Hundreds of free craft tutorials? Yes, please!

You can never have enough craft ideas, right? That’s the idea behind, the mother lode of more than 800, crafty DIYs to inspire your next project. Dow has been working hard behind the scenes to make easier to use and the source for all things creative. With loads of tutorials and enhanced navigation, you can find just what you’re looking for, from bunnies to beautiful home decor. And I’m celebrating with a giveaway!

Here’s what else you’ll find on (and it’s all free):

  • Video tutorials
  • Craft Club newsletter sign up. The Craft Club newsletter comes out several times a year and subscribers are the first to see fresh, new craft ideas.
  • Great Décor in a Flash – Without a Lot of Cash home decorating booklets.
Great Decor in a Flash -- Without a Lot of Cash

Learn how to make wall art and more in three free booklets from Dow.

The site has more than 30 categories of crafts and home decor, from wall art and window cornices to projects that celebrate eight different holidays. Christmas alone has 12 categories, from angels to wreaths. Easter is right around the corner, and you’ll find sweet bunnies, sassy ducks, and even more ideas for decorating eggs of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam. Here are just a few seasonal craft ideas from the site.

Adorable, snuggly bunnies.

Mama Bunny & baby Snuggles by Debra Quartermain.

Rainy Day Duck.

Rainy Day Duck by Debra Quartermain

Pretty! And made with paper clay and foam eggs.

Weathered Plaster Eggs by Kathleen George.

Pretty eggs to DIY.

Dragonfly Patina Eggs by Kathleen George.

Pressed flowers on foam eggs.

15-Minute Faux Paper Eggs by Kathleen George.

Go on over and visit and you just might win a sweet prize package. To enter the giveaway, go to, page through the categories and find something you’d like to make. Then, come back here and leave a comment below to tell me which project has inspired you and why. Dow is going to help pick the winner and they’re eager to see your responses. This giveaway is going to have a quick turnaround – be sure to tell me which project you’d like to make by midnight Thursday, March 12. I’ll announce the winner on Friday the 13th.

Giving away a chocolate bunny on

You could win a yummy, Chocolate bunny — and more!

Here’s what’s in the prize package:

  • A four-pack of 3-inch eggs of STYROFOAM Brand Foam
  • A 10-ounce chocolate Easter bunny
  • A subscription to Craft Ideas magazine
  • And a few more seasonal treats (yummy!)

If you’d like a chance to win these goodies, please go visit and then leave a comment below telling me what you’d like to make.

I’ll wrap up today with a “thank you” to the Dow team who made it happen!

Happy crafting!



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42 Responses to Hundreds of free craft tutorials? Yes, please!

  1. Ann says:

    So many to choice from but I think I will start with the faux paper eggs.

  2. Carolyn McCoy says:

    I’d love to make the Cute “n” Country Chickens…they are adorable. i actually would love to make everything! I have a crafting group on Facebook and I share your crafts daily with my members, you are my favorite “liked” page by far. Before starting the group I had no idea that there were so many possibilities with styrofoam. So many crafts…so little time. Thank you for all of your great ideas, instructions and tutorials!

  3. Cindy Kolpek says:

    I work at a nursing home facility. I M always looking for easy craft ideas, but not childish ones for my residents. Your faux paper Easter Eggs are so delicate and pretty. They remind me of when I was in Girl Scouts as a young girl. This would be a lovely craft for my residents that looks classy and mature.

  4. April Adler says:

    I really love all your crafts! just amazing! i think I’m going to try the Easter stockings for my granddaughter! They are adorable! Keep the amazing crafts coming!

  5. Brenda Davis says:

    The rusty rooster garden ornament would look cute as spring is beginning. I have several pots on the patio that I could see this in (along with a couple other shapes) so may well make this one soon.

  6. Ruth Mattox says:

    Love those faux paper eggs!!! All sorts of things you could decopage on them. Really got me inspired.

  7. dianna says:

    I enjoy so many of your projects! The Train Growth Chart will be one I work on, and also improvise into a Blending activity for a school phonic center!! Thank you for sharing your talents!! I love the nature inspired crafts, also the recyclable ones too!! Of course I love the glitter and glitz too!!! LOL!!

    • Sharon says:

      I love your idea for adapting the Train Growth Chart for classroom activities, thank you for sharing. These designs are a team effort, and I have to thank some wonderful designers who share with us. Happy crafting! Sharon

  8. Sar Tann says:

    I really enjoy and would love to see more nature inspired crafts, I can’t get enough of them. Simple, elegant , comforting and oh so beautiful. There’s nothing like being able to enjoy nature year around, especially during the months where the weather is yucky.

