An easy, calorie-free Chocolate Easter Egg Topiary

So, I kind of like checking out the plastic Easter eggs every year to see what’s new. There’s always a different pattern or design I can add to my collection for Easter morning. When I saw these “chocolate,” plastic Easter eggs, I knew it was an Easter craft in the making. After Patty Schaffer made her Purple Ombre Easter Egg Wreath, she agreed to make a Chocolate Easter Egg Topiary for Crafts ‘n Coffee, too. It looks mouthwatering, doesn’t it?

DIY a Chocolate Easter Egg  Topiary with inexpensive plastic eggs.

Chocolate Easter Egg Topiary by Patty Schaffer.

To make a Chocolate Egg Topiary, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 12” cone
  • Chocolate plastic eggs, about 4-1/2 dozen (Oriental Trading has them on sale)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Sheet moss
  • Double-sided tape
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Tools needed: Scissors; ruler; straight pins; optional: rotary cutter and mat

To make a Chocolate Egg Topiary:

  1. Cut fabric into 1-1/4” wide strips. Use double sided tape and straight pins to wrap and cover the cone in fabric strips.
Chocolate Easter Egg crafts on

Mmmm — milk or dark?

  1. Starting at the bottom, glue eggs in rows around the cone. Continue to work your way up to the top.
  1. Tuck bits of sheet moss in between the eggs to fill in gaps.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect centerpiece for Easter brunch or dinner? It’s everlasting, too, so make it a tradition and display this Chocolate Egg Tree for years to come.

DIY a Chocolate Easter Egg Topiary with inexpensive plastic eggs.

Display this Chocolate Easter Egg Topiary every year for a family tradition.

You might also want to check out these classic, Marshmallow Peeps Topiary Cones.

How to DIY a marshmallow Peeps topiary.

Chicks or bunnies — which one would you choose?

I don’t want you to miss Patty’s Purple Ombre Easter Egg Wreath from last week, either.

Love the Ombre Eggs. Make it in four easy steps over on

Oriental Trading sells the ombre eggs in purple, pink, blue and green. Or, use eggs in your favorite colors or patterns.

Here’s what I added to my egg stash this year – Bacon & Egg Easter Eggs and Garden Gnome Easter Eggs. These are going to make an appearance in the Easter morning egg hunt for sure.

What are the craziest plastic Easter eggs you’ve seen?

Happy crafting.


P.S. Speaking of eggs, look for the annual Easter Eggstravaganza later this week!

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9 Responses to An easy, calorie-free Chocolate Easter Egg Topiary

  1. Topiary says:

    Here is best topiary…Thanks for your all blog info..

  2. Sar Tann says:

    This tree is wonderful, at first I thought it was real. lol . Good thing it’s made from plastic eggs or it wouldn’t last very long in my house.

  3. Katiria says:

    I have seen plastic eggs made to look like rocks. I thought that was pretty out there.

  4. So cool!! LOVE the Gnome Eggs. The Jumbo Diamond Molded Easter Eggs and the metallic are pretty cool too! Last year my granddaughter saw some pink camo eggs in the store and she grabbed them and wouldn’t let go. I guess she REALLY loved them. She plays with them every time she is here and when one breaks she gets so upset. I am hoping to find more of them this year so that we have some spare ones. I am also thinking of trying to paint some Styrofoam eggs pink and purple camo for her. Will post if they come out good.
    See you tomorrow!

    • Sharon says:

      Aww, I hope you can find more pink camo eggs. I remember playing with plastic eggs year round when my daughter was younger – it’s always fun to hunt for treasure! Happy crafting! Sharon

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