bags!

Repurpose those plastic shopping bags to make this barnyard chicken.

How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day next week?

Happy crafting.