  9. Dawn Jennings says:

    The bear in bunny suit is a definite for Easter! Some great ideas on this site. Can’t wait to start.

  10. annehaun says:

    I would love to try to make the faux paper Easter eggs.

  11. LuvtoKraft says:

    I’d like to give the Spring Thyme Rabbit a try. I’ve collected and made bunnies and rabbits for years and display them as soon as Valentine’s Day is over and all through Spring. She just looks like she should join the family! 🙂 The plaster look eggs covered in paper clay are on my list, too!

    • Sharon says:

      Designer Rebekah Meier’s tutorials are always easy to follow, so I’m sure your rabbit will turn out beautifully. And who knew those faux plaster eggs could be so easy, too. Thanks for sharing, and happy crafting. Sharon

  12. Peggy says:

    Easter Stocking Chicks and Bunnies looks like it would be fun to make and put in the Easter baskets.

  13. Nancy D says:

    Wow, love the new look of the Styrofoam site! So easy to find projects! I have been looking for some egg crafts and found them! I want to make some of those mossy eggs and the vintage eggs with the graphics on them. They almost look like the eggs you can peek into! These will be Easter gifts for family members. And I couldn’t stop there! I’ve admired the needle felted chick by Rebekah Meier for a while now so I think this is the year I will try one. It’s adorable! I have pinned these projects and will probably go back and browse some more. 🙂

  14. kathyk3427chattykathybuster says:

    I would love to make the Easter glove bunny. He would be right at home on my dining room table with all the other bunnies. So adorable! Absolutely adore it!

  15. St George says:

    Pick: flute and flowers. Love the colors and especially the design.

  16. Cindy H says:

    There are so many wonderful ideas! I really like the Fairy House. I have a granddaughter who loves fairies and this would be such a cute project to make with her. I never realized how many projects could be made using styrofoam products. I was starting to get semi bored with the same old types of crafts but now this has opened up a whole new area to explore! I have 10 grandchildren and I am always looking for fun crafts to make with them! Can’t wait! Thanks!

  17. Sharon SS says:

    I want to make at least two of the eggs – know my niece would love the dragonflies.

  18. Kate D. says:

    I would like to try the Twig Cube craft project. I really like the site (though the photos of the completed projects are horrendous – they seem to be out of focus!).

  19. The Pearlized Floral Eggs and the Weathered Plaster eggs both make me want to go and order the supplies needed to make them!! Absolutely gorgeous and they fit my décor. To be able to make Styrofoam look that amazing is an awe inspiring feat! Off to order the goods and then while I am waiting for them to arrive I will be browsing their page to see what else I NEED to make! See you later alligator!

    • Just spent a few minutes making my list of what is needed to make the aforementioned eggs and found that I have all but the foam eggs so I placed my order for them and a few other foam shapes so I can make even more of the projects that have caught my eye. I am amazed at how simple it seems to be able to create these gorgeous pieces. I cannot wait for my order to arrive so that I can get started! I think I am going to lose many hours browsing on the styrofoamcrafts site and creating their projects! Thanks for the refresher on them!

    • Sharon says:

      The wonders of paper clay, right? I think the eggs could be displayed year-round and not just for Easter, don’t you? Happy project shopping! Sharon

      • I actually went back to their site and have picked a few more projects that are must makes! The Fairy House, faux terra cotta clock & garden sign, Seaside eggs, Bridal Handbag Centerpiece (I can see this as more than just bridal), Crystal Santa (I am going to make it into an angel instead of Santa), Golden Hues Autumn Wreath (I am going to do pinks, yellows and greens for Spring), Nesting Birds Springtime Wall Art and the Pastel Christmas Village (I am going to do it as a Springtime Village with Easter Bunny and pals) to name a few.
        I can tell that I am going to need to buy stock in Dow so that I can recoup some of the money I am going to spend on supplies! LOL

      • Sharon says:

        🙂 Sounds like you’re thinking spring & summer with that list, Barb. Any signs of spring up in your corner of the country? Sharon

  20. Sar Tann says:

    Just printed out the instructions for the Weathered Plaster Eggs. They are amazing!!! TY

  21. Phylis says:

    My sister is going to re-do her basement, turning it into a craft studio so the easy home decor projects are just what she needs, plus she can use the supplies and materials she already has especially since she has more craft supplies than any small craft store – lol.

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